453rd Guestbook Entries ARCHIVE 3
Record #: "300"
" We had a great time at the Reunion, and am looking foreword to the next one! I hope to see all of you their if at all possable.
Bill, Dan, and Debbie. "

Submitted by: "William J Voight" ("b24bill"
" Dutch Flat", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "299"
"my e. mail has been changed...my previous address was vpb24@webtv.net...want to get back in touch. have not been receiving messeges from 453rd one list."
Submitted by: "vince pale" ("sparks"
"villas", "nj" "USA"
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Record #: "298"
"I am looking for members of 453rd Bomb group712 Squad. serving in England June 1944-Nov. 1944. Any leads or information would be appreciated. I would like to touch base with old friends and comrade"
Submitted by: " Augustine James Adomanis" ("Jim"
"Bowie", "Md" "USA"
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Record #: "297"
"I am the President of the Hawaiian Military Insignia Collectors and Study Group. Several years ago we manufactured the insignia attributed to the 453rd Bomb Gp as shown in the Duxford collection. We also published a short lineage and honors statement for the unit as found in Maurer Maurer plus some other documentation. There are some questions I would like answers to which will help to fill in the gaps on the lineage and honors page. List of commanders for the units attached to the 453d; the name of the commander, Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron commander; ship that moved the crew overseas and where did it land; make up of the Headquarters staff; casualties (numbers only, not names, to include KIA, WIA, PW, MIA. Any information will be most welcome. I have posted a page on military.com with the information that I do have and requesting more of same. In comradeship and Aloha Nui Loa, 1SGT Charles W. Aresta, US ARMY (RET)"
Submitted by: "Charles W. Aresta" ("Billy"
"Honolulu", "HI" "USA"
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Record #: "296"
"I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at http://members.home.net/stellarimages"
Submitted by: "Rudy Preus" 
"Comox", "BC" "Canada"
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Record #: "295"
"To all you brave guys who served during the war . I like to take this chance to say a big thank you to you all. I live near duxford air field and I go there with my two sons to try and tell them how brave you lot was. I go there ever year to see all the planes and tanks. My father was in the war his name was joeph jack ellis and he died when i was to youg to ask him about the war, but I wished I did so I could tell his grandchildren all about the war and haw bad it was, but althought it was a bad war I do hope that all of you who are still with us do have some happy memories of what you did for me, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart....... "
Submitted by: "kevin gale" ("git"
"harlow", "uk"
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Record #: "294"
Submitted by: "CHRISTOPHER REEVE" 
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Record #: "293"
"To all who served in the 453rd I am a 44 yr old man living in the part of East Anglia were many of you served so long ago and I would like to thank all you brave men for what you did for my country during the very darkest days of WW11. Without you, it is most unlikely that i would be writing this E-mail today. God bless you all Ron O'Connor"
Submitted by: "Ron O'Connor" 
"Ipswich Suffolk"
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Record #: "292"
"My father was the pilot of a B-24 and I have always been interested in his experiences. I feel priviledged to have located this site.. "
Submitted by: "Gail Ruhnke" ("Snaggles"
"Oconomowoc", "Wi" "USA"
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Record #: "291"
"Congratulations on your site "brillient" does anyone have information on squadron 90 or lancaster bomber nose name "flying dutchman". thankyou "
Submitted by: "jan" ("jan"
"London", "England"
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Record #: "290"
"i just a warbird enth.to young for ww2 God bless the brave men that took to the air and fought.thank them for their sacrfice."
Submitted by: "peter wenzel" 
"epping", "nh" "USA"
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Record #: "289"
" I was tail gunner on RV Nelson's crew. Flew 35 missions from 7/15/44 thru 11/9/44 mostly on"Spirit of Notre Dame". Anybody know her story after we finisheed.Or about the ground crew Shaner,Rogers & Wallace Recognize a few other plane names.Everbody flew at one mission in "MALE CALL" or had a crew picture taken by it for the record"
Submitted by: "Chas.Reus" 
"Lancaster ", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "288"
"Am searching for JAMES MCINTYRE, Navigator on Hollywood & Vine Crew, 734th Sqdn, 453rd B.G. at Old Buckenham, England during 1944. I was the tail gunner on that crew, and would appreciate any information concerning his whereabouts. Thanks, Dick Robert."
Submitted by: "Richard C. Robert" ("Dick"
"Baton Rouge", "LA" "USA"
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Record #: "287"
"Orginally out of Michigan. Served with the 453,735th as a nose gunner on "Saurets" crew. Plane that we did use at times was Hattiebelle. Anyone who was with that crew can contact me at GP8453@.com "
Submitted by: "Gerald D Phillips" ("Gerry"
"Tucson", "Az" "USA"
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Record #: "286"
"Duplicate Entry"
Record #: "285"
"Lee Russell Gulley was my father in law. I am looking for information or personal stories about his time in the service. Lee was a b24 pilot in the 734 bomb squadron of the 453rd bomb group. Lee flew Dolly's Sister, serial #41- 29005. He was in WW11, the Korean War and was a flight instructor. Unfortunatly, Lee died in 1998 so I can not ask him for information. I would appreciate any help."
Submitted by: "Tory Gulley" 
"la jolla", "ca" "USA"
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Record #: "284"
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Record #: "283"
"I was in the 735th squadron with Alex Wallace as my pilot. We finished our missions in Dec. of l944. I was the bombardier and finished in Childress, Texas March of 44. I had an instructor there by the name of Lt. W. B Dozier. He was an instructor at Texas A & M before going into service. I have not heard from him since l944 but would sure like to get in touch with him. If you should happen to know him or know of him, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks."
