453rd Guestbook Entries ARCHIVE 6
Record #: "550"
"Hi; I just wonder if any crew's from the 732nd Squad remember flying supplies in to Calastres on Sept.28,1945 for Pattons Army,then getting fogged in so we sat around all night befor going back to England,and of course the missing cognac. All for now. "
Submitted by: "Neil Creer" 
"Howell", "Mi" "USA"
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Record #: "549"
"I am attempting to find information on the 733rd Bomb Squadron while stationed in the United Kingdom during World War 11. My father was in that unit and is deceased, he died in 1983. He lived in Springfield, Ohio when he enlisted. His name was Lawrence E. Austin. If you have any info on this group, please contact me. Thank you and God Bless all you Veterans."
Submitted by: "Sherian Spencer" ("Sheri"
"Springfield", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "548"


Record #: "547"
"I am looking for information on Msgt John H Shaner who flew on 'Spirit of Notre Dame'. Any info much appreciated. Many Thanks."
Submitted by: "Tony Jeckells" 
"Norwich", "UK"
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Record #: "546"
"My grandfather was Clifford A. Petersen-- - he was a pilot/co-pilot on many planes during this time. He was assigned to the 732 Bomber Squadron, 453 Bomb Group(old Buckingham), Seconed Air Division,Eighth Air Foprce. He flew 35 bomb missions. Iknow he flew in a the b-24 Liborator. It would be great to get any more information on my grandfather. He just passed away on 01/23/04 at the age of 80 - - he was so proud of his history with the armed forces. Any info you can share with me would be so greatly appreciated. I am just trying to get some more information. Thank you very much. Sheila"
Submitted by: "Sheila Esposito-Philpot" 
"Windham", "ME" "USA"
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Record #: "545"
"Hello! Is a good site! Here is a good search site: www.crashplace.de This is a new German Website-Database. You can search the crash-town,the Crashday. You can write crashes in the 2.War into the Database. Thanks Greeting Matthias -Webmaster-"
Submitted by: "Matthias" 
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Record #: "544"
"Hi and a happy new year to you all;Let me introduce myself and give a short potted history.My name is James Clarey and I was born in the village of New Buckenham on the 18th January 1971,my parents moved to Old Buckenham soon after and I spent my early months being pushed around the former base of the 453rd in my pram,skipping several years I grew up and joined the ROYAL AIR FORCE seeing service in Kosovo and more recently last year taking part in Operation Iraqi Freedom.About 12 years ago I met a very interesting gentleman at a carboot sale,I was selling amongst other things my treasured WWII USAAF Flak Vest(Iwas raising a deposit to put down on a house)when this person came up and started to talk about his time on Old Buck airfield during the war.His name was Pat Ramm,a name I'm sure many of you are familier with as your 453rd BG English contact,we became very good friends as we are to this day.Last year on my return from the Gulf War after being injured,Pat asked me if I would do the great honour of laying the 453rd BG wreath at Madingley cemetary on Memorial with his wife Agnes this I readily agreed to.I felt it a great honour and priviledge to take part in a ceremony that remembers the sacrifices made by young Americans during WWII a fact that many people seem to forget.Pat and I have many long talks about the 453rd BG,he seems to pull names and stories out of mid-air,John Tangora,Joe Miele,Eino Alve and Herb Bradley,aircraft names,"Shack Rabbit","Flak Hack","Squee- Gee","Sleepy Time Gal",he makes them all come alive again. we often wander over the old airfield,Pat pointing out where long gone dispersals once were,where battle scarred Liberators once stood and where young men once took off to do battle with the Luftwaffe and the European weather!.The 453rd may have long since flown back to the States but the memory lives on.Pat and I talked about his memories recently and he's loaned me a vast amount of photographs and archive material charting the wartime experiences of 453rd members,this I'm turning into a book that focuses on the lives of the guys who lived,fought and in some cases paid the ultimate price for our freedom.To this end if any of you former 453rd guys have any stories,anecdotes about your time at Old Buck I would love to hear from you,aircrew and ground crew alike.I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Jim Clarey "
Submitted by: "James Clarey" ("Jim"
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Record #: "543"
"Thank you all who risked their lives. Your generation is one that all can learn from and one that will not be forgotten. I am sorry that I never had a chance to meet my uncle, Leo Poladian(453rd BGH), as he was killed during a mission over Germany. My father Andy Poladian has taught me a great deal about his brother and the brave men who fought at his side. Thank you all once again. sincerly, Ken Poladian"
Submitted by: "Ken Poladian" 
"Dearborn", "USA"
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Record #: "542"
"My dad served in the 810 Air Services Squadron and was stationed at Old Bukinham Field. His name is Fred Gromer. He lost an eye in car accident prior to war but was accepted becasue of technical training. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers him."
