453rd Guestbook Entries ARCHIVE 2
Record #: "200"
" I was with the original cadre in boise ID. Attached to the 733rd sqd.LT Bergman,s crew. #34. was shot down April 8th on brunswich mission. Iwas the only surviver.Was pow in stalag 17b till liberation. Regards to all. "
Submitted by: "vincent j. pale" ("sparks"
"villas", "nj" "USA"
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Record #: "199"
"In search of: S/Sgt. JAMES (JIMMIE) TERWILLIGER. My father, Herbert Pharis, served with Sgt Terwilliger at the Army Air Base in Ardmore, Oklahoma and would like to find him. Last contact from Sgt Terwilliger was a letter in September, 1943 from the Pocatello Air Base. Sgt Terwilliger was assigned to the 734th squadron of the 453rd Bomb group. ANY help in locating him would be much appreciated by my father. phone: 501-227-8025 fax: 501-227-4460 email: bpharis@gene.com"
Submitted by: "Brett Pharis" 
"Little Rock", "AR" "USA"
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Record #: "198"
"My father was Ralph D. Tucker. He was in the 453rd Bombing Group, 732nd squadron and served in 1944. The pictures I have are dated 7-8-44 and 11-28-44. He was a pilot. If anyone knew my father, please email me. It would be nice to talk to someone who knew my father then. Thank you M.T. Edmondson Note to "webmaster" I have tried to email several of the people who have signed the guestbook and have been unable to get through. I keep getting error messages. Am I doing something wrong?"
Submitted by: "Mary T. Edmondson" 
"GA" "USA"
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Record #: "197"
"The name of the B-24H-15-DT 41-28849 who crash landed at St- Truiden Belgium ( Saint-Trond in french )on March 22 1945 could have been ' Corky ' or ' Archibald '"
Submitted by: "Alain Rosseels" 
"St-Truiden", "Belgium"
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Record #: "196"
"Great site"
Submitted by: "Henry" 
"Florence", "SC" "USA"
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Record #: "195"
" "
Submitted by: "Lyle G Alverson" 
"Somers Point", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "194"
"I spent Thanksgiving with an old friend, Murray Schwartz, who was a navigator with the 453rd. and flew two consecutive heavy duty missions to Kassel on 9/27 and 9/28 '44 (from a complete tour of 30). But I guess they were all heavy duty by today's standards. I am from a later generation who appreciates what you guys did for us. Thank you."
Submitted by: "John Bourgein" 
"Orinda", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "193"
"Nice web-page! I'm involved in the 95th BG (H)'s memorials foundation. ~Kimberly "
Submitted by: "Kimberly Arthur" ("MSairforce"
"San Francisco/Surrey UK", "CA" "USA/UK"
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Record #: "192"
"My dad Ed Power was on a b-24 that crashed in Belgium he was a gunner with the 453bg 733bs"
Submitted by: "D Power" 

Record #: "191"
"My dad was a navagator in the 453rd. His name in Herbert G. Reis. He is traveling to Florida this week to meet up with four other members of his crew. The plane was called "Be Coming Back" and it did! Thanks for the neat web page."
Submitted by: "Tom Reis" 
"Johnston", "IA" "USA"
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Record #: "190"
"I just enjoyed reading a fine novel about a B-17 (should have been a B-24 pilot!) pilot and wanted to pass that along to everyone. The book is "The Triumph and the Glory", got my copy at amazon.com, none of the bookstore chains here in the Twin Cities have any copies anymore, they sold out. Keep up the great work on the website, and remember all of the veterans who answered the call, especially take a moment on this Veteran's Day to say a prayer for them all, those still with us, and those we lost so long ago."
Submitted by: "Dwight Kennerly" 
"St. Paul", "MN" "USA"
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Record #: "189"
" "
Submitted by: "JAMES G. REIDY" ("BUD"
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Record #: "188"
"I was tail gunner 445th Bomb Group 703rd squadron. I am looking for information about Sol Greenberg a navigator from the 453rd bomb group. I might have known him before he joined the 453rd. I need to know his middle initial. Your web looks exciting. I look forward to checking in ofte"
Submitted by: "Floyd Oglesby" ("oggie"
"Battle Creek", "MI" "USA"
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Record #: "187"
"Stationed at Old Buck, 453rd BG, 732nd BS Aug. '44 to March '45 most of 35 missions on OHIO SILVER-nose gunner. "
Submitted by: "Meyer Slott" ("Mike"
"Philadelphia", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "186"
"Great site! I have enjoyed reading all the entries. I was wondering if anyone would happen to have any pictures of a plane that my grandfather served in ,"Little Nancy". He was part of the 453rd 732nd sq. a tailgunner by the name of Raymond Williams. Any help would be greatly appreciated. "
Submitted by: "Darrell Edge" 
"Stafford", "Va" "USA"
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Record #: "185"
"As is usual when I find a WW2 group site, I can't help but say thank you to all your members, for your sacrifices, your bravery in the face of fear, and for doing the job that needed to be done. Since a child I have loved two things; airplanes & fire trucks. My father was a firefighter after serving aboard a USCG Patrol Frigate, PF- 52, the Allentown, in the south west Pacific during the war. I became an Air Force firefighter (working mostly around B-52's & KC-135's) so that I could be around my two loves. My E-mail address comes from my military experiences as a firefighter-EMT in the Air Force (Rescue 2); and my being a combat medic in the Army Guard & reserve. I would like to see if I can get any information, pictures, whatever, of airfield crash fire rescue vehicles from WW2, and the experiences of the men who manned them. Can someone in your organization help me? I am now a disabled firefighter after being injured in a fire over 6 years ago. Thanks for your site and thank you all, again. Roland "Doc" Lafrance"
Submitted by: "ROLAND R. LAFRANCE, SR." (""DOC""
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Record #: "184"
"Hi. I own a factory on the Old Buc. airfield, using some of the buildings which were once a communal site, the gym etc.Keep up the good work, great web site found it reading your 453rd newsletter, will be sending a subscription."
