453rd Guestbook Entries ARCHIVE 5
Record #: "500"
"My uncle Norbert Urschalitz served with the 453 Bomb Group 734 Bomb Squadron stationed in Norwich Englad, He was killed May 8th 1944 on the way back from a raid on Brunswick Germany. I would like to know if anybody has any information on that mission. Or any pictures of the Squadron. Any information you could send me would be appreciated. "
Submitted by: "Constance Urschalitz Haigh" ("Connie"
"Horton", "Mi" "USA"
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Record #: "499"
Submitted by: "HUNTON L. MORGAN" ("LUM"
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Record #: "498"
"I would like to hear from any gunners that flew on C-47s out of Ft. Dix AB after 453rd was de-activated. We all transfered to MATS at this time. A good part of the time we were flying 22 troops from Newark to Kansas City. Would like to also hear from fellow crew members---Shafer,G. Eitzen,C Rondeau,G. Templeton,D. Petty,G. If any knowledge of the above please let me know. Thanks."
Submitted by: "Ken Ferland" 
"Bangor ", "Me" "USA"
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Record #: "497"
"I found this website by accident and it's very nice. I was doing a search on the web on my grandfather who died 4 weeks ago. I was very surprised when I came upon your website. My grandfather's name is John Michael Nortridge and I guess I'm the great granddaughter of 453rd pilot Lt. Jack Nortridge. I just want to say again how good your website is."
Submitted by: "Jenni Nortridge" ("Jenni"
"Freeport", "Il" "USA"
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Record #: "496"
"I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at http://members.shaw.ca/stellarimages"
Submitted by: "Rudy Preus" 
"Comox", "BC" "Canada"
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Record #: "495"
"Hi, my name is Regina Progar. My grandfather flew in WWII. I don't know much about it, because he didn't talk about it much. He passed away a few years ago. And I'm trying to find a picture of him and the plane he flew or with the crew he flew with, so that I can have it framed for my dad's birthday. Here's what I do have (And some if isn't verified) Walter Progar. Sqnd 718 Tailnumber 31 (i think I think) If anyone has a picture, more information, or corrections to what I have. Please please email me. Thanks A very grateful granddaughter, Gina"
Submitted by: "Regina Progar" 
"Aubrey", "Tx" "USA"
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Record #: "494"
"My father is Leo Schade. He flew with the 453rd Heavy Bomb Group, 732 Squardon. He was an upper turret gunner on the "Ohio Silver". The navigator was William Byrd who was the son of Senator Byrd from Virginia. He's interested in any of his crew mates and anyone else that might have known him. "
Submitted by: "Leo Schade" ("Lee"
"St. Ann", "MO" "USA"
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Record #: "493"
"My name is Ian McLachlan and I'm a part-time aviation author & historian having written a few books - EIGHTH AIR FORCE BOMBER STORIES; USAAF FIGHTER STORIES; FINAL FLIGHTS; NIGHT OF THE INTRDUDERS. The purpose of this email is to request help for a follow-up volume of 8th AF Bomber Stories that I'm currently writing. This time I'd like to feature stories representative of more Groups and also make people aware of the dedication of organizations like your own. I'd like to feature some 453rd BG stories and am hoping you can help in providing accounts and photographs for inclusion in the book or assist with some lines of research as indicated below. The type of thing I'm seeking are combat stories; POW/evadee accounts; ditching/bale out incidents; air and ground crew recollections etc. etc. To feature a particular incident, I need photographs to support the text and plan to include stories not used in other books if I can help it. I have a few items in hand already and it may be that the 453rd can add to my information. The items I'm thinking of featuring so far are as follows: Feb 10th 1944. B-24H 41-29254. Lt Robert R Bickerstaff took off at 1035 to fly a contact mission. They lost #3 engine & couldn't feather it. The electrical system failed which made the intercooler shutters inoperative causing carb icing which reduced power to #2 & #4 engines so they were forced down into a plowed field. I have a picture of the downed B-24. The crew were: Pilot Robert R Bickerstaff; CP Well H Simpson; Nav. Hubert Crisp; Bomb. Arthur Cromarty; Radio Norman C Raeber; Engr. Paul Harper; WG Alvin Haegel; WG Ben Stamper; BTG Tom Wingard; TG Alexander Chamblin. 26th November 1944. B-24J 42-51503. Crashed at Park Common, Kenninghall. 1000lb and 1x100lb ux smoke bomb jettisoned and found at Poplar Farm, Old Buckenham. "For the third time in a month, tragedy stalked the 734th Squadron. Captain Conard, leading mission 182...crashed a few miles from the base. Apparently unable to get his plane to climb, Capt Conard jettisoned his bombs. Never over a few hundred feet above ground, the ship lost altitude steadily and headed for two homes about forty or fifty feet apart. Unable to climb over them or fly between them, Capt Conard stood the big ship on its right wing and cartwheeled between them. Capt Conard's action is believed by Major McFadden and Col Thomas who investigated the crash, to have been deliberate in order to avoid striking the homes and injuring or killing the occupants. His courageous action cost him his life along with the lives of his crew but the occupants of the homes were in no way harmed. This despite the fact that an engine damaged a corner of one of the homes as it was dislodged from the plane. Capt Conard has been recommended for the DSC posthumously." I have 1/Lt John C Sherer; 1/lt Rodney B Ives and Alfred Neumuntz also lost on this aircraft and would like to get a full crew list plus crew pictures and would welcome any recollections about the men of this crew. I have two crash pictures but would like more plus pictures of the aircraft before the crash and I'm particularly keen to get pictures of Conard; Ives and Neumuntz if anyone can help. 9th February1945. B-24J 42-50703. 734th. Crashed at Bury's Hall Farm, Old Buckenham. "Returning from their 27th mission Lt Rollins ship & that of Lt Glass collided just off the runway...Lt Glass coming in long and high with an engine out and Lt Rollins on a normal approach. That Lt Glass' ship landed safely is only due to his superior skill. He re-circled the pattern with two engines gone and his ship somewhat battered from the collision. The two crews had lived and worked together since their arrival on the field and they, as well as all of the squadron, deeply regrets the loss of 11 eleven splendid men. Accidents are far more strain on the men who fly than the expected casualties due to enemy action." This from the 734th History. Crew: P Robert O Rollins; CP Earl E Check; Nav Max E Stump; Eng Eldridge W Allburn Jr; Radio John P Eubank Jr; RWG Robert W Adkins; LWG Donald E Robertson; NTG James E Sharp; TG Willi L Strabuck; Gun. Edward L Eaker; RCM op Edward T Scine. Again, I'd like to get crew picture of both crews involved plus aircraft and crash pictures although I have two of the latter. I'd like to honour all the men named in my next book and hope you can help with additional information, recollections and pictures relating to these incidents or support with material for additional 453rd stories. Any pictures or documents sent on loan will be copied and returned. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, "
Submitted by: "Ian McLachlan" 
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Record #: "492"
"My father was Staff/Sergeant Jose M. Villalobos. Hewas the nose turret gunner on a B-24 bomber of the 453rd bombardment group of the 733rd bombardment squadron stationed in Old Buckenham, Norfolk, England, station 144. He was killed on 9/13/44 with six of his crewmates. I've been trying to locate anyone who may have known my Dad and has any service photos of him taken in England. P.S. The bomber's nickname was "Porky.""