Submitted by: "Jory Gromer" 
"Guthrie", "OK" "USA"
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Record #: "541"
"I am signing this guestbook in honor of my father-in-law, Dante Morroni, ball gunner on the Erwin Crew, 453rd Bomber Group 735th Squadron. Dante passed away on 12/2/2003 at the age of 90. He was very proud to have served his country. On the day the B24 Liberator Bronze Memorial was place at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Co, my father-in-law gave his bomber jacket to my son who was 15 at the time. It was a very warm day but my son wore that jacket all day without taking it off once. We have a B24-J model hanging from our family room ceiling made for my father-in-law by Eddie Hart. Thank you for allowing me to sign your book. Andrea"
Submitted by: "Andrea R. Morroni" 
"Littleton", "Co" "USA"
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Record #: "540"
"How can I get a copy of "The Liberator Men of Old Buck"?"
Submitted by: "Rick" 
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Record #: "539"
"My grandfather's brother flew in the 453rd/732nd. His name was Pershing Beechy. Did anyone know him? If you did, I would love to hear from you."
Submitted by: "Rick" 
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Record #: "538"
"America and the world was saved by the courage and commitment of the young men who in 1941-1945 who put their lives at risk to fight for right and freedom over tyranny. I am proud that my father E.D. Miller was one of those who flew B24s with the 453rd Bomb Grp of the 8th Air Force. God bless America and may we keep the knowledge of their service and sacrifices alive for future Americans."
Submitted by: "Dennis Miller" 
"Mesa", "AZ" "USA"
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Record #: "537"
"My father, Charles Cleary, was a B-24 pilot with the 453rd 734th squadron from mid-'44 to ? mid-'45. Never spoke much about it. Would be interested to know if there is anyone out there that knew him at Old Buckenham..."
Submitted by: "Cleary, Jeff" 
"severna park", "md" "USA"
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Record #: "536"
" At site #76 Debbie Day father who was on the plane Lonesome Polecat, that was in the 453BG and 734thBS which had the serial # 4129249 is the same bomber I believe that my dad was the waist gunner on. My dad was staff sargent Francis E. Mattingly. Debbie Day's e-mail was defective and if she can reach me or anyone else that has information, Lonesome Polecat please contact me at Mag264@webtv.net"
Submitted by: "Tom Mattingly" 
"Owensboro", "Ky" "USA"
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Record #: "535"
"I acquired leather A-2 flight jackets for research, preserved, collection and display. Currently also planning a archive...If you are still in posession of your jacket, I would be interested in hearing from you. popsex@stormloader.com "
Submitted by: "kirk" 
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Record #: "534"
"I am researching US citizens who enlisted in the RCAF prior to Pearl Harbor. Any names/information would be appreciated. Contact: wpf13@hotmail.com"
Submitted by: "Wally P. Fydenchuk" 
",", "," "USA"
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Record #: "533"
"My uncle was a first lieutenant with the 453rd bomber squadron,323rd Bomber Group. His plane was shot down/crashed on April 11, 1944. My mother has never had full details about his death or crash and I wonder if anyone out there has any info on this matter. Thanks Janet e-mail me"
Submitted by: "Janet Wilcox" (" "
"Duxbury", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "532"
"Just found out that my father was with the 453rd. Name Clarence Keltner was a staff seargant. trying to find out what information that I can about him."