Submitted by: "Christopher J Mayers" ("Chris"
"Old Buckenham", "U.K"
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Record #: "183"
"I am trying to help a friend of my dad's find his formaer crewmates. My dad's friend is Ed Bebenroth, and Ed is looking for members of the Gustav R. Johnson crew from the 453rd BG / 733rd BS. In particular Ed is looking to contact Sgt. William L. Cleary (tail gunner). If you have any information on this crew please contact me, and I will pass it along to Ed since he does not have an e-mail account. Thanks,
Chris Gregg"

Submitted by: "Chris Gregg" 
"St. Paul", "MN" "USA"
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Record #: "182"
"I am really impressed with this site! The comments from vets,children,and grandchildren are amazing! My father was a very proud member of the 453rd B.G. He was an electrical specialist with the 735th squad of the 453rd: T/Sgt. Morris Sobel. If any vets have memories of working with him,please let me hear from you. Thank you Lloyd. "
Submitted by: "ira sobel" 
"edison", "nj" "USA"
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Record #: "181"
"My father is Wm.C. wheeler. He was b/n on the B-24 "Star Eyes"."
Submitted by: "Edward Wheeler" 
"Paoli", "IN" "USA"
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Record #: "180"
"i was attached with the 453rd bg from nov 1, 1944 to our return to the states in june 1945. our crew flew 30 missions from old buckingham field and was transferred to another base which i forget at this time. we flew our last mission to salzburg,austria. joe mccracken was the 1st pilot and alfred rudisill was the copilot. we had one bombardier, yours truly and a flight engineer, james snider,a radio operator, tom israel, nose gunner, two waist gunners, joe aliffi and dick osier , and the tail gunner ."
Submitted by: "roland e lesher" 
"turlock", "ca" "USA"
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Record #: "179"
"I was wondering if anyone remembers my father, Cyrus P.O. Adams? He was a member of the 453rd bomber group, squadron 733. Dad was a pilot. He was stationed at Old Buchenham England from September of 1944 until March of 1945. Any message would be appreciated and passed on to Dad. Thanks."
Submitted by: "Cynthia Adams" 
"Alice", "Tx" "USA"
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Record #: "178"
"I'm looking for group photos of my uncle, who's name was Pete Correa. According to the information I have he was Belly Gunner for the 453rd Bomber Squadron. I have a photo of him and on the backside has information on where the photo was taken at: The name of the place was Cheyne's Studio in Viginia. If anyone knows about getting old crew photos please drop me a message. God Bless you all. "
Submitted by: "Philip Correa" 
"Covina", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "177"
"Enjoyed surfing through the various links concerning B-24's and specifically things related to Nick Radosevich pilot of Lucky Penny and Lucky Penny II. Nick put me on to this site. He has a small monograph about his experiences as do Bob Victor and Bob Hanson who were in his crew no.41 of the 734th BS of the 453rd. He has an entry in the guestbook."
Submitted by: "Ed Walker" 
"Mount Pleasant", "SC" "USA"


Record #: "176"
"Hello! Awesome website! Major, USAFR, looking for information concerning a photo I've obtained from the National Archives. This photo depicts Lt.Col. James M. Stewart, Group Operations Officer, interrogating a crew of the 453rd, after returning from a mission over eneny territory. (So the caption says...) This photo has Stewart sitting at a makeshift wooden table surrounded by two pilots in flight jackets and hats, as well as, two airmen in flight suits and goggles. One officer is beside Stewart, foot on bench, arm on knee, and the other is sitting on the end of the table pointing something out on a map. Are any of these people you? Your father?, Your Uncle or brother? I desperately would like to speak to anyone with info on these individuals! Thanks for your help!"