Submitted by: "Bernard Alfred" 
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Record #: "282"
"Duplicate Entry"
Record #: "281"
The following sad news was passed on to me this evening. Another great man has passed on.
With humble respect & regards, Lloyd
Do you recall the photo I have shown with Jimmy Stewart taken in Pittsburgh in 1987. The other gentleman was Major General Andy Low. He led our group and the entire 8thAF on May 8 1944. We flew on his wing and he told us later we were rammed by a German fighter then we went down. He went down end of July and we were in the same 3 POW camps together. Andy was Stewart`s assistant Operations Officer and his room-mate at our base. Andy passed away yesterday.There will be services at West Point and his ashes will be buried here. Andy was to present the bust of Jimmy Stewart at the 8thAF Heritage Museum at our 453 Bomb Group re-union Oct. 18 to 23 in Savannah. Andy Low was the man who pinned on my POW medal at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs in 1988. Bill Eagleson is trying to get our old CO Maj. Gen. Ramsey Potts to take over the honors. If he cant get him he asked if I would do it. I said I would even though we are having an open mike session about Stewart the nite before the Bust presentation and I am MCing that. Our old warriors are going one by one. We are a fading Generation. From my 10 man crew we only have 3 left. Yellowing papers were found that Germany and Japan had planned to divvy up the United States. Japan was to get Hawaii , Alaska all of the west to the Rockies. Germany was to get the rest.
Abe Wilen"

Submitted by: "Lloyd Morris (webmaster)" 
"College Station", "Tx" "USA"
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Record #: "280"
"My Dad flew with the 453rd, 735th, from early 44 though D- Day. Several interesting stories, I would be interested in communicating with others from this period. He flew in Squeegie most of the time as a bombadier. He is still alive and in Springfield, MO."
Submitted by: "Harry E. Siegrist III" 
"Austell", "GA" "USA"
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Record #: "279"
"I am searching for any information about, or recollections of my father, S/Sgt GEORGE W. KIRCHWEY, who flew with the 453rd and received the Air Medal on 2-Jan-45. He was a radio operator and waist gunner in a B-24. He survived the war, but never talked about it, and we were raised not to ask. He died in May 1988, at home in Connecticut. I have a photo of him in front of the nose of "BTO", which I think stands for Big Time Operator. Any information about him, or the ship, would be gratefully received. Thanks very much for maintaining this site. "
Submitted by: "George A. Kirchwey" 
"Dallas", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "278"
"I am trying to learn more about the planes Larry (Ambrose) Prouhet flew in WWII, and especially of any living crew members of those planes. His first B-24 was, I believe the "Battle Package" which went down in the Channel on July 11, 1944. The tail gunner was lost. Subsequently, he flew the "Hustlin' Hussy" I think. I am married to Lydel Prouhet, his oldest child. His wife, Wilma is alive and healthy, and lives in St Peters, MO. Larry passed away in September, 1987. Anyone with info can reach me, toll free, at 888-300-0791. Best Regards "
Submitted by: "Nathan Bertasz" 
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Record #: "277"
"My name is Tom Berry. My good friend, Bruce Florea was a co-pilot on B-24 Hoo-Jive in mid to late 1944. As you probably know, Hoo-Jive was hit by flak over Cologne in late '44 (on Bruce's 11th mission if I remember correctly). Fortunately, they were able to trip out the bomb load, turn for friendly territory, and bail out over France. All survived that "incident", although the pilot was killed later in the War. Bruce went on to fly 33 missions. They have had several reunions since, including one hosted by the CAF at an air show in Yakima, WA. I worked for Bruce on his farm in Missouri to make my way through engineering school at The University of Missouri in '83 and '84. I worked for GM for 3.5 years, and have been at Harley-Davidson since then. Bruce is the finest man I have ever known; humble in his contribution to the War effort, even self-effacing. Just thought you'd like to know that one of the Old Buckenham guys was still very much alive and kickin'! All the best, Tom Berry"
Submitted by: "Tom Berry" 
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Record #: "276"
"Looking for info on the plane "Battle Package" which went down in the Channel in 1944."
Submitted by: "Nathan Bertasz" 
"Webster", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "275"
"My Dad was Luther Cross who served as a flight engineer in the 735th bomb squadron from June 1944 to October 1944 on the Moeller crew. They most often flew SLEEPY TIME GAL which I think was being flown by different crews on alternate days. Dad stayed active in the 2ndADA group and corresponded with his former crewmates until his death in 1995. I would love to contact any ground crew members who might have worked on STG during that period. I am also trying to find R. Harper who was in S2 of 453d. My Dad met him at a 2ndADA reunion about ten years ago. Any help would be appreciated. Paul Cross"
Submitted by: "Paul Cross" ("relicman"
"Nashville", "TN" "USA"
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Record #: "274"
"To all of the pals of the453RD BG [Lloyd PrangTom Brittan ,PAt Ramm Please e-mail me at FredHessJr@AOL.Com all the information you have on 1STLt julian L.Clark 0 -716833 clark was our bombadier Of our original crew Pilot:Russell C.Anderson 0- 438614 KIA Dec 28 1944 0ur original crew bailed out Aug 1 1944 Clark bailed out again over Poland ,on Jan 15 ?1945 he returned to Old Buck Via the underground GOD BLESSYou All FRED"
Submitted by: "FredHessJR" 
"Cincinnati", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "273"
"This is very nice to see. My father, Phil Meistrich, was a member of the 453rd at Nottingham UK. "
Submitted by: "Matt Meistrich" 
"300 Newark St #6K Hoboken", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "272"
"if anyone knows my grandpas please contact me i wanna know more about the wars my grandpa's fought in their names are Leonard Collier and Thomas Tegenkamp if any of u know them or fought w/ them please contact me thanx"
Submitted by: "margo tegenkamp" ("margo"
"ohio" "USA"
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Record #: "271"
"My father was a copilot of Matecko Crew of the 453rd. He flew 17 or 18 missions and experienced a mid-air collision with another B-24, don't know which crew. A photo dated 25 Jan 45 the crew listed as follows: Matecko, Pilot; de la Garza, CP; Arcudi, N; Turovitz, B; Lkien, TT; Lee, RO; Giblin, WG; Enderton, WG; Adler, NG; Manderson, TG. Any information please let me know."