Submitted by: "gary keltner" 
"caldwell", "id" "USA"
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Record #: "484"
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Record #: "531"
"B-24 Pilot with 735th Sqdn. Aircraft name "SQUEE-GEE"."
Submitted by: "William H. Norris, Col. USAF (ret)" ("Bill"
"Albuquerque", "NM" "USA"
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Record #: "530"
"My uncle (Raymond C. Gibbons) was a gunner with the 453rd, on Faulkner's Crew..."Paper Doll" & "Dolly's Sister. Got interested in tracking down some of this history, my Aunt tries to keep in touch with several of the remamining crew. Looking forward to visiting the site as I am an old bomber pilot myself...retired in 1986 - flew EC-47s and B-52s in Southeast Aisa - 185 combat missions....nothing like what the men of the 453rd did though...thanks for the site, hope to find more info - keep up the great work.. Bill Gibbons....."
Submitted by: "BILL GIBBONS" ("WILD BILL"
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Record #: "529"
"I was a gunner on Dave Templeton crew in 732nd Sqd. Flew some of our missions in Haa-Zee. When 453rd was de- activated at Ft.DixAB a Group of us tran. to MATS and flew on C-47s. Any of you people remember this write to me. "
Submitted by: "Kenneth Ferland" ("Ken"
"Bangor", "Me" "USA"
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Record #: "528"
"Hello, I served with the 453rd Bomb Group, 733rd Bomb Squadron from early June 1944 to Dec. 1944. We flew 35 missions, and remarkably, no one received a Purple Heart. I am trying to locate some members of the crew who I hope may be still living. Lt. Norman Peterson, Navigator, Denmark, WI; T/Sgt Max Ransom, Logan Ut; S/Sgt. Jack Barfield, Top Turret Gunner,Cairo, GA. The only one still living, with whom I still communicate is Lt. Mike Spezzano, Westerly, RI. Passed on are Lt. Robert Parks, Pilot, Murraysville, Pa; S/Sgt. Joseph Delate, Tail gunner, Trenton, NJ. S/Sgt. Joseph Ippolito, NYC, Nose Gunner; S/Sgt. Warren Fay, NYC, Waist Gunner. Thank you for allowing me to post this, and hopefully it will achieve positive results. "
Submitted by: "Leonard V. Glover" ("Sparks"
"Trenton", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "527"
"Excellent!! I realy appreciate your effort. Keep it up."
Submitted by: "vannylin.com" 
"los fedos", "ca" "usa"


Record #: "526"
"Well, you really impress me. Its comforting and refreshing to know there are still people in this world that give a damn!"
Submitted by: "iva_vm.co.uk" 
"london", "ln" "uk"


Record #: "525"
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Submitted by: "kryger.com" 
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Record #: "524"
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Submitted by: "dundera.com" 
"Livingston", "nc" "usa"


Record #: "522"
"Was flight engineer for "Jughead" and stationed at Old Buc from April to September 1944. This is the same B-24 referenced in Steve Mullany's entries at #70, #159, #166, #175. Pilot was Seevers, Co-pilot Gleason, Navigator Jones, Bombardier Lankford, Nose Gunner Levine, Left Waist gunner Jeselnik, right waste gunner Fahey, Tail Gunner Clarke, Flight Engineer Russell, Radio Operator Mullany. Have remained in touch with Fahey, Mullany and Gleason. Would love any information relating to any crew members - especially Leonard Levine who was last known to be in the New York City area. "
Submitted by: "Jones R. Russell" 
"Bolivar", "TN" "USA"
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Record #: "521"
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Submitted by: "senata.com" 
"Fox lake", "nj" "usa"


Record #: "520"
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Submitted by: "allera.com" 
"Houston", "tx" "usa"


Record #: "519"
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Submitted by: "jbennet.com" 
"new york", "ny" "usa"


Record #: "518"
"Am looking for any information about my father's B-24 crew. He is TSgt Peter Ceritelli, and he was a radio operator. His discharge papers have a note about Air Offensive Europe, Normandy, Northern France, Po Valley, and Rhineland. I have the names Donald Bishop, Alfonse Buslovich, Horace Baskin, Alexander Yavorsky, Jimmie Allison, Charlie Gabrou, Baylor B. Wise, F. P. Rogers, Arthur P. Childs, and Robert Jurgens. I'm pretty sure my Dad flew with the 453rd because he told us that Jimmy Stewart was a commander. I've just learned that BG Stewart was also a commander in the 445th BG, so I will also check there. Thank you for your service and for your help! -MJCH "