Submitted by: "Richard W. Mueller" (""Rich""
"Raleigh", "NC" "USA"
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Record #: "175"
"Thanks to everyone who helped me to make my dad's memories of his war years available on the Web. Thanks especially to Lloyd Morris for scanning the text and sparing me the arduous task of transcription. Thanks also to Tom Brittan who provided photos of my dad's plane, the JUG HEAD, which he had received from Fred Hess who was a waist gunner in the 732nd Squadron crew that flew most of their missions in that same plane from Aug 24 through Dec 31, 1944. The response to my Father's monograph has been warm and enthusiastic. Those who have contacted me seem to agree that that it is an unusually well-written account of what must have been a very typical war-time experience that well befits the accomplishments of the Greatest Generation. I welcome all comments, suggestions or additional information: http://users.rcn.com/smullany/summer1944/summer1944.html "
Submitted by: "Stephen Mullany" ("Steve"
"Cheverly", "MD" "USA"
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Record #: "174"
"My father is Herb Roscoe and was waist gunner on B24 Liberator named Clancy, 8th AF 453 BG SQD unknown. Stationed at Old Buchenham England. Would Appreciate any info or history of aircraft or crew. "
Submitted by: "John Roscoe" 
"Kansas City", "MO" "USA"
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Record #: "173"
"I've been searching for my father's 454th bomb group and came across your website! GREAT JOB! It's wonderful to find so many people's comments/stories. If anyone out there know's the following men, please email back, they are having what may very well be their last reunion in October--am trying to find HARRY W. McCABE in particular (loved to play honky tonk piano). Best wishes to all of you men out there!!!!! Glad you made it home. Glad you can share the memories for those who didn't make it back. Do you know: Radio Operator LARRY CHROSNIAK, Navigator FRAN FURLONG, T.Gunner TROY JACKS, Tail Gunner RUSTY EVANS, Gunner EB HARRIS, Pilot FRANK SYLVESTER, and Pilot HARRY McCABE. Leslie Vaughn 8/17/99"
Submitted by: "Leslie Vaughn" 
"Sonoma", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "172"
" On March 22th 1945 a B-24-20-DT from the 733th Bomb Squadron 453 Bomb Group with the serialnumber 41-28849 code F8-A made a crashlanding near the airfield off Sint-Truiden ( St-Trond in French ) in Belgium. Is there someone who can give me some more information about this event. Any information is always very usefull. Alain Rosseels 14 Brustem-Dorp 3800 Sint-Truiden Belgium Europe e-mail : alain_rosseels@hotmail.com"
Submitted by: "Alain Rosseels" 
"St-Truiden", "Belgium"
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Record #: "171"
" My cousin Lt James Erwin,79, of Murray Ky, died Aug. 10,1999.His sister called me this morning. I had gotten over to see him about 2 years ago. He had done 33 missions as first pilot on a B 24 in June, July, August in 1944 out of Old Buckingham Air Base, 453rd Bomb Group 7-35 Squadron in England. They had sent Jimmy Stewert there to get him out of combat but he flew a couple with my cousin after the invasion to drop supplies to the Resistance in France.He was a fine man. He tried to go back in the Air Forc e a couple of years later after 1945 but they told him his nerves were too bad! I wonder why!!! He was first supposed to do 25, then they raised it to 30 and then they had no replacements so he had to do three more missions for a total of 33. He had been awarded a D.F.C. and 3 Air Medals. Another gone of a vanishing breed of men!!!! May He Rest In Peace! Sincerely Bob (SOB) Sweet Old Bob"
Submitted by: "Bob Bradshaw" ("SOB(sweet old bob)"
"Holiday Island", "Ar" "USA"
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Record #: "170"
" Our crew: Pilot- Odie Boyd, Co-pilot Bob Saugen (POW), Nav-Archie Henderson, Bombardier- Ed Jackson, Eng-Charlie Corbo, Waist-Dale Pinney & Hank Gagnon, Radio-Vic Templer, Tail-Ed Potter, Ball/Nose-Deely, the "largest guy" in the crew. Assigned to the 732nd, Lt Col Sullivan,CO. Group CO,Col Ramsey Potts. First mission 22 Apr 44, Hamm, Ger. This is a fantastic site and I found it quite by accident. Would welcome any word from associates. Some may remember the name "COOTER" that would be our airplane. "
Submitted by: "Joseph c. Deely " ("Joe"
"Warner Robins", "GA" "USA"
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Record #: "169"
"I was the pilot, Lucky Penny I & II and would welcome hearing from anyone who knew us, Crew 41. Flew 32 missions out of Old Buckenham 1943-1944. Our crew met for 10 years until recently when health problems have interrupted travel. Will have a web site when I master this computer. Best regards to all in This Year of the Liberator! "
Submitted by: "Nick Radosevich" 
"Englewood", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "168"
" A 453rd BG veteran and very good friend who has no e-mail address wishes to contact the Bombardier in the crew with which he flew. The Bombardier's name is Julian L. Clark, Jr., his rank when last traced (Mar 45) was 1st Lt. and his service number was O716833. It is thought that he became a lead bombardier. Please e-mail me if you can help. "
Submitted by: "Tom Brittan" 
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Record #: "167"
"This is a great site! I come here regularly to stay abreast of things.
I have posted some photographs and miscellaneous links at my own web site:
You may be interested in having a look there as well."

Submitted by: "Ken Nellis" ("Ken"
"Latham", "NY" "USA"
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Record #: "166"
""SUMMER 1944", five months that changed my father's life. Read his compelling account at: users.rcn.com/smullany/summer1944/summer1944.html
Thanks, Lloyd! "

Submitted by: "Steve Mullany" 
"Cheverly", "MD" "USA"
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Record #: "165"
"I hope more people come to this sight and enjoy the stories that these men have to tell. Also, I hope more men from these bomber groups log on and submit more stories."
