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453rd Home
  • Dutch/English WWII History
  • The US Merchant Marines -Their vital role in the war effort.
  • Scott's WW2 Site-WWII Photos, battles, boats
  • The Internet B-24 Veterans Group
  • Bomber Operations: England 1944
  • World War II Preservation Society
  • WWII U.S. Veterans
  • 90th Squadron
  • Enola Gay
  • No Flying Today -artwork
  • Norfield Publishing-Of Men and Wings!
  • B-24 Pictures -planes, crews and more
  • Consolidated B-24 Liberator-all models and specs
  • The Carpetbagger Pages
  • EarthStation1: -WWII sounds and pictures
  • World War II Propaganda Posters
  • World War II Propaganda Leaflets
  • World War II Timeline
  • Confederate Air Force
  • WWII Aviation Archive
  • Miscellany 8th Air Force & 2nd Air Division
    For more information about "The Mighty Eighth" contact:
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