Submitted by: "Andres de la Garza" ("Andy"
"Upland", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "270"
"Hi FRED Hess 453 BG 732 BS HEre Our crew flew B24jST LOUIE Women To the ETO June 5 `1944 ToBelfast Irelamd we started our missions July 1944 From Old buckenham APO 558 Near norwick east angela Iam trying to find 1st LT Julian L CLARK 0716833 HOur Bomd e blided with us 8 1 1944 "
Submitted by: "Fred m Hess JR" 
"Cincinnati ", "oh" "USA"
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Record #: "269"
"Sir; I tried to "E" mail Harry Leiska # 260 in Your guest book but apparently His adress was wrong. Get in touch with me by "E"mail Harry. Neil Creer former crew chief on "LITTLE NANCY""
Submitted by: "Neil Creer" 
"Howell, Mich. ", "Mi" "USA"
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Record #: "268"
"What information does anyone have about the 453rd Bomb Group near Old Buckenham, England? Does the Bomb Group have meetings, reunions, etc.? Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Major David Hogue (Retired)"
Submitted by: "David Hogue" 
"La Crosse", "WI" "USA"
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Record #: "267"
"Cousin of 2ndLT. Carl F. Franke, bombardier, 735th Bomber Sqdn, 453rd Heavy Bomb Group KIA 2/6/44. Would like to learn more of details before visiting cemetery Cambridge, England in late July. "
Submitted by: "Robert C. Baldwin CAPT USNR(Ret.)" 
"State College", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "266"
"733rd SQDN, Lt. Fischer's Crew. Assigned Plane, Star Eyes, #651, V-Victor. Tour of duty, 4 July, 1944 to 26 Feb. 1945."
Submitted by: "William" ("Bill"
"Paoli", "IN" "USA"


Record #: "265"
"I have just returned from a visit to Europe, and visited two American cemeterys and found these to be really tear jurkin places, but very well looked after. I have also visited the one at Cambridge with the same feelings,I am to return to cambridge cemetery Sunday 2nd July, if anyone would like a picture of certain grave please send me details of the plot etc, This is a free service and would be honored to be able to do this. "
Submitted by: "Tony" 
"United kingdom"
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Record #: "264"
" I am so excited to find this website. My father, Joe Klempka Sr., was stationed with the 453rd at Old Buckenham, and was so proud of his time with this outfit. He passed away in 1977, but my sister and I have many mem- ories of his stories of his times there. We have been try- ing to get as much information about his service there as we could, but until finding this website, we weren't hav- much success. If any one remembers him, or serving with him, please contact me at my E-mail address on AOL at KLEMPKAMOPARMAN, or at klempkamoparman@aol.com. "
Submitted by: "Joe Klempka Jr." ("Butch"
"Ft. Myers", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "263"
"Before I start this letter maybe is it usefull to introduce myself to you first. My name is Ad(Adrian) van Zantvoort, 42 years of age and during my freetime I researching wartime aircraft crashes and locating their crews. My research is full concentrated in the S.E. part of Holland, and during the 12 years I built-up an archive in which contains about 250 files of aircraft crashed in "my" research area. Today I obtained a picture of an B24H taken at Eindhoven (B78) during the war but after we were liberated(after 18th September 1944). The serial number of this aircraft is 42-52755. On the picture you see an dark painted plane, with on the rudders an white stroke with an P inside. The picture is B&W. Please can you help to identify this plane and do you have crewlist of this plane?? Thanks in advance for your help in this matter. I will send you the picture by snailmail because I have not the equipment to send this by E-mail!!! Sincerely, Ad"
Submitted by: "Ad(Adrian) van Zantvoort" 
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Record #: "262"
"Mickey - Gulley Crew princally"
Submitted by: "Herman Lefco" ("Hank"
"Elkins Park ", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "261"
"I am looking for information about my father, T/Sgt Alois John Skudlarek, who served with the 453 Bomb Gp in WWII. My dad was born in Avon, Minnesota and trained with the 52 Bomb Sqd in Boise, Idaho before going overseas. My father passed away on June 16, 1970. Thank you."