Submitted by: "Wells Gable" 
"Boca Raton", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "164"
""...I am writing concerning possible information and facts about my uncle F/O FRANK MISHAGA from Cleveland,OH and his replacement crew ...whose B-24 was shot down over Dessau, 16 August 1944, Flt D, 733rd BS, 453rd BG. My uncle and three other crew members out of a crew of nine were killed on their 16th mission. Very little is known about Frank's military service career...in fact, it wasn't until 1958 when one of Frank's surviving crew members, Herbert L. Hall, tail-gunner, wrote a letter to my father describing their ill-fated mission. His letter was the first time in ll years that the family had any info about how he died. I have since made contact with another serviving crew member, James H, Marshall, radio-operator and got another version of what happened on that mission. Listed below is the complete crew: Stanchfield, Milton A. Pilot KIA Mishaga, Frank Co-Pilot KIA Shakley, Earl E. Nav/Bomb P/W Marshall, James H. Radio Op P/W Baba, Frank J. TT P/W Youree, Howard NT P/W Trapani, Eugene RW KIA Fuller, Harrell W. LW KIA Hall, Herbert L. TG P/W It is with renewed interest and hope that somebody might have additional information regarding my uncle and/or his crew members and their families... Since his was a replacement crew, they flew in several different aircraft... "Slinky", "Flying Bull", "Curly" just to name a few. I'd be very much greatful if anyone had any "nose art" pictures of the aforementioned aircraft they could share with me. I'd would pay for any duplication costs. I can be contacted at 440/205-1958, or you may write me at 9104 Gregory Ct., Mentor, Ohio 44060. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Sincerely, Garrick Mishaga"
Submitted by: "GARRICK MISHAGA" 
"Mentor ", "oh" "USA"
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Record #: "163"
"love the page!"
Submitted by: "MOLLY" 
"reedsport", "or" "USA"
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Record #: "162"
"My dad, Fred Gromer named me after a pilot whose plane he worked on during the war. The pilot was lost in action as far as I know. Would sure like to meet the man if he should see this note. My dad was in the 810th Air Service squadron stationed at Old Buckinham."
Submitted by: "Jory Gromer" 
"Oklahoma City", "OK" "USA"
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Record #: "161"
Submitted by: "Jim Callahan" 
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Record #: "160"
"435rd veterans - did you take color Kodachrome slides during World War 2? Well known air historian Roger A. Freeman is seeking color slides for reproduction in a book depicting Army Air Forces service in the European and Mediterranean theatres of war. Roger is perhaps best known for his 'Mighty Eighth' series of books, as well as definitive titles on World War 2 US aircraft including the B-17, B-26 and P-51. He has also published books about the 9th Air Force. Any subjects - personnel, aircraft, combat or scenes around the bases. Willing to pay for first-generation duplicates or will copy originals. Have you Kodachrome slides that have been tucked away in a draw for fifty years? Dig them out; they are now history. E-mail contact below. I will pass on the details. Thanks! Norman Wells. (pp Roger A. Freeman, Dedham, England) E-mail:- norman.wells@talk21.com "
Submitted by: "Norman Wells" 
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Record #: "159"
""What follows is a personal memoir of a global conflict. Franklin Roosevelt had his memories, I have mine." In 1986, breaking a long silence for the benefit of his children, my father, Stephen William "Bill" Mullany, Sr., tried to remember again what it was like to be 18, far from home and up to his eyeballs in alligators: "What I write is not intended to confound or amaze. On the contrary, it is meant as an account, subjective to be sure, of what must have been a very typical wartime experience for airmen of the Eighth Air Force in England... It is the typicality that I have tried to recapture, and in an informal and straightforward style. The individuality of our crew, while certainly there, is muted. The really momentous story for us is that we lived though the summer of 1944." My father could be a very stylish and witty writer when it suited him but you would not guess it from these spare, unembellished 33 pages. It is a glimpse of war lived, not invented. As Bill was briefed on his first day at Old Buckingham, and as he was soon to discover for himself, "flying bombing missions over Fortress Europe was 'mostly just damned hard work'". I think many people would find Bill's monograph compelling and I would like to make it freely available on the Web. However, I am a slow and lousy typist and transcribing this text into ASCII would be more like a tour of duty than a labor of love. If anyone out there could offer their kind services to scan the text into ASCII (with reasonable accuracy), I would be willing to proof it, mount it on my site and link it to any other site that would like to have it. Bill Mullany died quite unexpectedly two years ago of a bacterial blood infection contracted, we think, on a holiday flight over to Europe. Unaware of the seriousness of his condition, it was the agonizing flight back that really sealed his fate: had he remained in Portugal and received simple antibiotic treatment he would likely be with us today. It is one of the ironies of the warrior's life that peacetime pursuits could prove to be more lethal than wartime. In fact, the most frightening incident of Bill's entire tour occurred when, waiting to take off and numb with boredom at his radio desk, a canvas engine cover was suddenly and explosively sucked through an accelerating prop just outside his window. "For perhaps five minutes I tingled with adrenaline. Contrasting to this groundling terror was the time I fell asleep over Germany. Yes, I actually dozed off over the Third Reich! Even I was shocked at my effrontery...The incongruity of deadly danger and a catnap kept me alert the rest of the way home." We owe Dad's generation everything we are and everything we have. I hope this small memorial to what he did will help keep that legacy meaningful and alive. "
Submitted by: "steve mullany, jr." ("steve"
"Cheverly", "MD" "USA"
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Record #: "158"
"Does anyone have any information on a B-24J 42-50602 that flew with the 453BG? It survived the war and returned to the U.S. 5/28/45. I have been researching B-24s that my grandfather test flew at the modification center in St. Paul, MN, and this is one of them. Any information or copies of photos would be greatly appreciated. "
Submitted by: "Joe Falen" 
"Wichita", "KS" "USA"
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Record #: "157"
"Looking for information on the "Lonesome Polecat." My dad, Robert B. Witzel, flew it from December 1943 through July 1944. I saw a picture of the nose art on "Lonesome Polecat II" in the Strategic Air Command Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, when I visited in 1990. Any pictures would be appreciated. Thanks for this great website. Hope you've all had a chance to see the Old Buckenham website photos at http://www.touchdownaerocentre.co.uk/History.htm."