Submitted by: "Maria Teresa Guadalupe Villalobos" (" Terri"
"Baldwin Park 91706", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "491"
"Good afternoon. My name is LT Brian Coxson. I'm trying to find out some information about my late grandfather, John Zadworny. About the only thing he ever really talked about his WWII experience was that he was a B-24 waist gunner and that Jimmy Stewart was his CO at one point in time. He never really talked much about it and unfortunately, I never really had a chance to dig deeper before he passed away. I stumbled across your website on the internet and decided to give it a shot. I would appreciate any information anyone could give me. Thanks in advance for your help and for all that you guys did for us 60+ years ago. GOD BLESS AMERICA!"
Submitted by: "LT Brian Coxson" ("Boats"
"Jacksonville", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "490"
"I am searching my mother's first husband, Maurice Swan, who flew with the 453rd BG, 734th BS and was KIA May 8th, 1944 on a mission to Brunswick. It appears only 3 crewmen survived there crash and became POWs. The pilot's mother, Mrs. Hart, wrote her about her son's version of the crash, but she never received official specifics about it. I believe all the survivors are deceased now. One other 734th BS member wrote her that he was in another plane about 100 feet (yards?) from Swan's when it went down. He promised to get back to her with more info if he survived the war, but he never did. His name is Jack Weaver, and I believe he did survive the war. Can anyone tell me if he is living and where he can be located. Also, how can I contact Don Olds, the group historian. My mother never received any overseas pictures other than a personal photo or two, because her husband apparently requested that all photos be destroyed should he be killed in action. It would be great to find a squad photo if possible."
Submitted by: "Robert" ("Rob"
"Iowa", "Ia" "USA"
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Record #: "489"
"Hi, I am about to ask a favor of anyone who could be an friend or acquaintance of Noel Neill,Linda Grey Or Cathrine Craig (starlets in 1943). In oct.1943 I and two other G.I's had a photographer from Variety mag. take photos at the Palladium Night club celebrating it's first anniversary.I need to know what issue of Variety it was in if in fact they did print it. ll the help I get will be appreciated. E-mail me. Neil"
Submitted by: "Neil Creer" 
"Howell", "Mi" "USA"
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Record #: "488"
"Hello, I was wondering if anybody can help me, Im trying to find out information on a soldier named "S/Sgt William Vogal"The only thing I know is his plane was shot down in Germany!Im putting together a History on this guy,Any thing will help! Thank You!"
Submitted by: "Kevin" 
"Hamburg", "ny" "USA"
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Record #: "487"
"This is a great site! I am the grandson of a bombadier of a B-24. He was in the 8th Air Force, 2nd Air Division, 453rd Bomb Group, 733rd/734th Bomb Squad, stationed at Old Buckenham Air Base. His plane was called "Whiskey Jingles" If anyone has any information and /or pictures I and my dad would greatly appriciate your contacting us. My grandfathers' name was Arthur Pendleton Bagby III. He was KIA in a mid air collision. Any details personal or professional would be welcome. Austin J. Burrows was a ground crew member but I am unable to contact him. Any ionformation on Mr. Burrows would be great aswell. Thank You!!!"
Submitted by: "Paul Bagby" 
"Monticello", "IA" "USA"
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Record #: "486"
"I was a member of Dave Templeton crew 732nd We were the crew that missed a recall and dropped with a group of B_17s We got credit and so did the group. This was in Mar.:45."
Submitted by: "Ken Ferland" 
"Bangor", "Me" "USA"
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Record #: "485"
"It is great to see so many of our children and grandchildren interested in the time the world was at risk. As an x-pow and sole survior of my crew, I have written of my experience. You may view my book at my website www.escapeimust.com I think you will find the book interesting and worthy of your time and money."
Submitted by: "Harvey E. Gann" ("Moe"
"Lago Vista", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "484"
"Hi My name is Ken Ferland and I live in Bangor,Me. I did belong to 453rd at one time. I was on Dave Tempelton crew in the 732nd Sq. Our crew missed a recall message and we joined a B17 gp. to drop our bombs with them. We rec. creditfor the mission and so did the 453rd."
Submitted by: "Ken" 


Record #: "483"
"will Mark Forlow please get in touch with me in regards to "Wham Bam.thank You."