Submitted by: "Marianne Ceritelli" ("Marianne"
"Sierra Vista", "AZ" "USA"
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Record #: "517"
"Looking for info on my grandmother's brother: Jack T. Myers Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces 13134490 735th Bomber Squadron, 453rd Bomber Group FOB -- March 27, 1944. Any info would be appreciated! "
Submitted by: "D Dzikowski" 
"Erie", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "516"
"It would be my privelige to fly any 8th Airforce flyers over their former "dromes",should they be on holiday in U.K between August and October 2003, I have access to C150 and PA28R(Arrow) I can be contacted on +44-7768-538863 or +44- 1293-528194 or Email as above. "
Submitted by: "Vanden Bowley" 
"Gatwick", "U.K"
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Record #: "515"
"I was assigned to write a poem for an English class last year and choose to write on my grandfather's flying exploits in the 8th Air Force in WWII. This poem is written in his honor and to commemorate the courage, dedication, and sacrifices of the men and women of the Mighty Eighth. I hope others will read this and feel of the spirit and commitment of these brave men. (Note; though many trials and sacrifices were made by my grandfather and his crew, the latter portion of the poem depicts a crash and evasion which is fictional). My Grandpa in World War II By Morgan Miller Listen my children and you shall hear, Of my Grandpa’s action in his younger years. The world was all crazy, keeping bullies at bay, So young and spirited, he joined in the fray, Pilot training taught him to fight from on high, As he jockeyed a B24 through the sky. Germany, Italy, and all the isles of Japan, Were all parts of this devilish plan, The whole world was waiting for American might, To come to their aid and join in the fight, So American boys and planes made of steel, Formed the Eighth Air Force to show their will. Alongside our comrades, on the flat English fields, They quickly built bases and many airfields, In places named Suffolk, and Surry, and such, Came American troops with America’s touch, We laughed at their ‘English’ and smiled at their gals, While passing many a night sharing family tales. A must-to-hit target, Ploeski they hoped, Was where we could hurt the war machine the most, With fuel dumps and refineries all in a row, If our bombers could get there and leave them aglow, The flight would be long and the dangers were many, But the lives we could save would be plenty. Load up the bomb racks, check on the weather, Mission pre-flight to keep us all working together, A prayer with our crew and a thermos of hot Joe, Off in the sunrise, so many and so far to go, Full throttle, off brakes, and roll fast down the line, A whispered goodbye as we lifted off in a climb. Up through the clouds, we arose, eyes on the panel, Formed up and turn East, and out over the Channel, Hours of throbbing engines and watching the sky, For MEs were out there, wanting us to die, Bankers, clerks, and boys just off the farm, All doing our duty and ignoring the harm. At last, we rolled in and turned down the valley, More guns blazing and fighters than we all can tally, Through the thundering flak we drove straight on ahead, To now miss our target was everyone’s dread, Twenty minutes in that smoky hell seemed to last all day, We held on and kept on ‘’til we heard ‘Bombs Away”. Turning hard right and outbound, relieved as we flew, A loud BANG and a shudder and, then we all knew. The flak had crippled our ship, this best of best friends, A hot gauntlet of steel left twisted airfoils in the wind, We struggled to balance, and keep her on trim, As we passed over Germany, faces all grim. For two hours we cursed ‘n coaxed that ol’ gal along, But airspeed kept dropping; knew we wouldn’t last long, The crew strapped on ‘chutes and jumped into the night air, As Cecil and I struggled to set her down smooth in a flair, A long open clearing came into view as a gift from our knees, She bounced once, groaning loud but missed all the trees. With bruises and bumps we were out