Submitted by: "Robert A. Witzel" ("Tony"
"Warrenton", "VA" "USA"
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Record #: "156"
"Former bombardier and after completing combat tour Assoc. Public Relations Officer at the 453rd."
Submitted by: "Francis" 
"Pacific", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "155"
"My wife would very much like to learn more about her late father's experiences as a member of the 453BG,733 BS. His name was Charles "Charlie" Hampton. He was from Brooklyn, New York and served as the tail gunner on a B-24 piloted by Harold Mathay of Greefield, Pa, and co-piloted by Buff Zarnikow of Buffalo, NY. The navigator was Pat Lynch from Idaho and the bombadier was John Snyder from Ohio.From Pittsburg were the flight engineer, James Heckman and Gerald Gordon. The other gunners were Joe Lilly from Beckley, WVa, Richard English from Mt. Morris, Mich, and R. Hoar from Kinosha, Wis. Charlie Hampton flew 17 combat missions from 2-22-45 through 4-09-45. Various photographs depict a B-24 with "Coke" painted on it, although his diary refers to an aircraft called "Cyndi". Any information would be very much appreciated, especially by his grandsons whom he did not live to meet. "
Submitted by: "Michael Ciccarone" 
"Fort Myers", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "154"
Submitted by: "STUART C. BRAGDON" ("STU"


Record #: "153"
"This site is fine idea. Good luck. Hal "
Submitted by: "Harrison L. Saunders" ("Hal"
"Austin", "Tx" "USA"
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Record #: "152"
"please has anyone any info on the B24H crash that happened in scotland 13th june 1945 I would be very grateful thanks a million "
Submitted by: "PAM HOLMES" 
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Record #: "151"
"We enjoyed your presentation on the web site at the 453rd dinner in Austin and came home, found the site and thought we'd add our names to the guest book. We'll look forward to keeping in touch with 453rd. Leo Ryan and Gerry Suskin "
Submitted by: "Leo Ryan/Gerry Suskin" 
"Auburn", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "150"
"Great site"
Submitted by: "Joe" ("Joe"
"Lutcher", "La" "USA"
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Record #: "149"
"Hello I am looking for information on a Donald A. Dorman. Shot down overseas in we believe a B-24 while on a bombing mission. He was either a tail gunner or top turret gunner. He was killed in action and found but never brought home. My mother who was his cousin wants to find out where he is buried. We have no idea what bombing squad he was with since my mother was only 9 years old at the time and there are no living relatives to find out this info. Anything would help. Thanks for everything especially your service."
Submitted by: "Joan" 
"Naugatuck", "CT" "USA"
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Record #: "148"
"Blake, Sidney H. S/Sgt Serviced in 8th Army Air Corp. 2nd Air Division 453rd Bomb Group 735the Bomb Squadron Based @ "Old Buckingham" 7/44 - 5/45 Assigned "Top Turrent" Gunner B-24 Pilot - Capt. James Reidy Lead Crew for 25 Missions I am looking for a buddy of mine...in my crew Last name Brockway - Radio Operator Brockway was fluent with 5 differnet languages and during the Christmas of 1944 he was sent to Paris, France dressed as a Santa Claus to give out x-mas presents from England to the French Children. "
Submitted by: "Sid Blake" 
"Monrovia", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "147"
"Looking for my buddies any help out there..."
Submitted by: "Sid" ("Blake"
"Monrovia", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "146"
"I am 2nd Lt. Michael Carlotta's daughter.He enlisted in the U.S. Army in Rochester N.Y. He transfered to the Army Air Corp, at a time that he did not need the approval of his commanding officer. This I was told. I was also told his original enlistment was in 1938 but I am not sure. He is deceased. I was able to see where he was stationed which was Polebrook U.K. He was a bombadeer on a B-17. I also saw the memorial to Jimmy Stewart at that site. I would like to know if the plane he flew on had a nickname. I would also like to know the crew manifest of that particular plane. I would like to know the history of that particular plane. My Father was in a altercation that prevented him from being promoted to First Lt. so I was told. Any information that pertains to my Father and the squadron to which he belonged would be greatly appreciated. My name and address is the following: Aggie Wilson 919 W. Dakota #104 Fresno,CA 93705 Phone number is 559-229-5389 Thank you in advance for any information that you can give me."