Submitted by: "John Peter Skudlarek" 
"Ewa Beach", "HI" "USA"
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Record #: "260"
"I'm looking to make contact with anyone who knew my father in law Bill Finster. He was a copilot in the 453rd BG, 732nd Squadron. He arrived at Old Buckenham in September 1944 and was there until the end of the war. He remembers flying 11 missions in "Little Nancy." He also remembers that "Little Nancy" went down in the Channel a couple of missions after he and his crew moved on to another aircraft. He says his first two missions were in the Ruhr Valley and that the worst fighter oposition happened over Hamburg. He remembers that one of his waist gunners got an Me262 (I don't know if this was over Hamburg) and got credit for the kill. He remembers the names of some of his crew: Tail gunner: Last name Williams; Nose gunner: Last name Sherif; Top turret: Last name Coyle; Navigator: Eddie Totman, from Bath, Maine; Pilot: Cecil Smith (nickname "Snuffy"), from Kraft??, Kansas. Bill remembers that flying fighters was Snuffy Smith's first love. I posted a guestbook entry regarding Bill a long time ago & thought I"d try again now that I have some more information. Harry Leisk "
Submitted by: "Harry Leisk" 
"Sacramento", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "259"
"Do any of you folks have Pat Ramm`s E-mail address? My grandson is going over tomorrow. I asked him to look up Pat. I would like to reach him and ask him to show the old Ramm hospitality if my grandson contacts him."
Submitted by: "Abe Wilen" 
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Record #: "258"
"I was Tail Gunner on the B-24 "Hollywood & Vine" 734th SQ, 453rd BG at Old Buc in 1944. Am seeking the following members of Fleckenstein's Crew who flew with me in WWII: James McIntyre- Navigator, Joseph DeBella- Nose Gunner, Lewis E. Denson, Radio Operator, James A. Mossbarger, Waist Gunner, and Tony J. Herr- Waist Gunner. All others have been accounted for. Thanks, Dick Robert, e-mail me at robert453@msn.com."
Submitted by: "Richard C. Robert" ("Dick"
"Baton Rouge", "LA" "USA"
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Record #: "257"
"My brother SSGT Lloyd W Hammer was a left waist gunner on B-24 #42-10040 that crashed in Switzerland on 18 March 1944. He was a member of the 506th Bomb squadron, 44th bomb group stationed in Shipdham,england. He was a evadee out of Switzerland. Trying to get as much info as possible, particuraly on the evasion. Are there any military or other sources that would be helpful? My brother died a few years ago. As I am a retired Marine I am trying to compile info on the family military members. Thanks for any help you can give me. WillardE. Hammer again"
Submitted by: "WillardE. Hammer" 
" "
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Record #: "256"
" Am seeking whereabouts of Mr. Harry Hecht, of the 735th B.S., 453 B.G. (H) who few on he "Slokum Yokum" Any data woud be appreciated Others were (which we have located) are Daniel Liebich, C. O. 735th., Guenther Ruhnke, Irving Kraus, and Harry Hecht. With those names maybe I should check into the Luftwaffe archives.Thank you & good luck. Ken McPherson."
Submitted by: "Kenneth J. McPherson" ("MAC"
"Ocean Park", "Me" "USA"
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Record #: "255"
"My dad, Robert B. Shea was in the 453rd Bomb Group, 732 Bomb Squadron. This site looks like a good one to research his war days."
Submitted by: "Alison Shea Wall" ("Ali"
"Richmond", "VA" "USA"
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Record #: "254"
"This is a wonderful web site. It tells a great story of the men that flew their planes to fight tyranny and preserve our freedom. My father, Lt. Harold J. (Jim) Mathay, was in the 453 Bomber group, 733 Squadron stationed in England at Old Buckenham. He was there in 1945. He was from Greenville, PA. He trained in Liberal, Kansas and Pampa, Texas, and possibly Boise, ID. He flew 19 missions, many of them over Halle, Germany. I saw a reference to my father in one of your guest book entries #155. His plane had a "Coke" bottle painted on it but the crew refered to it as "Cyndi". I would appreciate any recollections or information. Thanks, Jim Mathay "
Submitted by: "Jim Mathay" 
"Harrisburg", "NC" "USA"
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Record #: "253"
"My Uncle,LT. Harry J. Klyap, and the namesake of my middle child was a bombadier navigator in the 734 squadron of the 453 bomb group. He was killed in action on November 26, 1944. This is all we know of his history. I am a former captain in the Army Ranger's with a current rank of Major who was commisioned with my uncle's LT bars. If there is anyone who knows anything about my uncle, the plane he flew any friends or stories, it would be a bit of history that me and my family would cherish. E-Mail me at aklyap@gte.net. There is a chance that he and his crew may have been killed on takeoff during a bombing mission with a Captain Conrad as the pilot. "
Submitted by: "Alan Klyap" 
"New Port Richey ", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "252"
"2nd Air Force: On April 8, 1944, a B24 Liberator Bomber(41- 28983)took off from Topeka Army Air Base in Kansas. The B24 was bound for an ETO staging base in Florida. Shortly after takeoff, the B24 encountered heavy turbulence, and crashed 5 miles west of Millington, Tennessee. Of a crew of ten men, nine were killed and one man survived the crash. One of the men killed was my uncle, S/SGT RADIO GUNNER ALBERT S. DOLD(11069477). Tomorrow is MEMORIAL DAY and I certainly won't forget my uncle. Does anyone out there remember my uncle, S/SGT RADIO GUNNER ALBERT S. DOLD? If you do, please contact me at KURTALBERTDOLD@GATEWAY.NET. I have been looking for quite awhile without any success. A crew photograph would be a plus. Please search your memories. Thank you very much, and good luck to all in their search for relatives and friends!"