Submitted by: "Neil Creer" 
"Howell", "Mi" "USA"
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Record #: "482"
"Great website, well done!!! I am currently researching B24H-16FO 42-52755 "Percolatin Pete" (453rd BG/732BS)who made a emergency landing at Eindhoven airfield(B78)in The Netherlands at 15 March 1945. I have a photograph of this plane taken at Eindhoven airfield and would like to know her history,crew, missions etc. Also I seeking contact with her crew on that 15 March 1945 mission. Any info concerning this plane is welcome. Have been last year to Old Buckenham and made some snaps. If someone is interested please let me know. Regards Adrian van Zantvoort, van den Waarsenburglaan 6,5674PV ,Gerwen(Nr Nuenen), The Netherlands"
Submitted by: "Adrian van Zantvoort" 
"Gerwen(Nr Nuenen)", "The Netherlands"
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Record #: "481"
"I found the guest book very interesting and I would now like to ask if there is any one who flew with or knows Clarance Keltner he was with the 453rd 732nd out of old Bucks. "
Submitted by: "Sue" 
"London", "England"
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Record #: "480"
"i have done research on the 90 men from my hometown,who lost their lives as a result of ww2.there were two men from dunkirk that were in the 453th.b.g.the first man was in the 732nd b.s.his name was donald g. nichols (died 4-1-1944) 322731104 killed over oschersleben, germany and the second man was in the 734th b.s. james w. wheeler (died 7-21-1944) 0-717002 killed over munich after bombing a railyard, at saarbrucken,germany, reported two airplane crash, due to bad weather. have a happy holiday season.richard l.titus. "
Submitted by: "richard l. titus" ("tof"
"dunkirk", "ny" "USA"
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Record #: "479"
"On Dec. 14,1944 Glenn Miller disappeared on a flight over the English Channel to Paris to arrange for a Christmas Concert for the G.I.'s there. I know that he and the Army Air Force Band played many 8th A.F. bases in England during 1944. Did you have the chance to hear and see him perform? Do you have any special memories of Glenn Miller from 1944? Please share your memories with me if you can. Happy Holidays to all the members of the 453rd. Bomb Group. CHEERS!"
Submitted by: "IRA SOBEL" 
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Record #: "478"
"Our Walter Matthau biography, titled MATTHAU: A LIFE (Taylor), has just been published. Matthau (who then was known as Walter Matthow) was assigned to the 453rd Bomb Group. His time in Old Buckenham is detailed in a chapter titled "War Stories." Best wishes to all! Rob Edelman & Audrey Kupferberg "
Submitted by: "Rob Edelman" 
"Amsterdam", "NY" "USA"
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Record #: "477"
"I have recently come in contact through a friend with S/sgt Robert Kingsbury of the 733rd bomb squadron 453 bomb group.He has been kind enough to lend me his only copy of the Kassel mission reports of which the group was a part of.I am currently looking for pictures of the planes this gentleman flew in as a tail gunner.They where named -Judy Sue and Body-Soul. any help in this direction would be greatly appreciated."
Submitted by: "Richard Carrier" ("Dick"
"Ctr.Ossipee", "NH" "USA"
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Record #: "476"
"Hi, I wanted to add additional information for my father. He arrived in England 12/43 for the 453 Bomb Group - 753 Squadron. He was primarily a radio operator and waist gunner. He also flew with Stokes crew, Tarbell and OConnel. He was interested in finding any of his crew members. His name is Robert C. Perkins Thank you. "
Submitted by: "Robert C. Perkins" 
"Auburndale", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "475"
"I am looking for anyone that served with my father in the 453 Bomb Group - the 735 Squadron. Thanks. "
Submitted by: "Robert C. Perkins" ("None"
"Auburndale", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "474"
"I was doing some research on the 453 Bomb Group. My father was in the 453 - the 753 Squadron."
Submitted by: "Linda Perkins" 
"Auburndale", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "473"
"To all 8th Air Force Veterans, please accept my thanks and appreciation for the sacrifices you, your families and your generation made to protect the freedoms we now enjoy. I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran, and the son of a 10th Air Force veteran that served in CBI. You should all know that every year I speak to college students on the subject of Vietnam, but before I begin, I always spend some time talking about the real defenders of freedom, the WWII veterans, and especially the 8th Air Force. God bless all of you. I, and thousands like me, will miss you and your generation as we move forward into terrible dangerous times. Bob Spear "
Submitted by: "Bob" 
"NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "472"
"I'm pleased to find the 453BG Site. My Dad, Harold E. Prout was a Navigator on a '24 in the 453rd. He completed 22 missions and went down over occupied territory in March '45 and was a guest of the Germans until Wars End in May. Sadly he passed away in July 1997 but I still have some momentos of his wartime experiences and his stories from that period. I tip my hat to all of the WWII generation and the sacrifices they made so that we can be free today."