Submitted by: "Michael (NMI) Carlotta" ("Mike"
"Fresno", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "145"
"Looking for any info on my uncle, SSgt. Harry R. "Bud" Kippley, waist gunner on a B-24, 453rd BG. I think base was Norwich, England during 43-44. Don't know ship's name or crew members. He was one of lucky ones to complete 25 missions. Died in 68 before I got to know him. "
Submitted by: "Dave Ellis" 
"Memphis", "TN" "USA"
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Record #: "144"
"Does anyone remember my Father T/Sgt. Frank Costanzo ? He used to tell me that he was a radio/gunner in a B-24 named " Belly Mae ", or, at least, that's what I thought he was saying. I just recently found out that it might've been " Billie Mae " which was a 453rd BG A/C. I also want to express my gratitude for the sacrifices that the men of the 453rd BG and the Mighty 8th made for their country. - A son who'll never forget his dad; Pete Costanzo"
Submitted by: "Pete Costanzo" 
"Las Vegas", "nv" "USA"
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Record #: "143"
"RE: record #130 This is my new email address as of 5-16- 99 thank you "
Submitted by: "Gary L. McCardle" 
"Lancaster", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "142"
Submitted by: "KEITH E. SHIRK" 
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Record #: "141"
"Interesting site, and although the song pilot.wav is kinda cute, I have no idea where it comes from. But I'll have a look around and ask some friends."
Submitted by: "Tom Feise" 
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Record #: "140"
"Congratulations for your wonderful website ! It gives very helpful and very interesting information. I am 35 years old and a French researcher. I am studying several bombing that occured over central France. Would you be so kind as to help me to find veteran from 453 rd Bg who took part to the 4th June 1944 mission on Romoratin Airfield ? Thanking you in anticipation Yours Sincerely,

Submitted by: "canonne" ("philippe"
"Blois", "France"
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Record #: "139"
"Send me a test msg, please"
Submitted by: "Charles Huntoon" 
"Portland", "ME" "USA"
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Record #: "138"
" I am looking at another Mike Bailey painting circa. 1989, reduced to borrowing from other peoples' labors because I am unable to succeed in any of my own. The aircraft, This Ford B-24H-20-FO Liberator (42-94805), FOIL PROOF, belonged to the 453rd Bomb Group at Old Buckenham. This veteran bomber completed no fewer than 111 combat missions and survived the war. It would be an excellent candidate for artistic treatment in my book if someone could suggest a source for more information on the plane and the group. What squadron did it belong to? "
Submitted by: "Robert Dorr" ("Bob"
"Oakton", "VA" "USA"
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Record #: "137"
"Looking for info on Sgt. Manuel deLeon."
Submitted by: "Mark Burr" 
"Jacksonville", "AR" "USA"
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Record #: "136"
"Looking for the following men Peter Quincy Wandler,Winefrd C Miller,Robert A Johnson,Carrol E wilson, Kenneth Sheeder,Salivatore Palumbo.and a photo of the "The Golden Gaboon""
Submitted by: "Daniel" 
"Abington", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "135"
"my dad ed power flew with the 453/733. top gunner flew with norman putnam-pilot geo dettenmeyer copilot ernest ordan -navigator bob arnoldradio james mills-waist r nieland- waist g dematakis- tail pat levins-nose"
Submitted by: "edmund f power" ("ed"
"oxford", "ma" "USA"
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Record #: "134"
"I'm very proud of my father, and would like any info you have on the 453rd bomb squadron."
Submitted by: "Sandy Wikle Daughter of TSGT John R Wikl" 
"Miami", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "133"
"My Great Uncle (Luke Ritchey) was a radio/nav on the Cumulus Queen (B-24) 422PL 4 july 44-1292c-crew #141. Any info on this plane or group of brave young ladds?"
