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Record #: "100"
"My father flew in the 453rd from Old Buck in 1944. I'm hoping to take he and my mother back this fall to visit. Are there any "arranged" tours? We would like to fly in to London, cvisit Attleborough, possibly go up to Scotland. Nice site!"
Submitted by: "John Klinedinst" 
"York", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "99"
"Best wishes from all at Old Buckenham Airfield"
Submitted by: "Pat Ramm" 
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Record #: "98"
"My father, Alphonse Montagna, worked at Headquarters of the 453rd throughout its tenure at Old Buckenham--first in the Records Department and later in Officers' Payroll. He is now living in Port St. Lucie, FL and would like to hear from any of his wartime buddies. [In particular, he mentioned Don Carey, Waterbury, CT] Dad is not an on-line guy as yet, but we're working on it. His mailing address is: 2443 SE Shipping Road, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952. You can also make contact through my email address. "
Submitted by: "Dennis Montagna" 
"Philadelphia", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "97"
"This is great !!! I was one of the original crews (crew # 35 ) Pilot William B. Bertrand. I believe most of our guys are gone. I have never been able to locate.Navigator:Austin Griffiths. Bomb. Donald Grigsby. I would like to hear from anyone with info on them. Nov. 30,1943 Original Crews 733rd Sq. E mail lesfrisbie@mwweb.com"
Submitted by: "Lester C. Frisbie" ("Les"
"Ashtabula", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "96"
"I'm a memeber of the second air division, a great friend of Pat Ram, who is the contact man for the 453rd. I've been over the old base several times, finding several small items. "
Submitted by: "Derek" 
"Payson", "UT" "USA"
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Record #: "95"
Submitted by: "Tom Ahrens" 
"amsterdam", "NY" "USA"
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Record #: "94"
"I'm a airline pilot and USAF Reserve Major. I ran into a B24 reunion at a Texas hotel a few months ago. It may have been San Antonio. Anyway, it was great to see you all and hear the stories. Take care and God bless!"
Submitted by: "John Cronin" ("Bones"
"Edison", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "93"
"I was an original member of the 453rd Bomb Group, Crew #46, Lt. Robert B. Brickerstaff, of Columbus, GA, Pilot; Lt. Wells H. Simpson, of California, Co-Pilot; Lt. Arthur Cromarty, of Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY (now a retired New York State Supreme Court Justice); Lt. Hubert Crisp, of Arkansas (currently lives in California), Navigator; TSGT Norman Raeber, of St. Louis, MO, Radio Operator; SSGT Alvin Hagel, of Indiana, Waist Gunner; SSGT Thomas Hall, of Richmond, IN, Waist Gunner; SSGT Tommy Wingard, of Erie, PA, Ball Turret Gunner; SSGT Al Chamberlin, of Mobile, AL, Tail Gunner. I was a TSGT, and Flight Engineer of Crew #46. I participated in 31 bombing missions (original airship "Little Mike"). We crashed "Little Mike" on Feb. 10, 1944 somewhere on the British Isles (England). We pulled two raids on June 6, 1944 (D-Day), our 23rd and 24th missions, and our last 7 missions after D-Day. We pulled our last raid on July 24, 1944, the day before General Patton established the beachhead at Normandy. At that point, we were reassigned stateside. I would like to receive any information you might be willing to provide me. I do not have a computer, and a friend is sending you this information. I can be reached at my home address (below) or, by calling me collect at 601-332-0743. Thank you. Paul J. Harper 2 North Plantation Drive Greenville, MS 38701 "
Submitted by: "Paul J. Harper" ("Red"
"Greenville", "MS" "USA"
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Record #: "92"
"Very impressive web page indeed. You might want to check out and link to my small contribution to WW2 history at http://www.flash.net/~hfwright/dl_index.htm It's a day-by-day history of WW2. Comments and criticism are welcome at dhlippman@juno.com Links are welcome at usswash@flash.net Best, Dave Lippman"
Submitted by: "David H. Lippman" 
"Newark", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "91"
"I was with the 80th Station Comp.Squadron at Old Buck. Worked in the Control Tower.We were the first to arrive at Old Buck and I believe the last to leave since we closed down the field as far as 453rd useing it.We were suppose to go to the Pacific but since we had enough points we were broken up after we had our 30 days.I was shipped to Reno Army Air Base,with the ATC."
Submitted by: "Robert J.Wexler" ("Bob"
"Janesville", "WI" "USA"
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Record #: "90"
"I have been looking for information on this Bomb Group. My Father was a Pilot in this group in 1944."
Submitted by: "Hal Kimball" 
"Richmond", "Va" "USA"
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Record #: "89"
"It's been a while... come on over and visit!"