Submitted by: "Nick Prout" 
"Lynchburg", "VA" "USA"
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Record #: "471"
"I met a 97 year old fellow named Ken Hanson recently who says he was a navigator in the 453rd BG. He says Jimmy Stewart was his pilot. I don't know Ken's Bomb Squadron number or aircraft nickname. I would like to help Ken get in touch with any of his fellow airmen if possible. Help! Thanks from former Navy Aviation Electrician's Mate 2nd Class, VAQ-133 from 1976-1980 "
Submitted by: "Daniel T. Stevenson" ("SeeDan"
"Everett", "WA" "USA"
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Record #: "470"
"Hi ! On Dec 31,1944 or Jan 1,1945 ' Partial Payment ' 42-50333 of 453 BG made an emergency landing at Florennes Airfield (Belgium). Who has more details, sa names of the crew ? Many thanks and best regards from rainy Belgium ! Luc"
Submitted by: "Luc Vervoort" 
"Halle-Zoersel", "Belgium"
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Record #: "469"
">Hi my name is Alicia. And my grandpa flew a b 24 liberator named zeus. I >have been looking and looking for a picture of this plane. do you know >where I might be able to locate one please. It would mean the world to him >and me. Thank you >Alicia Cass "
Submitted by: "Alicia" ("Angel"
"ridgefield", "wa" "USA"
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Record #: "468"
"I am really thankful for what you have done to give information about our loved ones' military careers. I am trying to find some information about my grand father, Philip Parsons. He was a pilot of the B-24 named "Becoming Back." I don't know much about his military career in the 8th Air Force, and would like to find out as much as possible. I'm not sure which squadron he was in, I just know it was the 453rd Bomb Group. He has been a great inspiration to me, and I am currently looking into getting a bachelor's degree with a commercial airline liscense so when I join the Air Force I will have a better chance of flying for them. My grandfather has always been one I really look up to. Thank you very much for your time."
Submitted by: "Jon Philip Parsons" 
"Hugoton", "KS" "USA"
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Record #: "467"
"hello im looking for a person called BOB MACDONALD he is my grandfather and neither have me or my father have seen him ever. so i am trying to get as much info as possible to help to try and find my dad's father. so if anybody has any info, please email me at rlambert001@hotmail.com. thank you"
Submitted by: "ross lambert" 
"United kingdom"
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Record #: "466"
"Hi,my name is Larry Morton,I'm trying to find out as much info as I can on my fathers Bomb Group.His name was Lee O. Morton.He was the pilot on a B-24 named "Archibald",assigned to 735th Squadron in the 453th Bomb Group.He flew 35 misions over Germany from 15 Jun 44 thru 26 Sept 44.I would love to know if any of his crew is still living and if his group ever has any reunions.My father pased away in Dec.,1979.Thanks,Larry"
Submitted by: "Larry L.Morton" ("Larry"
"Fort Walton Beach", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "465"
"My name is Louise, I am trying to help my aunt find her father. He was based at Old Buckenham, in the 453rd Bomb Group, we do not know which squadron he was is, and sadly we have no name for him. My nan's name was Connie Scott, she was a cook in the ATS based in nearby Attleborough, she held the rank of corperl. They would have know one another during April and May 1945, my aunt was born in January 1946, her name is Wendy. We know my aunt's father knew about her as my nan recieved a letter from a member of his family with the name Wanda, possibly his wife or sister. My aunt now lives in Austraila. If anyone is able to offer us information to help, we would be truely greatful. Thank you and God Bless. "
Submitted by: "Louise Mclanachan" 
"San Deigo", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "464"
"Hi. I am the son of Larry C. Smith (also known as Claude L.) who was in the 453rd Bomb Group, 735th Bomb Squadron. He was a Staff Seargent who worked in Night Operations next to the control tower. He was also a tail gunner (5 feet, 5 inches)and would assign himself to various crews. He flew with Lt. Welding's crew several times in Flying Home. He also flew in Century Queen, Silent Yokum, Foil Proof, Dumbo and a few others with various pilots such as Allen, Moeller, Boucher, Jenkins, Norris, Whitely, Rush and Ross. He was older than most men, being thirty years old. He always had fond memories of his time in Old Buck. He had B24 WW2 on his California license plates. He was always a happy go lucky guy and lived life to the fullest before he died in San Diego in 1983. He worked for the Coca Cola Company for 30 years before retiring. I still have a huge picture of a B-24 in my den. I would be happy to hear from anyone that remembered him. Thanks, Dale B. Smith"
Submitted by: "Dale B. Smith" 
"San Diego", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "463"
"Arrived from March Field with the 735th and after a few months was transferred to the 733rd. "
Submitted by: "Harold C Hopkins" 
"Deland", "FL" "l"
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Record #: "462"
"Interesting;Recognized several friends. I was the radio operator on a B-24 piloted by Lt. Ambrose Prouhet."
Submitted by: "William" ("Bill"
"Leeds", "Ma" "USA"
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Record #: "461"
"Thanks for your efforts with the page. I am just retired from the Air Force Reserve."