in a hurry, Knowing the Gestapo would be after us in a flurry, A quick compass bearing and sight by the stars, We were off through the darkness, avoiding the cars, Just before sunrise in an orchard we were found, By a guide and a little old man from the Underground. We hid out by day and traveled at night, All tattered and muddy, we must have looked a sight, Down the river and through many dark towns, Miles through the woods, strangers look with a frown, At last with my papers to the crossing, the Swiss border, With good hands to make sure all things are in order. A few more weeks of walking and toil, At last on a freighter to England, safe soil, At last I could write to my folks and tell my tale, Knowing they too can be jubilant and smile, With a smile and a stagger, I reported back in, Told the CO, I was there ‘til we WIN. Dedicated with Love and Thanks to; Errett D. Miller, pilot in 453rd Bomb Group And the men and women of the Eighth Air Force "
Submitted by: "Morgan Miller" 
"Mesa", "AZ" "USA"
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Record #: "514"
"My dad, Errett D. Miller of NC, flew with your gentlemen in the 453rd, though I am still researching the details from his old notes and records. I would be thrilled to hear from anyone who knew or worked with him during those war years. The newsletter that I found said Old Buckenham but I would love any other details anyone can share. God bless you all and your families. D. Miller"
Submitted by: "Dennis Miller" 
"Mesa", "AZ" "USA"
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Record #: "513"
"Attention Veterans: My name is Alex J. Beckstrand. I am 15 years old and I am from Walworth, WI. I am a part of the Veterans History Project, started by the Library of Congress in Washington DC. I am looking for veterans who are willing to share their experiences on camera. They will then be sent to the Library of Congress for use by students on the internet, or even by documentary and movie makers! It is a wonderful program with a great cause. This is no scam. Please, if you are interested, e-mail me with your name, phone number, and a brief description of your military service at alexjb_ww2mc@yahoo.com. If you wish to contact me by phone with that information, my number is Area Code 262-275-0653. Please, this is a great way to share what you went through. Whether you served in war time or in peace time, whether you stayed home or went overseas, or whether you saw combat or sat at a desk, your story counts! Please contact me, no matter where you live because we will try to meet up. "LET NO STORY GO UNTOLD" P.S. You can visit the Veterans History Project website at ...http://www.loc.gov/folklife/vets/"
Submitted by: "Alex J. Beckstrand" ("Alex"
"Walworth", "WI" "USA"
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Record #: "512"
"I was on a B24 crew in the 453 BG and flew 10 missions from April 20, 1944 to May 9, 1944 when our plane was shot after bombing a Luftwaff night fighter base, Florennes, Belgium. Six bailed out and five became POWs. Three officers survived and were captured; Sec. Lt. Edward Perro,pilot; Sec. Lt. Chris Christiansen, Co-pilot; Sec. Lt. Herman Neek who first went to Stalag III. I am now trying to find out if they are still living and where they are now. Also, the ball-turret gunner that day was S/Sgt --- Grant who bailed out and landed near me. We wedre taken to the POW Ward of the German Military Hospital in Brussels, Belgium. Does anyone know anymore about that hospital? Sgt. Grant had serious damage to his right knee and was medically repatriated.a few weeks later. I wish to contact him, and the family of the substitute tail gunner who we did not know, who was killed on that mission. Where does one search officially for crew members; and family contacts? I am working on my memoir of WWII combat and POW time. Ken Norwood Age 79 "
Submitted by: "Ken EaThis is my first entryrl Norwood" 
"Berkeley", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "511"
"I am writing my Senior Thesis at Lander University on the 453rd bomb group and I would appreciate any information or copies of pictures any one could help me with. My great-uncle James Fred McKee was in the 734th bomb squadron of the 453rd and I have a photograph of him and another solider and would like to find out who the other solider is."