Submitted by: "Kurt Albert Dold" 
"Norwood", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "251"
" I was in the 453BG-735th squadron -flew 24 missions as nose gunner and engineer---- looking for the pilot named Irving Kraus and tail gunner Harry Hecht--- we flew the plane --Silent Yokum and others --thanks buddies "
Submitted by: "A.C. Aukerman" 
"Lovejoy ", "Ga" "USA"
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Record #: "250"
" Would like to hear from any one who knew robert morris who was a radio operator on lt oaklands crew also would like to hear from jack slagle who was a waist gunner on lt oaklands crew"
Submitted by: "richard" 
"liverpool", "ny" "USA"
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Record #: "249"
"My Dad was a crew member of the B-24 "Silent Yokum", 735th BS, 453rd BG, stationed in Old Buckenham, England. My Dad and I along with Ron Barnhart have been working diligently trying to locate the last two members of their crew. Harry Hecht and Irving Kraus, both from New York State. We have made a ton of phone calls but can't seem to locate them. If anybody knows them or how to get in touch with them or knows if they are alive, please e-mail me. Mary27@prodigy.net or Mary@gov.state.ga.us Arlie Aukerman, Ron (Barney) Barnhart and Geunther Rhunke are the only ones alive that we have found. Help us if you can. Thank you. And thanks for all of those who sacraficed to keep us free. You are the "Greatest Generation" "
Submitted by: "Mary Aukerman" ("Mary"
"Hampton", "GA" "USA"
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Record #: "248"
"Dear Lloyd, I saw your message on the website & I received an e-mail from Don Olds. My e-mail address is iralsobel @ netscape.net. My home address is 40 Edgemount Road Edison, N.J. 08817. I'm looking foward to hearing from you about MARCH FIELD, 1943. I also salute the men of the 453rd. B.G.: THE GREATEST GENERATION on Memorial Day. "
Submitted by: "ira sobel" 
"edison,08817", "nj" "USA"
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Record #: "247"
"Can ya'll send me any pictures of a bombardier in action? Thanks, Jerry"
Submitted by: "Jerry Townley" ("Jerr"
"Atlanta", "GA" "USA"
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Record #: "246"
"Ref: Entry #244
Mr. Ira Sobel,
We are trying to get a message to you, but your email address was incomplete in listing #244. Please reply & I will forward to the party trying to reach you.
Lloyd Morris
webmaster "

Submitted by: "Webmaster 453rd.com" 
"College Station", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "245"
" Enjoyed your web sire very much. Lots of work and research went into this project. Good luck. "
Submitted by: "Ken McPherson" ("Bagpiper-Mac"
"Ocean Park", "Me" "USA"
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Record #: "244"
"I recently viewed photos from March Field, Calif. in 1943 just before the 453rd. B.G. shipped out for Africa,Europe. There was a picture of WOLVERINE 212: does this name ring a bell? Were you part of the crew? Was this plane used for training purposes? Does it bring back any good memories? Please e-mail, write, call: Ira Sobel;40 Edgemount Rd.; Edison, N.J. 08817 "
Submitted by: "IRA SOBEL" 
"edison ", "nj" "USA"
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Record #: "243"
"Duplicate entry"
Record #: "242"
"Great web site. And a great tribute to true patriots! My father served in the Army Air Force in WWI with the 12 Air Force and First Tactical Air Force MTO, ETO in mediums as a toggle Bombardier and Radio Operator/gunner. My Nephews Grandfather served with the 453rd in WWII MOS was top turret gunner until his eighth mission (Sept 44)he was shot down near Worms where they had just bombed an ammo dump. He remained a POW until the end of the war in Europe. My nephew was wanting info on the plane, crew ect. I have recieved copies of reports,runway line-ups, mission reports ect. of missions that my father flew from other members in his Sq. I was wondering if anyone might have such information. His last name is Dennis. Thanks Jeff Melson"
Submitted by: "Jeff Melson" 
"Pittsboro", "IN" "USA"
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Record #: "241"
"I was a crew member in the 453rd and was shot down on July 12, 1944 on a mission to Halle, Germany"
Submitted by: "Len Lincoln" ("Linc"
"Quincy", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "240"
" just found your excellent site,how very interesting it is too. i'm too young to have any memories of old buck at the time you all experienced it, but i'm volunteering to put anyone in touch with anyone locally .i actually live on the edge of the airfield on foundry corner on the road to attleborough."
Submitted by: "chris hawkins" 
"attleborough", "uk"
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Record #: "239"
"Thanks to everyone who served in WWII. I am the nephew of Lt. Gus Bergman of the 453rd bomb group, 733 bomb squadron."
Submitted by: "Tim Bimler" 
"Houston", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "238"
"Bill Eagleson, Bombadiar,453rd BG, is personal friend, along with others. Pat Ramm of England is another personal friend. 3d SAD was responsible for all maintenance on the Liberators of 2d Air Division. In the latter part of 1945, when all Liberator people were asked to donate one Pound each, which included 3d SAD. Sadly, the 2d Air Division Assn contends that 3d SAD was not part of the Division, and refuses to accept any Liberator artifacts from us in the Norwich Memorial Room. We had over 300 B-24 Nose Art photographs, so we donated them to the 8th AF Heritage Museum in Savannah, GA. Wiley Noble, Secretary, 3d Strategic Air Depot, Watton."