Submitted by: "John Meekins" ("John"
"Columbus", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "460"
"Hi, My dad was William (Bill(y)) Kriewald and was a B-24 mechanic at Old Buck during WWII. Anyone who knew him or has any info, stories, pictures, etc. Please contact me as I would love to hear about them. He passed away 20 years ago. Thanks, Randy "
Submitted by: "Randy Kriewald" 
"Weston", "CT" "USA"
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Record #: "459"
"Hello, I'm am looking for any information on the 453rd Bomb Group reunion. Please e-mail me with any information. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you"
Submitted by: "Alison" 
"Shickshinny", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "458"
"Hello, just wanted to drop you guys a note. A good friend of mine served in 453BG his name is Henry (Hank) Barker and I have known him for probably 10 or 15 years. We have a common interest in that my father (Arnold Heikkinen) flew B-24 in the 8thAF.I was never sure exactly where he was stationed or what BG he was in. While reshearching the subject I found his picture at the 467thBG web site. In the crew pictures he is in the Hikeman crew picture. I guess our name was misspelled as much back then as now. Anyway Hank has invited me to come to the 2nd Air Division Convention in Baltimore (8/30-9/03) and I will be there. Hope to meet lots of new friends and may be some who knew my dad long before I did, as he never talked much about what transpired over there. God Bless all of you . I have a great deal of respect for you and the sacrifices you made during those difficult times. Hope to meet lots of interesting people in Baltimore. Sincerely, Tim Heikkinen "
Submitted by: "Tim Heikkinen" ("na"
"Knoxville", "TN" "USA"
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Record #: "457"
"Hello, I have been reading the email on this web site, and have found it something that should have been around years ago. Unfortunately it was not. My brother, M/Sgt Alfred J. Kittock, was the crew chief on the B-24, "Ruth Marie". Tail number 42-51301. Any information, and/or pictures of this aircraft and crew would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. P.S. My Brother Lt.Col. Roy T. Kittock retired from the USAF several years ago, and I served in the USAF from 1948- 1952 (S/Sgt Charles E. Kittock). "
Submitted by: "chukkrr1640" 
"Billings", "MT" "USA"
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Record #: "456"
"I am the daughter of Jim Workman, a co-pilot in the 453rd. He kept a diary and has pictures. I have been working on a book for seversal years. It includes his memories and the letters he and my mother wrote to each other. You can feel his emotions, homesickness, frustration, see his family keep in touch... His brother and two brothers' in law were all fighting the war at the same time. I often think of my grandparents as they lived with the possibility of losing all of them. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him or has anything to share. Thanks, Lou"
Submitted by: "Lou Workman Souders" ("Lou"
"Marietta", "GA" "USA"
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Record #: "455"
"Does anyone know who the crew chief on Jughead,B24 in the 732nd squad,453rd group was,if so write me. also if by chance You know the last name of a mechanic,first name Dale,Nickname Donald Duck because of his mimics. Thanks Neil"
Submitted by: "Neil Creer" 
"Howell", "mi" "USA"
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Record #: "454"
"many thanks for all you did for us all those years ago. Your sacrifices in the name of freedom will never be forgotten. History will never forget what you all did,God bless you all"
Submitted by: "Philip Levick" 
"Sheffield", "ENGLAND"
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Record #: "453"
"Please can you help - I am urgently looking for photographs of the 453rd BG for a book that I plan to have in print by next February (details available on request). The book covers the 453rd BG until July 1944. It is from the viewpoint of one crew, but many other crews are featured throughout. I need photos of 733rd Bomb Squadron original crews, and the early replacement crews. I especially need photos of the following pilots and original crews: Lt. John Nortridge Lt. Gustav Johnson Lt. Patrick Tobin Lt. Richard Ingram Lt. Elmer Crocket Lt. Robert Catlin Lt. William McCrocklin Lt. August Bergman Lt. George Wear Lt. Alfred Voskian (735th BS) I am also looking for photos of the Group's B-24s (all four Squadrons), combat photos (B-24 formations with flak and fighters), scenes on the base (living areas, hangars, control tower, mess sites) and the local area (Attleborough and Norwich especially). I would like to include some photos taken en route to England (South America, Africa etc). If anyone can help, please email me. All photos will be returned promptly! I also plan to provide Don Olds (453rd BG's official historian) with CDs of the photos I manage to trace, for the 453rd Bomb Group archives. So I guess this helps preserve the history of the 453rd BG in several ways. Many thanks. Stuart. "
Submitted by: "Stuart Wright" 
"London", "England"
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Record #: "452"
"My father flew 30 missions for the 453rd in 1944. He was a command pilot and now has a bronze plaque at the AF Museum in Dayton, honoring him and his heroism. He passed away several years ago at 78. One time his co pilot was Jimmy Stewart. We had a ceremony at the Museum in the summer of 2001, the whole family was there including his wife. Maj. General Metcalf (ret.) presided with a wonderful speech, a chaplain spoke and a bugler played taps. "
Submitted by: "Lee R. Gulley, Jr." ("Rusty"
"Bellbrook", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "451"
"Re. New Book on CD ! "THE LUCKY ONES - 8th Air Force Airmen" - is a collection of stories gathered from the wartime experiences of a few US Airmen who served in the 8th Air Force Bomb Groups in England during WW II. The stories in this collection, narrated by the Airmen themselves, recount the harrowing adventures the Airmen endured in their most trying missions over Europe. These are stories of encounters with enemy fighters, struggles to control flak-damaged planes, grueling crash landings, and desperate bail-outs from burning planes. Many Airmen, fortunate enough to survive these experiences, were captured by the Germans once on the ground. Their treatment at the hands of their captors is painfully re- told here. Miraculously, some Airmen managed to evade captivity and escape the Germans, sometimes as an entire crew. In the course of the war, more than 30,000 young Americans lost their lives over Europe. As one Airman said: "The real heroes... were the many... who died in combat". These are the stories of other heroes who survived what seemed certain death. These are the stories of THE LUCKY ONES. The English version of approx. 260 pages including 200 photos is available June 2002. The book is available on CD ONLY (one big WORD file ready to print as a book). See cover on www.usairmen.com and select BOOKS. Price US $ 20.00 (prepaid) including shipping to your address in the States. Delivery time approx. 1 week. Please contact Author Erik Dyreborg usairmen@tdcspace.dk "
Submitted by: "Erik Dyreborg" ("CP"
"Copenhagen", "Denmark"
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Record #: "450"
"I would like to take this opportunity to salute the many fine men who were part of the 453rd. B.G. at Old Buc with my dad, T/Sgt. Morris Sobel, who was in charge of the electrical dep't. for the 735th B.S. I would also like to remember Harry Godges, the engineering chief, who could have answered so many of the questions on the web-site e-mails. Harry passed away last April."
Submitted by: "IRA SOBEL" 
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Record #: "449"
"my father Robert A. Ingram served in the 453rd bg 733bs. he flew on the sleepy time gal. Any info would be greatly appreciated. i do have a picture that shows 733bs in front of the ruth marie. thank you to all the veterans for the life i live today. I salute you all.. please e-mail me"
Submitted by: "pam ingram" 
"anaheim", "ca" "USA"
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Record #: "448"
"A member of the 453B.G., 733 Bomb. Squadron at Ole Buc from 1945 till the end. Would like to hear from anyone from my crew, squadron, or group."