Submitted by: " Jennifer Blythe Thibodeau" 
"Laurens", "SC" "USA"
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Record #: "510"
Submitted by: "DALE M. LONG" 
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Record #: "509"
Submitted by: "DALE M. LONG" 
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Record #: "508"
" the father of a dear dear friend of mine was in the 453 bomber group and i was looking for some information about the history of the group--thanks very much!!"
Submitted by: "mark krusor" 
"winfield", "ks" "USA"
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Record #: "507"
"Hi, I amstill trying to find anyone in the 732nd sq.453 group that knows the last name of a cpl,first name Dale from Wis. We called him donald duck for his imitations.He worked on ground crew on "Little Nancy,andd Wham Bam. If anyone was his buddy or knows him please write me. thanks"
Submitted by: "Neil Creer" 
"Howell", "Mi" "USA"
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Record #: "506"
"With Memorial Day coming up I just want to salute the fine members of the 453rd. B.G., of which my dad, Morris Sobel, was a very proud member from Boise,Idaho to the summer of l945 when Old Buck was dismantled. If any of you have fond memories of my dad, Harry Godges, Bill Burgin, John Tangora, Joe Miele, Manny Gale please share them with me. Also, who was "the kid" who hung with my dad in the 735th Bomb Squad? I believe he was from North Carolina? Hope to hear from him or someone who knows his name. Thanks a million!"
Submitted by: "IRA SOBEL" 
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Record #: "505"
"With Memorial Day coming up I just want to salute the fine members of the 453rd. B.G., of which my dad, Morris Sobel, was a very proud member from Boise,Idaho to the summer of l945 when Old Buck was dismantled. If any of you have fond memories of my day, Harry Godges, Bill Burgin, John Tangora, Joe Miele, Manny Gale please share them with me. Also, who was "the kid" who hung with my dad in the 735th Bomb Squad? I believe he was from North Carolina? Hope to hear from him or someone who knows his name. Thanks a million!"
Submitted by: "IRA SOBEL" 
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Record #: "504"
"Hi, I have found out about my dad on leaving a message on this or one of these web site's. I have visted so many looking for answer's, but it paid of. A vey kind lady came to my recue and has since given me the other part of my live that was missing. I would now like to no if their is any one out who new him in the war, and could tell me what he was like. His name was Clarance Keltner. Nickname KELLY He was in the 732nd BS of the 453rd He died in LA in 1966, I am in contact with a menber of the family but they no little about the war. Many Thanks."
Submitted by: "Susan Patten" ("Sue"
"London", "England"
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Record #: "503"
"I have left mgs on your board and gave the wrong address. If anyone has tried to contact me and couldn"t please use the E-mail address above. I was a member of 453rd on Templeton crew from mid-Jan. until trans. to MATS at Ft. Dix AB in July of "45"
Submitted by: "Kenneth Ferland" ("Ken"
"Bangot", "Me" "USA"
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Record #: "502"
"Looking for info on my step-dad's brother Casimir / Casey? KULESZA, lost his life on 11/26/44 as a member of the 734 Bomb Sqd / 453 Bomb Group. Any info about the aircraft, the circumstances, the crew, the mission, a resource, etc - would be greatly appreciated. God bless the vets! and Thank you. Dan"
Submitted by: "Dan Gargel" 
"near Phila", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "501"
"On the 453rd Bomb Group (H) site, there is a photo captioned "A crew in the desert". The notes say that they are crew 5 of the 732nd squadron. They are thought to be James Bingamen's crew. The officer in the front row center is most certainly my brother, Joseph A. Zavorski, bombardier. He was in the 43-11 class at Big Spring, TX. He served in the 453rd in the 732nd squadron from 9 SEP 43 til 24 MAY 44, when he was tranferred to the 489th BG, 846th SQ. He then transferred to the 389th BG, 564th SQ on 20 JUN 44. He was KIA on 25 JUN 44. I believe he was in Fern Titus' lead crew all that time. Any remembrances will be greatly appreciated."
Submitted by: "John K. Zavorski" ("Jack"
"Cherry Hill", "NJ" "USA"
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