Submitted by: "Wiley Noble, 3dSAD, Watton, AAF505" 
"Baton Rouge", "LA" "USA"
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Record #: "237"
"In reference to entry "236 Hoo Jive" I only know one name that was on that plane ...Richard M. Dean tsgt. radio operater. If you have more information on the crew please let me know. I'll have more info later. thank you, His son Bill "
Submitted by: "Bill" 
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Record #: "236"
"Hi I'am the second son of Richard M. Dean who flew with the 453 BG Squad 734 Name Hoo Jive he was a tsgt. radioman. His plane crashed and he and the co-pilot were th only survivers. However he passed away 3 yrs ago at age 74. I just wanted to know who the other crew members were and if there were any pics of his aircraft. thank you Bill "
Submitted by: "William Dean " ("lights1"
"Ypsilanti", "mi" "USA"
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Record #: "235"
"Terrific site. My thanks to all the vets that sacrifised so that we can enjoy freedom & liberty many of us take for granted today. My brother-in-law, Edmund Survilla, who is still with us & still working, served in the 453rd, 734 SQ. Crew # 1, abord the Lucky Penny. His brother, William (Bill) Survilla was in the 15th AAF (I think), shot down over Italy on the Romania oil fields run, ended up as a POW in Germany until the end of European War. My brother, Robert S. Waldman served in the 15thAAF. He was killed April 12, 1944 when his B-24 plunged into the Meddeterranean Sea. Can anyone advise if the 15th AAF WWII has a web site ?? If so pleasae advise "T.J." at abcswaldman@earthlink.net Thanks"
Submitted by: "T.J. Waldman" (""T.J.""
"Cheshire", "CT" "USA"
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Record #: "234"
"Can anybody help? I am researching into the 116 8th air force aircraft to go to switzerland during 43-45. 2 aircraft from the 453rd bg landed their first was Robert J. Dooley in b24h 41-28629 landed on the 13 april 44 from the 733rd bs next was Louis Scherzer in B24-H 42-64496 landed on the 25 April 44. If anybody has or was on the 2 above aircraft please could you get in touch with me as I have little info on the but I do have 2 photos of the above aircraft and I am willing to copy them. Please help me if you have any info."
Submitted by: "Robert S. Martyr" ("robby"
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Record #: "233"
"My dad, 2LT John T. Harrington Jr. was a navigator aboard "Wandering Wanda.". He started with the 453rd and the plane was transferred, crew and all, to the 458th. His crew inherited "WW" from a crew that had completed the (then) required 25 missions for rotation home. It was named after the wife of the previous crew's copilot, who did some "wandering" back in the states while her husband was overseas. I grew up hearing many war stories, some of them were funny, some poignant, some filled with horror. He had occaisional nighmares from his experiences until his death in '93. Dad completed aviation mechanics' school, and from there went through cadets and then became both a pilot and navigator. He actually had time as copilot during some missions. Everyone on the plane was trained in everyone else's job "in case." All aboard were able to fly and land the plane, even the gunners. The tail gunner was a Chinese-American from San Francisco, last name of Fong. Dad said he could fly pretty well. They had plenty of opportunities to fly around due to "slow-timing" new engines replacing those that had been shot out. They used the time to instruct everyone to fly. One funny story: they would take guys from the base up in the air during such routine flying. They would tell them to "Watch the wings. If they wiggle up and down it means we're in big trouble, so let us know right away." Then, with the guy looking out one of the windows, they would jiggle the yoke a little, causing the wingtips to wiggle up and down a few feet. The guy would race up to the flight deck, petrified and shouting about the wingtips. Naturally by then they would be flying normally, and look out and see nothing wrong. "You SURE you saw the wingtips wiggling?" After a few episodes they would let the "pigeon" in on the joke. "
Submitted by: "Glenn Harrington" 
"Cypress", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "232"
"Enjoy this site very much. Was a flight engeneer on Tarbell's crew at old buck. Arrived at old buck in January of 1944 afther flying the southern route by way of south America, over the big pond to the cost of Africa, then up to England.I recall that I flue some 12 or so missions with Tarbell's crew. The the crew was split up and I was assigned to Klob's crew. On June 20th my 27th mission to Politz Germany ,we were hit by flak over this target and lost to much fuel to make it back to base.We were just acrost the north sea from Sweden, so we made the choice to be interened reather then run out of fuel and taken prisoner by the germans.Our landing and interment in Sweden is another story.I would like to make contact with any of Tarbell's oregonial crew, or Kolb's crew that may still be around. Please E-Mail Me. Robert M. Sage"
Submitted by: "Robert M. Sage" 
"Rochelle", "Il" "USA"
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Record #: "231"
" About an article in "THE LIBERATOR MEN OF "OLD BUC".There is a discrepancy in the article entitled "THE LAST FLIGHT OF THE RUTH MARIE".The plane named was "BLOOD AND GUTS" according to other sources in the book. Can someone please clarify this? Thank you. Elling Mikkelson."
Submitted by: "Elling Mikkelson" 
"Ferryville", "WI" "USA"
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Record #: "230"
"Researching my uncle's flight--Dewey Dey Steele, KIA on Nov 2, 45 in "El Flako" over Gastrop-Rauxal. Thanks for your efforts at establishing this web site."