Submitted by: "Wendell Henry Harrelson" 
"Lanark Village", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "447"
"My dad is Jesse Wyatt who was assigned to the 453rd, 733rd B.S. at 'Old Buc.' He was part of base maintenence and repaired runways,etc. Toward the end of the war, he also supervised German POW's on work details in Germany. If anyone knew him, or if anyone can recommend books,etc. which contain information on ground crews and base maintenance, please contact me. Thanks very much for any help. Tony Wyatt"
Submitted by: "Tony Wyatt" 
"Julian", "nc" "USA"
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Record #: "446"
"I'am looking for info on 453 Bomb Group 735 squadron. Pilot Larry Doyle crew. "
Submitted by: "Joseph J Dean" ("Joe"
"Ocean City ", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "445"
"Does anyone knw Eugene T. Shuler from Ohio in the 453rd 1943-1945? he was probably a tail or nose gunner."
Submitted by: "Roman A. Wagner" 


Record #: "444"
Submitted by: "Roman A. Wagner" 


Record #: "443"
"I was stationed at Old Buckingham, Attleboro, Engand:1943 to 1945. I was a seargent radio technician in B-24s. Operations manager was Jimmy Stewart in 1945. The staff seargent in chare of the radion station was Staff Seargen Pappas. I am currently a member of the Eight Air Force Hstorical Society - Illinois Chapter. "
Submitted by: "Roman A. Wagner" ("Wag"
"Chicago and Lake Villa", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "442"
"Thank you for the information and for honoring the veteran's of WWII. May we never forget what they did.."
Submitted by: "D. A. Kern" ("donk"
"wichita", "ks" "USA"
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Record #: "441"
"I am seeking info on the 453rd reunion for 2002. Do you have the location, dates, and contact? Thanks....John Fleming "
Submitted by: "john fleming" 
"king of prussia", "pa" "USA"
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Record #: "440"
"Corp. Robert Nacsin, my father, was stationed at Walnut Ridge AFB, then England. Leonard Krol and Steve Slamka were some of his best friends. Any info about my dad will be greatly appreciated. A. Councilman"
Submitted by: "A. Councilman" 
"Palmer", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "439"
"Hello 453rd people - Greetings from London! I have an old copy of "The Liberator Men of Old Buck" - however, I understand that the new edition has an updated list of crews plus replacement crew members? Please could someone send or email me a copy of the updated crew lists? My book: "An Emotional Gauntlet" (about Crew 25, pilot Jack Nortridge) is nearly done, and I hope to have it in print by the end of the year! I am still searching for photos of the 453rd and Old Buuckenham airfield - particularly 733rd BS crews and aircraft. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Still no word regarding the family of Joe DeMay, from Brooklyn, NY. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks! Stuart"
Submitted by: "Stuart Wright" 
"London", "England"
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Record #: "438"
"Hello 453rd people - Greetings from London! I have an old copy of "The Liberator Men of Old Buck" - however, I understand that the new edition has an updated list of crews plus replacement crew members? Please could someone send or email me a copy of the updated crew lists? My book: "An Emotional Gauntlet" (about Crew 25, pilot Jack Nortridge) is nearly done, and I hope to have it in print by the end of the year! I am still searching for photos of the 453rd and Old Buuckenham airfield - particularly 733rd BS crews and aircraft. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Still no word regarding the family of Joe DeMay, from Brooklyn, NY. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks! Stuart"
Submitted by: "Stuart Wright" 
"London", "England"
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Record #: "437"
"Thanks for your service! This country owes you more than can ever be repaid. My father, John M. Wuest is a member and flew with the group in early 1945."
Submitted by: "Eric C. Wuest" 
"Clovis", "nm" "USA"
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Record #: "436"
"I am looking for information regarding my Uncle TSg Harry M. Daniels. He was a radio operator on a B-24 during WWII. He was killed in action on 2/5/44. He was a member of the 735th Bomb Squadron, 453 Bomb Group. I don't think that he was on but a few missions before he was killed. I believe that his plane went down and he was buried in Belgium until his body was brought back to the US in 1947/48. We have no information regarding the names of the personnel on the plane with him that day, how and where the plane went down, or how many missions he actually participated in. I am doing research for my mother who would like more information surrounding her bother's death. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you"
Submitted by: "Anita Plisevich" ("Anita"
"Waynesville", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "435"
"It is with great honor that we are recording that most important aviation history of our heros. www.warbirdcentral.com will show the works. Thank you all. Robert"
Submitted by: "Robert Henderson" ("crash"
"Canon City", "Co. 81212" "USA"
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Record #: "434"
"On March 7th 2002 I asked for help for information about my brother T/Sgt Raymond Leger who flew with the 453rd BG,734 BS. In no time at all I received e-mails from Tom Brittan, Lloyd Prang, and Harry Leisk with just about all I could expect after all these years, but they came through. It was certainly appreciated. My brother died last Aug. so this information came as news to me. Just wanted to let you know what this web site can and has done. Thank You, Al Leger"
Submitted by: "Alderic Leger" ("Al"
"Belchertown", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "433"
"Hi,My name is Al Leger and I checked in at this web-sight because my brother, Raymond Leger, flew with the 453rd BG, 734th BS. He flew some time in 1944 as a Radio Operator. I'm trying to find some his missions, or any thing else I can find from anyone who may have flown with him. We didn't compare stories as I flew with the 91stBG (B17s)and neither one of us would admit to the other that our plane was better than the other. We both knew which one was the best. Ray died in Aug. 2001, so I'm trying to find something of his time with the 453rd. Any info would be welcomed. Thank You in advance."
Submitted by: "Alderic Leger" ("Al"
"Belchertown, ", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "432"
"Attn: Brian Coffman Re: Your message #80. I have tried to email you but perhaps your email address has changed. Would you please post a note and update your mail address so I may contact you regarding Sept 11 1944 S.O.N.D. over Misburg Germany. Thanks."