Submitted by: "tracy ritchey" 
"fairview heights", "il" "USA"
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Record #: "132"
" HI guys, Well I got some of those pictures that my dad had taken over in old buckenham,453rd the names of some of the pople that he worked with. Ihave the front of the 24s nose pictures to get the names of them.wel he they are! the crow nest,malecall,corky[billys bar],sprit of notre dame,silentyokum,heavenly body,mary harriet. they are just the art work and some of guys in front of them! does anybody know the [ARCHIBOLD CASTLE] mantance crew.guys like robert e besey dawine fox.some of the names are hard to read. part two of record129.Ihave more names of the guys my dad work with Ijust have to take the time to read them the writing is hard to read . well good luck eveone mikefiegl "
Submitted by: "MICHAEL FIEGL" 
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Record #: "131"
"Congratulations on one of the best veteran's websites around! As a writer, I am especially grateful to all of the people who have devoted so much time and effort into preserving our military heritage. Websites like this one provide a wealth of information that may well have faded into the mists of history were it not for all of the webmasters, veterans, and their families and friends who have contributed. While writing about the 8th Airforce in my WWII novel, The Triumph and the Glory, I relied often upon information available on the various Bomb Group pages. I wish to thank everyone who has generously offered their thoughts, comments, and words of remembrance! "
Submitted by: "Steve Rustad" 
"Grand Forks", "ND" "USA"
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Record #: "130"
"Father was Earl W McCardle, 453rd HBG 735th "Squee Gee" nose gunner late summer/early fall of 1944 "
Submitted by: "Gary" 
"Lancaster", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "129"
" HI MY DAD was in the 453 he was agunner instructor. Ihavgot picture of him and so of his buddies. iwas woundringif ther were any of then alive today!I have some of their names to Ialso have pictures of people he new in old buckenham! Ihope you get to me thanks mike.f "
Submitted by: "michael fiegl" ("wyle"
"cowlesville", "ny" "USA"
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Record #: "128"
"My father is Philip L. Davis. He was on the radar maintenance crew of the "Crow's Nest." Please check this web page (http://members.tripod.com/dwdavis9/453bg/crowsnest.htm) to see a photo of him in front of the Crow's Nest. If anyone has "Crow's Nest" information or photos, please contact me. Dan Davis dwdavis@europa.com"
Submitted by: "Dan Davis" 
"Portland", "OR" "USA"
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Record #: "127"
"My father is Philip L. Davis. He was on the radar maintenance crew of the "Crow's Nest." Please check this web page (http://members.tripod.com/dwdavis9/453bg/crowsnest.htm) to see a photo of him in front of the Crow's Nest. If anyone has "Crow's Nest" information or photos, place contact me. Dan Davis dwdavis@europa.com"
Submitted by: "Dan Davis" 
"Portland", "OR" "USA"
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Record #: "126"
"Member of the origional group, 732nd Squadron. Joined group at Pocatello, Idaho, as Co-Pilot on William Bates Crew."
Submitted by: "Eugene F. Mc Dowell" ("Mac"
"Naples", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "125"
"looking for buddies from the original cadre. 733rd B.S.i am sole surviver of bergman,s crew 34. went down on brunswick mission april 8th. was pow in stalag 17"
Submitted by: "vince pale" ("sparks"
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Record #: "124"
"I'm looking for anyone who might've known my father, Jesse Wyatt. He was a base maintenance man in the 733rd Bombardment Squadron at Old Buckenham. Thanks!"
Submitted by: "Tony Wyatt" 
"Julian", "NC" "USA"
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Record #: "123"
"I'm looking for old friends of the 453rd.Bomb Group 8th.Air force 874th chemical air operations Disscharged through the 622nd.412th.air Sv.gp from old buck 1945"
Submitted by: "Frank Powalski" 
"wapakoneta", "oh" "USA"
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Record #: "122"
"Wondering if anyone remembers my father Fred Gromer who served in the 810 Airservices squadron at Old Buckenham with the 453rd."
Submitted by: "Jory Gromer" 
"Oklahoma City", "OK" "USA"
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Record #: "121"
"I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at http://mars.ark.com/~stellar/ "
Submitted by: "Rudy Preus" 
"Comox", "BC" "Canada"
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Record #: "120"
"Historian for 453rd Bomb Group. Enjoy the site very much"
Submitted by: "Donald Olds" 
"Rolla", "Mo" "USAUSA"
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Record #: "119"
"I was with the 732nd.bomb sqd. Tech sgt. radio operator. Flew 35 missions. 33 of them were in El Flako."
Submitted by: "David A. DeHaven" 
"Apache Junction", "AZ" "USA"
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Record #: "118"
"Just a thanks to all the members of the 453rd for the correspondence I received upon the death of my father Carl DiMedio Sr.Dad served from 1943 to 1945 at "Old Buck".His plane was the "Boise Babe". 33 combat missions.Recently my father was honored as grand marshall at our local Veterans Day Parade(posthumously).For 53 years after the war nothing, and I mean nothing was more important to him than the pride and memories he shared with me about the 453rd.Live long and enjoy life. With Respect Carl DiMedio Jr. "
Submitted by: "Carl DiMedio" 
"Bronx", "NY" "USA"
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Record #: "117"
"I would like to enter the guest book because I would like to find information on the Technology used during World War II "
Submitted by: "Sandra" ("Sandy"
"Fresno", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "116"
"I was in ww2 in Rattlesden,England in the 447th bomb group. I visited this area again in July of 99 for a reunion. I am interested in any information about these bombardment groups. Feel free to contact me via e-mail. thank you "
Submitted by: "Tom Wood" 
"tiverton", "ri" "USA"
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Record #: "115"
""BLACK JED" B-24, 8th Air Force, 453rd BG,735th BS-----Looking for crew members who flew on the Black Jed 1943-1944. Black Jed was shot down, forced to land over Sweden on 4/9/44. Grandfather was one of the crew members. Looking to learn more about the Black Jed and also to reunite grandfather with his former crew members. ANY information would be greatly appreciated. "
Submitted by: "Wendy Guzenski" 
"Lehighton", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "114"
"I was a pilot in the 735th Sq. We flew 2 aircraft- (1)SLICK CHICK and (2) SQUEEGE. "
Submitted by: "Bill" ("Norris"
"Albuquerque", "NM" "USA"
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Record #: "113"
"I'm the grandson of Dallas Noffsinger who was the flight engineer on "Vamping Vera or Verta" his pilot was O.K. Long If I could I would like as much info as possible on his bomb group. "
Submitted by: "Alex Matthews" 
"Continental", "oh" "USA"
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Record #: "112"
"Looking for info. on my Dad's father....Cletus A. Will If anyone knows anything please E-MAil me "
Submitted by: "Ken Will" ("Wilken"
"East Liverpool ", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "111"
"I'm one of the ground crew of "Whiskey Jingles." Would like to contact any who may have worked with me on a great airship! Austin Burrows"
Submitted by: "Austin J . Burrows" ("Jim"
"El Cajon,", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "110"
" This is !!!Great!!! I was one of the original crew ##25 of the 453BG-733SQ. Stationed at Old Buckenham. I was Bombadier on CORKY 1943-44.Old friends feel free to contact me,Thru.the listed Email of my friend and Co-worker."