Submitted by: "Daniel L. Stockton" ("Lib Master"
"Liberator Land!", "USA"
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Record #: "88"
"The name Kleinshrot (sometimes spelled Kleinshrott or Kleinschrott) appears in mission records of the 467th, 389th and 453rd BGs.I think it is one and the same person, namely, Lt. Kenneth R. Kleinshrot. His crew was the original Crew #40 in 467th BG, 789th BS, and seems to have flown 42-52535 to the UK by the Southern route in Mar 44 (this a/c was lost with another crew on 13 Apr 44). He is last recorded with 467th BG on 1 May 44 when he flew 41-29368 TAIL WIND. There is a fine aerial picture of this a/c on a practice mission in Apr 1944 on page 151 of "Liberator Album" by Mike Bailey with Tony North. He later appears in 389th BG records, flying in particular: 41-28796 C YO as the Group's deputy PFF lead on 18 Jun 44 (this a/c crash landed at Woodbridge on 25 Jun 44 and was salvaged). 42-51149 C YO as PFF lead with 453rd BG on 11 Aug 44 (this a/c was received in Jul 44 from 44th BG where it was E+ QK in 66th BS and subsequently transferred to 453rd BG). 41-28792 O YO as deputy PFF lead with 453rd BG on 15 Aug 44. After a second transfer, this time to 453rd BG, 733rd BS, he is on 9 mission reports between 24 Aug and 15 Oct 44 still flying 42-51149 (now U+ F8) on all except one. On that occasion he flew a 732nd BS a/c (also previously with 389th BG) 41-28781 G E3. Additionally, he flew 42-51089 V+ F8 STAR EYES on the Group's 17 Sep 44 truckin' mission. 42-51149 , equipped with H2X throughout that period, was named BLOOD AND GUTS following a bird strike, the date of which I am unaware. Any further information on Lt. Kleinshrot and his crew's PFF training and other missions during their assignment to the 8th AF would be much appreciated and would, I am sure, be of special interest to 453rd BG veterans who served at Old Buckenham in the Summer 1944. "
Submitted by: "Tom Brittan" 
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Record #: "87"
"HI, Bombers :-)"
Submitted by: "Dave" ("D.T HoTsTuFF"
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Record #: "86"
"First visit via the Web. I will make comments after viewing it all."
Submitted by: "Lawrence Syverson" ("Sy"
"Topeka", "Ks" "USA"


Record #: "85"
"Very impressive web page. You might want to check out my small contribution to WW2 history at the above URL. It's a day-by-day history of WW2. Comments and criticism are welcome at dhlippman@juno.com Links are welcome at usswash@flash.net Best, Dave Lippman"
Submitted by: "David H. Lippman" 
"Newark and Christchurch", "NJ" "USA and NZ"
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Record #: "84"
"Congratuations, Lloyd, on your initiative in creating this living Website. I visit the Guestbook every day and find the entries of great interest. I was a teenager living in a village adjoining Old Buckenham when the 453rd were there and I have many vivid memories of events in 1944/5. Rather than respond by e-mail to James Scott Spencer, I am asking you to accept this posting because it might arouse the interest of others and encourage them to provide supplementary information. May I recommend to James as a good point of reference pages 71 and 87 of Martin Bowman's book "Fields of Little America" first published in 1977 (ISBN 0 903619 19 9). A photo, credited to Sol Greenberg (Navigator) on page 71, taken at Boise, Idaho, during training, shows Allen Bryson (Pilot) and the remainder of his crew (including Maxey Spencer) in front of the nose of B-24J BETTY JEAN on which the last four figures (3397) of the serial are clearly visible. It was an early B-24J-40 CO 42-73397 that was never assigned to the 8th AF and it probably never flew a combat mission. According to records at National Archives, Allen H. Bryson and his crew flew their first mission with 453rd BG, 733rd BS, on 25 Sep 44 in 42-95276, a B-24H-25 FO, call letter L+, squadron code F8, named MY BABS. The rest of the crew's 35 missions were mostly flown in B-24Js 42-109896 N+ F8 GYPSY QUEEN or, later, 42-51301 T+ RUTH MARIE. Nearly 20 years of research have failed to locate a B-24 named BETTY JEAN other than the training one mentioned above. Over to you!"
Submitted by: "Tom Brittan" 
"Pierrefeu-du-Var", "France"
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Record #: "83"
"My E Mail address is JmStSpc@aol.com. I also would be interested in any photos of the base, aerial or ground level, and any resources which could give me mission information on the "Betty Jean." Thanks for any help."