Submitted by: "Pam Wooten" 
"Fripp Island", "SC" "USA"
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Record #: "431"
"My father, George F. Crawford, was in 453rd 734th and flew on missions between July 16 1944 and Nov 6, 1944 in "Hoo-Jive", "Strictly Business", "Male Call", "Paper Doll", "Spirit of Notre Dame" and "Crows Nest". Dad is living in Beaufort SC and I have some old notes of his from 31 missions. I believe he flew with Pilot R.V. Nelson, Co-Pilot R. Hudson, Nav. M. Modawer, Bob. J. Barrientos, Eng. T.L. Bailey, A.R. G.F. Cleary, Arm. G. W. Koyle, Gunner C. Relis, Gunner G. Headlee. If you have any information to share it would be appreciated. Just found this website and love it. Can't wait to show dad!"
Submitted by: "Pam Wooten" 
"Fripp Island", "SC" "USA"
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Record #: "430"
"1st Lt. Old Grandad. Any one out there that was in the Henry Deneke group, please call me. 480.373.8585 or email. Thanks"
Submitted by: "Vernon Butka" 
"Mesa", "AZ" "USA"
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Record #: "429"
"I would like to give thanks to my late Uncle,Lt.Ambrose"Babe"Prouhet,who was the pilot of the B- 24 "Battle Package" which flew with the453/732 out of Birmingham,England in 1944.Also,I would like to thank the crew of his aircraft for their bravery during those sorties they flew with their fellow airmen over war torn Europe. I would like to obtain more info,and possibly photos of my Uncle with his crew and aircraft. Thanks to all WWII veterans and God bless you all! Scott Ambacher"
Submitted by: "Scott Ambacher" ("n/a"
"Overland", "MO" "USA"
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Record #: "428"
"Great Site! Looking for any information on the B24 "Clays Pidgeon". My dad was a bomber crew chief in the 703 Bombardment Squadron/445th Bomb Group stationed at Tibenham England. He served there under C.O. James "Jimmy" Stewart. I have pictures of "Clay's Pidgeon" along with presumably her crew. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Email me at pallen@mhc.edu. Thanks!"
Submitted by: "Pete Allen" 
"Barnardsville", "NC" "USA"
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Record #: "427"
"My Father was Luther B. Cross, "Tennessee Tom" and he was in the 735th bomb squadron of the 453d bomb group. He was the top turret gunner/asst. flight engineer on the Moeller crew which flew its missions from June through September of 1944. Like most replacement crews, they flew on a number of different planes. I have his mission diary which details the crews trip via the southern route to England and the 35 official combat missions they flew. I have it transcribed and will be happy to email it to anyone who would like a copy. Just contact me by email. Thanks and happy hunting!"
Submitted by: "Paul Cross" 
"Nashville", "TN" "USA"
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Record #: "426"
"I am after any information regarding ROERT NELSON WYATT who was a staff sergeant with the 8th bomb squadron between 1942-45.He came from Beaumont, Texas."
Submitted by: "Robert Clampitt" ("Bob"
"Kent", "England"
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Record #: "425"
"flew with the 453rd...was recieving news from you....but none for quite a while...has my name been removed and why???"
Submitted by: "vince pale" 
"villas", "nj" "USA"
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Record #: "424"
"I was the navigator on the Sauret crew 735th BS.Would like to hear from any of my old crew mates"
Submitted by: "Dick Kelsey" 
"Tarzana", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "423"
"Hi, I am the Granddaughter of John Daniel Chase who was in the 8th air force, 453 division. The plane's name was Lace and he was part of the Tepper's Crew. I am a junior in High School and I have to write a research paper on a topic of my choice. I have chosen men in WW2 and how between missions they would relieve stress. (Playing jokes on eachother, games etc.) I have stories from my Grandfather, along with books that he has read and contributed writing for. However, I was wondering if anyone who is reading this from this division (or any division) would be willing to share their stories from the war. If anyone knows of good primary source documents that may include this topic, please e mail me at AFitchg919@aol.com. Thank you very much for your time. "
Submitted by: "Erica Chase" 
"Shrewsbury", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "422"
"HI: Just a little note to say that as a member of the original 453rd we were Crew53-Ray Sears crew. Just a memo to say that Leon Oppis,TT/Asst flt eng, passed away on the 17Jan 2002. As I said in a note to Jeanne Sites, John Burkhardt(Bronx NY) an myself are the remaining members, to the best of my knowledge. Phillips, Biel and Youtsey have been "out there" someewhere but haven't been heard from in years, if at all Would be happy if anyone had some info for me. Thanx Jim K.known as CP#1! Ray Sears crew.."
Submitted by: "James G. Kotapish Sr.(Capt. retired)" ("Jim"
"Chagrin Falls", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "421"
" I have a copy of "The Liberator Men of Old Buc". It is 153 pages, with a blue cover held together with 3 brads. It ia a xerox copy of a typewrittrn book. I have no idea if it's original, or if they were reproduced this way. I have no desire to get rich, or to run astray of Andy Low, but if there are no ethical questions, I'd be willing to take the thing to Kinkos and have it copied. Cost would be for copying and postage only. At .20/page it's $30-$35. Any interest? Ethical comments? My Dad was Lt. Robert B. Sands Jr., flew as a bombardier 735th squadron, Don Lorenzo's crew between August and October 1944. Any stories? Thanx Bob Sands"
Submitted by: "Bob Sands" 
"Fort Worth", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "420"
Submitted by: "LEROY STEINGRABER" ("LEE"
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Record #: "419"
" I want to add that I was a member of the 453Bomb Group, 732 bomb Squadron. The email is my son in laws address."