Submitted by: "William (Bill) Eagleson" ("CORKY"
"Sunrise", "Fl" "USA"
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Record #: "109"
" I Flew as Flight Eng. in The South Pacific,OKINAWA ISLAND 45-46 Elmer Edel was our pilot.I located him by using the web.After waes end I was in the 6th Emer Rescue SQ. Flying OA10A in Air/sea Rescue until May 46.I have a good friend who was in the 453rd in England.WE both sponsor the Annual tour of the B-24 And B-17 here in Ft.Lauderdale,Fla.for The Collings Foundation."
Submitted by: "J.Howard Collins" ("HC"
"Coconut Creek", "FL" "USA"


Record #: "108"
"From 7 Aug.44 to 15 Jan.45 I was a pilot with the 733 Sq. 453rd BG. with a great crew: Earle Nase, Bill Wheeler, Dick Albion, Ralph Walker, Bob Sherrill, Frank Conroy, Gene Parker, Warren Powell, and Bob McGuire. After the war I was in aviation, having owned a Commuter Airline with my brother---Fischer Bros. Aviation, dba Allegheny Commuter and Northwest Airlink. We sold the Commuter to Midway Airlines in 1987. I retired at that time. I would welcome hearing from any of the "Old Crews" Bud Fischer"
Submitted by: "Montford R. Fischer" ("Bud"
"Galion", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "107"
"We enjoyed very much viewing your site and the attached features. Best Regards Capt Alex Kandel CEO AEROMILTEC INC."
Submitted by: "AEROMILTEC LTD" 
"Basel Airport", "no" "Switzerland"
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Record #: "106"
"My name is Roger Deshetler and I am a US History teach ar Newhall Middle School in Wyoming, MI. I am also a WWII reenactor both AAF and GI. I am trying to increase the mini unit I teach on the AAF with my students by including info and signtures from veterans for my wall. I am trying to get signatures of veterans on 3x5 cards for this. If you are interested and can help I would be honored to have your name, bomb group and Bomb squadron, Number of missions, and the name of your plane on a plain 3x5 card. If you are interested please send it to Roger DeShetler Newhall middle School 1840 38th St SW Wyoming, Mi 49509 thank you Roger"
Submitted by: "roger deshetler" ("dodger"
"wyoming", "mi" "USA"
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Record #: "105"
" Great website!! I am looking for information on my grandfather, William Louis Parent, who was an aerial photographer in World War II, 8th air force. But he was moved around to different squadrons. If any knows of any information, please let me know!! Thank you in advance."
Submitted by: "Laura" ("Mickey"
"Ft collins", "CO" "USA"
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Record #: "104"
"As a patriot and former member of the USAF, I am anxious to see the memory of the brave young men of the Army Air Corps preserved and taught to the children of today. When one is shown a film such as "Saving Private Ryan" and the youngsters of today think it is just a story, we need some serious education with regard to the sacrifices and costs the freedom we enjoy has entailed. I hope to write a novel which will use the stories of the various branches of the military, significant events, and the men and women involved. It will be a fictional telling of true events, because no totally fictional writing can exceed the actuality of what the troops did during this time. Keep up the good work. Phil Hicks "
Submitted by: "Philip S. Hicks" ("Phil"
"Yorba Linda", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "103"
"My e-mail address has changed. Previous information on record #67 is in error. Correct dates of my 35 missions are from 9 Aug 1944 to 15 Jan 1945."
(The information on record #67 has been revised.)
Submitted by: "Earle P Nase" 
"Cape Coral", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "102"
"My father was Maxey Spencer and was the engineer on a B24 J Liberator named Gypsy Queen (#42109896), 8th A.F., 453 Group, 733 Bomber Squadron, stationed at Old Buckenham. I would like to find any information on it, as well as the nose art and markings of this particular plane. If anyone knows of a good website to find nose art, I would appreciate an e-mail. Thanks. "
Submitted by: "James Scott Spencer" 
"Greenville ", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "101"
"Hi All... My name is "Lucifer" to a select few of Capt. Morris's crew 732nd bomb squadron! I am at my sons computer playing with this "New Math of the 90'S" I would like to hear and correspond with anyone who enjoys sharing their experiences, memories ETC."
Submitted by: "1st Lt. Bernard . DeLancey" (""Lucifer""
"Hulett", "Wy" "USA"
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