Submitted by: "Robert J. Steele" ("Bob"
"Montgomery", "AL" "USA"
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Record #: "229"
"My interest in the 453rd comes from s/sgt Joseph Fiorentino who was my best friend in 1944. he was a member of Titus`s crew.They were trained as pathfinders and transfered to the 389th BG and were shot down by flak near Paris June 25, 1944 and Joe was one of nine killed.I would like to hear from anyone Who knows anything about this inident or who knew Joe during this time. Joe Black 357FG"
Submitted by: "Joe Black" 
"Phila.", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "228"
"As you may know I joined the 453rd in Boise ID in September 1943 and stayed in England with them until we packed up and left on 08 May 1945 and returned to McGowan Field in New Jersey where we wound up in the Air Transport Command. After a rather lenghty delay occasioned by the inability of the local financial genius to understand the then English monetary system which was used by the Officeers Club of which I had been in charge! Anyhow, I was shipped out to St. Jo Missouri, checked out in B25 and C46 and in August shipped home for discharge on infamous December 7, 1945. "
Submitted by: "KOTAPISH, james g. Sr." ("JIM"
"Chagrin Falls", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "227"
"the B-17 was the reason we won this war"
Submitted by: "keith" ("keith"
"wi" "USA"
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Record #: "226"
"This site is really good"
Submitted by: "chris" ("none"
"Verona", "PA" "USA"


Record #: "225"
"This is a "Special Request" from someone (Rick Wilder), who stopped and asked me (after noticing the B-24 pin, that I wear on my hat) if it was, indeed, a "B-24"! All he has is 2 pictures of his Father, (Eugene Wilder, JR.), a B-24 pilot and instructor. PIC1 - 1st AF patch on his sleeve (was a P-38 pilot), holding 9 day old Rick. PIC2 - Crash and burn photo of a B-24 with a "J" in a (white?) circle on the tail. 732nd BS? (no other info) He says the name of the B-24, his Father piloted, was named after his Mother, ("Louise", "Lou", something of the sort, etc.). Can we help this gentleman narrow down his search? Thanks "
Submitted by: "Daniel L. Stockton" 
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Record #: "224"
"Just found the 453rd group page, My Dad (Fred Eichinger Jr) served in this bomb group from 7/14/42 - 10/25/45. If anyone wants to contact me please e-mail at Jimbats32@yahoo.com Would love to hear from other "heroes" that he served with. I still carry a dollar bill that he had many of you sign. Jim Eichinger"
Submitted by: "Jim Eichinger" ("Batman"
"tonawanda", "NY" "USA"
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Record #: "223"
"Congratulations on your Web Page. Also congratulations to "Mo" Morris as new Treasurer of the 453rd Bomb Group."
Submitted by: "Al Ricci" 
"Fayetteville,", "NY" "USA"
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Record #: "222"
"Adding to entry March 4, 2000. Requesting information obout "Yankee Doll" downed May 8, 1944 over Germany. My Brother, Frank B. Bready was the tail gunner and did not survive. He was in the 734th Bomb Squad and the 453rd Bomb Group. Flew out of Old Buckinham. I believe only 3 airmen survived and were prisoners. Any information would be appreciated."
Submitted by: "Mary Lou" 
"Sherwood", "MD" "USA"
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Record #: "221"
"Congratulations on a great webpage and thank you for all of the work you've done on it! I don't remember if I saw it in your guestbook or someone else's, but I saw a comment from a fellow that he'd just read that new WWII novel, "THE TRIUMPH AND THE GLORY" and recommended it highly. At any rate, I got a copy from barnesandnoble.com and thought it was just terrific. Like your webpage, the novel offers a fascinating passage through WWII, while telling a stirring story of courage and dedication to doing what is right, no matter what the cost. But enough about that, my only suggestion for your page is to add more of the kind of stuff you already have. If something isn't broke it doesn't need fixing. Keep up the good work! "
Submitted by: "Brad" 
"Atlanta", "GA" "USA"
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Record #: "220"
"Anyone who has any information about the "Yankee Doll" downed over Holland May 8th, 1944.Plane may have collided with another aircraft. Information hard to come by since only 3 survived. I am the Sister of the tail-gunner who died that day. Any info would be appreciated."
Submitted by: "Mary " ("Bready"
"Sherwood", "MD" "USA"
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Record #: "219"
"HI all. Nice page. Nice work. Keep doing it. One thing. Can you someone help me in looking for info about 2. March 1945 action and 453.BG in this raid.? Thanks. "
Submitted by: "Peter Kassak" 
"Trnava", "SK" "Slovak Republic"
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Record #: "218"
"I don't know if this went in before. I found this while looking for something else. To me each and every WWI Vet is something special. My father broke his back in about 39 or 40 and did not serve. I served in the army for 28 years. I have been collecting unit crests and patches for about 30 years. Actually I collect anything worn on the American uniform. I need help in identifing 2 large Bombing patches. No one is 5 in in dia. Painted on leather with a brown outer ring, a blue background, a yellow bomb with an indian riding it. The indian is wearing a white outlined black breec cloth and carring a orange headed tomahawk with a white handle, he is wearing a orange festher in his black hair, eith one braid showing. No two ei 5 1/4 in in dia and made with 7 different colors of felt. there is a yellow base with a yellow outter ring, a red inner ring, the base has a two black felt mountains covered with white sewn snow under a gray cloud, over the gray cloud is a light blue sky. overall is a red bomb with 6 arms, 2 top & 4 bottom, the two top arms are holding a black frkt machine gun, the front two bottom arms are holding a white felt map (marked map, the two rear bottom arms are holding 5 blue bombs outlined white. Realy need these Identified. My oldest Avn Patch is ther 1st Army Avn Section WWI. snail mail SFC (Ret) John W. Harvey, 2020 Cascade Dr, Killeen, TX 76549-8029"
Submitted by: "John W. Harvey" 
"Killeen", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "217"