Submitted by: "Carmen Spadaro" 
"Fayetteville", "NY" "USA"
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Record #: "418"
"First found this site at my son in law's in Auburn, N.Y. Just surfing around the internet with "453 Bomber Group"."
Submitted by: "Carmen Spadaro" 
"Fayetteville", "NY" "USA"


Record #: "417"
"Enjoyed the 2000 reunion very much. Expect to visit the D- Day Museum in New Orleans toward the end of February '02 with my two oldest sons. Have been back for D-Day '94, '95 visited the old POW camps where I was interned,Stalag 3, and Stalag 7A in Moosburg. Visited the 453rd base in '98 and the Cemetary outside of Brussels where 4 of my crew lie resting. 2 were sent back home.My eldest son was with me, fortunately. Hoping to meet with you again as time goes by.Keep 'em flying guys, Jack"
Submitted by: "John Raiser" ("Jack"
"Gulf Breeze", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "416"
"I'm Looking for information about my Grandad, He flew a B- 24 "The Sleepy Time Gal" If Anybody Has any info Please Email me"
Submitted by: "Brian Sands" 
"Fort Worth", "Tx" "USA"
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Record #: "415"
"My name is Alison Summers and I am a junior in highschool.I have been working on my senior project for some time now which consists of interviews from local WWII veterans and a biography of my Grandfather, Victor J. Martini. He was the lead navigator on a replacement crew on the the B24 Liberator. He was a member of the 453rd bomb group and his crew, which he trained with and flew seven missions with consisted of: Wincey(piolet),Cook(co-piolet),Sanford (bombeder),Martini(navigator), Roberts(engineer), Scroggin (tail gunner), Verbois(ball turot gunner), Telles(radio operator), McVee(top turot gunner), and Szezesny(nose gunner). After seven missions they were split up and placed on replacement crews. After working on the project for some time, I really took an interest in WWII veterans, I can't seem to talk enough to my grandfather. If anyone has any information or knows a crew member..Please Contact Me. (two of the planes on which my grandfather flew, that I know of, were the "Paper Doll" and the "Lonesome Polecat". Thank you very much"
Submitted by: "Alison Summers" 
"Shickshinny", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "414"
"We are trying to locate anyone who served with Corporal Robert W. Nacsin."
Submitted by: "Ann Cameron" 
"Dracut", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "413"
"....PS: John's website address is www.nortridge.info or just click on "My Website" below this message..."
Submitted by: "Stuart Wright" 
"London", E-Mail Me    My Web Site

Record #: "412"
"John Nortridge Jr. (the son of 453rd pilot Lt. Jack Nortridge) has put together a website with photos of his father's crew and other scenes etc at Old Buck'. It's worth having a look at....."
Submitted by: "Stuart Wright" 
"London", E-Mail Me    My Web Site

Record #: "411"
"JOE DEMAY??? Searching for the relatives of Joseph 'Joe' DeMay from Brooklyn, New York, and would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Joe flew a tour of combat missions with Crew 25, 733rd BS, 453rd BG, based at Old Buckenham, England during 1944. He was assigned to Lt. Jack Nortridge's crew who flew a B-24 named "CORKY" (Burgundy Bombers) -- for more information check out: www.nortridge.info Happy New Year!"
Submitted by: "Stuart Wright" 
"London", E-Mail Me    My Web Site

Record #: "410"
"I am a museum historian writing a book on military aviation in Arizona during WWII. I am looking to talk to anyone who took bombardier training at Williams Army Air Field. Thank you."
Submitted by: "Steve Hoza" 
"Tempe,", "AZ" "USA"
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Record #: "409"
"I am looking for info on the following 453rd 732nd men Yale "hank" Greenberg,Wesley Burkey,and Pat Pettigrew. Any one knowing address or e-mail of any of them i would appreceate them to get in touch. thenk You Neil Creer"
Submitted by: "Neil Creer" 
"Howell", "Mi" "USA"
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Record #: "408"
"Hello To All: I am writing on behalf of my father who is 83 years old and a proud member of the 453rd. He served in WW 11 and was an engineer on a B-24 bomber. The name of his plane was the Flak Hack. I recall from his war stories that they made 32 missions and were shot down on May 8,1944 in the Battle of Brunswick. I have his rip cord with the date. If there is anyone out there who was along for the ride, it would make his day.If there are any sons or daughters etc. of these legends out there, it would be nice hearing from you also. E.j.Finocchio,D.V.M."
Submitted by: "Ernest J. Finocchio, Jr." 
"Cranston", "RI" "USA"
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Record #: "407"
" "
Submitted by: "John J. Sullivan" ("None"
"Greenacres", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "406"
" "
Submitted by: "John J. Sullivan" ("None"
"Greenacres", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "405"
"Trying to find out some information on a possible crew chief by the name of Ovie Wells {aka Little Oak?}I found some old photos of B-17 with this groups number. I beleve; I can make out the 45 but the last number is blurry. He was from Oklahoma. This is my wifes father and any information is welcome."
Submitted by: "John & Teresa Daniel" 
"Oklahoma City", "OK" "USA"
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Record #: "404"
"i am looking for any information on clarence keltner nickname kelly he was in the 453rd bomber "
Submitted by: "nicola patten " 
"london", "england"
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Record #: "403"
"anyone who knows any information on clarence keltner in the 453rd bomber group desperately need to find him"
Submitted by: "clarence keltner" ("kelly"


Record #: "402"
"hellow cy adams' crew we won the war write me "
Submitted by: "thomas x wright" ("tex"
"des moines ", "ia" "USA"
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Record #: "401"
"Helping the local RAF Association trying to find out details about the B-24 Libarator from the 453rd BG that crashed near King's Lynn 30 March 1945. Any information for use on a memorial there is greatly appreaciated. Thank you"
Submitted by: "Mark Brotherton" 
"Brandon", "UK"
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