"Dear Sir I would like to know some information on my Dads unit during the War I believe he served in the 453rd Bomb group his name is Kenneth C Miller service number is 39094425. His position was Tail Gunner we have a picture of him getting a Medal from James .W. Stewart om flying 30 combat missions in July 1944.Please provide any information you can. Thankyou Loren Miller"
Submitted by: "Loren Miller" 
"Spanaway", "Wa" "USA"
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Record #: "216"
"My uncle flew with the 453rd from 1944 to Sept, 1945. He was a flight engineer on a B-24 Liberator called the "Shoo Shoo Baby". After completing 36 missions over occupied Germany he returned to the states in late 1945. Any help in locating fellow crew members or any information surrounding the plane or its crew would very much be appreciated. TJ Ramsey"
Submitted by: "Timothy Ramsey" ("Tim"
"Renton", "WA" "USA"
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Record #: "215"
"I was with the 467th Sub Depot stationed with the 453rd at Old Buckenham. I also was the leader of the dance band that was on station and played for Officer's and Enlisted men's clubs. I was the senior enlisted man at the gasoline dump that furnished the 100 octane gasoline for the bombers. "
Submitted by: "Al " ("Broendel"
"Rock Island", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "214"
"Hello, We are Elske (15 years old) and Evelien (16 years old) and we are two girls from Dordrecht, the Netherlands. We are doing a research for a schoolassignment about the Liberation in 1945. We have to research the World War II and liberation experiences of civilians and soldiers during the period 1944-1945. We have to interview veterans and survivors. The aim of the project is to assemble an oral history of American and other Allied participation in the liberation of the Netherlands during World War II, as well as the courage and endurance of the Dutch people. If you are a World War II veteran or survivor or if you know a World War II veteran or survivor or if you have got any information that might be useful for the assignment, please let us know by sending us a letter or an e-mail. Also, if you are the editor of a newsletter or if you know a newsletter and if you think we could publish a little ad about our assignment, please let us know as well. Thank you so much. Postal address: Evelien aan de Wiel Wittenstein 183 3328 MV Dordrecht the Netherlands e-mail: LiberationHolland@hotmail.com For more information, please visit: http://brein.nl.fortunecity.com/studie/43 "
Submitted by: "Evelien and Elske" ("Eef"
"Dordrecht", "Netherlands"
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Record #: "213"
"I am looking for information regarding Andy Low's book " The Liberator Men of Old Buc". Was this book actually published and copyrighterd, or is it simply a compilation that was copied and distributed? Was it updated through the years? Would enjoy hearing from anyone who has a copy!! Love the site.Keep up the good work!"
Submitted by: "Tim Sullivan" 
"Barrington", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "212"
"Duplicate Entry"
Record #: "211"
"Thank you very much for this very informitive site. Although I have not found any information on my Uncle or the B-24 he flew in I am always interested in other stories. This site is the only one I found anything in about the 453 Bomb group 732 bomb squadren. Keep up the good work . Thanks again Bill "
Submitted by: "William J Squires ( Bill )" 
"Cleveland", "oh" "USA"
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Record #: "210"
"Was co-Pilot on Herb Reinders crew in 732nd. Herb died this past year with cancer. Only crew member in touch with is Jack White our very able flight engineer. Anyone remember me? Would like to hear from you. Mo, you have a great web page. Thanx. Lyle"
Submitted by: "Lyle Alverson" 
"Somers Point", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "209"
"My dad, Jamie Snider was a member of the 453. "
Submitted by: "Laura Di Donato" 
"San Diego", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "208"
Submitted by: "JACK A. KLINEDINST" ("453rd.~ 735thsq."
"YORK", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "207"
"Fantastic! If Dad could have got to see this."
Submitted by: "Robert Snider" ("ezbob"
"Terre Haute", "In" "USA"
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Record #: "206"
"looking for info on father in law ELBERT SHOEMAKER BOMBER/NAV. 8TH AIR CORP.- 453RD BOMBER GROUP H - MY ACHIN'BACK - "
Submitted by: "MARK CECCHETTI" 
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Record #: "205"
"I am trying to find info on my grandfather. I have his service number but dont know how to decode it. any help would be appreciated "
Submitted by: "robert roberts" 
"rapid city", "sd" "USA"
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Record #: "204"
"RE: Jimmy Terwilliger. Thanks to all who responded to my earlier request (199). Good news to report. After 56 years,Mr. Terwilliger and my father were reconnected just before Christmas ! It was a joyful reunuion for both. I could not have located this member of the 734th squadron without this website and the help from all who responded, especially Debbie. "
Submitted by: "Brett Pharis" 
"Little Rock", "AR" "USA"
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Record #: "203"
"My husband, Mike, already signed the guest book. He saw a sign in from Joe Deely who flew with his father, Vic. We know Dad would love to hear from Joe, but the E-Mail link will not work for us. Joe, if you see this could you please shoot us a note. We can put you in touch with Vic Templer. You can reach us at KMTORIGINALS@worldnet.att.net or PANZERMIKE@worldnet.att.net. Thanks"
Submitted by: "Kathy Templer" 
"St. Peters", "MO" "USA"
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Record #: "202"
"Hello. Just found the site, and saw the note by Joe Deely. I am the son of Vic Templer. Just stopped in to say hi."
Submitted by: "Mike Templer" 
"St. Peters,", "Mo" "USA"
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Record #: "201"
"I was a M/Sgt in charge of maintance on the B24 "Little Nancy". I was attached to the 453rd Bomb Group 732nd Sq flying from Old Buckingham England between Jan 1944 thru May 9, 1945. This site is a fine tribute to all that served the country during WWII."
Submitted by: "Neil Creer" 
"Howell", "MI" "USA"
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