Submitted by: "James Scott Spencer" 
"Greenville", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "82"
"My father, Maxey Spencer, flew on the B24J Liberator "Betty Jean" as the flight engineer. He buddied around with Robert Adkins, the tail gunner. Since my father died in 1967 when I was only 7, I have been left to my own to find out about his military experiences. If anyone can add any insight, I would appreciate it. I am also interested in knowing all the appropriate colorings and markings of his plane, since I am in the middle of putting together a model of the B24J. Any help in this area would also be appreciated. "
Submitted by: "James Scott Spencer" 
"Greenville ", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "81"
"great website, i have visited your old airfield many times. many thanks for everything you did for us all those years ago it will never be forgotten. God bless you all "
Submitted by: "philip levick" ("eddie"
"sheffield", "england"
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Record #: "80"
"Attn. Randall Nelson "Randy" My grandfather ?Beryl Baxter?, a Nose Gunner, that may have flown with you on a mission over Misburg Ger. on 9-11-1944 on the ?Spirit of Notre Dame?. My name is Brian and I'm interested in WWII history. Anyone else that might know my grandfather (crew # 3633) Please contact me atbcoffman@cswnet.com "
Submitted by: "Brian Coffman" 
"Hot Springs", "AR" "USA"
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Record #: "79"
"Just a quick note to express my excitement at this web site! Through marriage I am related to Russell M. "Russ" Robinson, 732nd SQ of "ARROWHEAD"! Featured on the cover of the last newsletter! You may remember my wife & I when I brought some of my militaria collection to the Washington DC reunion. Mac McClure wrote about giving me some of his personal momentos in the last newsletter as well! I thought I would quickly tell you how '98 went. I was able to display my collection around Roanoke 4 times! In the spring of '98 I was featured on a local TV morning show with an apporximate audience of well over 40,000. They interviewed me, Russ Robinson, and my 357th FG, 363rd SQ friend Bill Overstreet (who flew with Chuck Yeager, "Bud" Anderson & "Obee" Obrien). The four fighter pilots were featured in a print called "The Eyes of Eagles". I was able to show off my personal artiifacts of both these men. Also in the spring, I showed my wares at the local Library for our annual "Dogwood" Festival. For the ARMY's b'day I showed my wares at the local National Guard Center (29th infantry).Which is made famous by BOB Slaughter, Pres. of the new "BEDFORD D-DAY MEMORIAL". The movie "Saving Private Ryan" is based on men who served this, Lynchburg's & Danville's Guard centers. He, along with Bob Goodlatte (of the Judiciary committee for impeachment) were able to view my collection. Then I finished off the year with my semi- annual visit with the fine folks at the Air Force Association (which I am an associate member). I don't mean to toot my own horn. I just wanted the group to know that the items that have been donated to my collection thus far from members of the 453rd are not collecting dust, or being sold for profit. My profit is sharing the knowledge, and history of that part of time, by means of actual clothing & combat gear! Some people have lots of documents, but I have lots of uniforms and hats! Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to share with you! I hope to find out any info on the next reunion, and I hope to attend! Cheers, Matthew H. McKeever e-mail: p51matt@worldnet.att.net or p51matt@hotmail.com or mmckeever@wdbj7.com "
Submitted by: "matthew hamilton mckeever" ("matthew"
"vinton", "va" "USA"
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Record #: "78"
"I would be interested in hearing from anyone who flew on the March 30, 1945 mission to Wilhelmshaven. My cousin was killed on that mission. He was a radio operator on Lt. Eugene Mills' crew. My cousins name was Joseph DeCusati.He was the only crew member lost. I had posted this information before but due to a bad e- mail address no one could reach me. That problem has been corrected. I hope! I would also like to hear from anyone who flew on the missions of March 8th,15th,18th, 20th,22nd,and 24th. Whatever you might remember would be helpful. Thanks and God Bless you all. Andy"
Submitted by: "Andy DeCusati" 
"Gettysburg", "Pa" "USA"
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Record #: "77"
"Enjoyed reading all the notes at this site. My dad, Ray Sullivan,who passed away in 1994, was a pilot stationed at Old Buck from April to September 1944. He flew 30 misions and was in the 733rd squadron. Would love to hear from anyone who was aquainted with any members of his crew- Smith-tail gunner Metziere-top turret gunner Pataro (Pete ?)-nose turret gunner Snell-ball turret gunner McKenna-engineer Slauson-bombardier Eanes-navigator Asbury-co-pilot Wenger-radio "
Submitted by: "Tim Sullivan" 
"Barrington", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "76"
"My father and I visted the Mighty 8th Airforce museum today for the first time. How excited we were to find a picture of his crew in front of his plane. Dad was in the 453rdBG, 734thSQ - he was in the Wooley Crew, B-24 "Lonesome Polecat" serial no. 41-2949. Dad was the nose gunner, Andrew Jackson(Jack) Day, Jr. It would be wonderful to find anyone who knew him. I found this site with the help of Daniel Stockton's B-24 Best Web at http://www.b24bestweb.com. Also, there is a wealth of information to be found at the Mighty 8th Airforce Museum - 8AFHM Archives, P.O. Box 1992, Savannah, GA 31402. Ever since I could remember, my Dad has talked about the "Lonesome Polecat." This has been a running gag in my family for years - what a treat it was to actually see a picture of it. My best to all of the veterans of the 453rd!"
Submitted by: "Debbie Day" 
"Savannah", "GA" "USA"
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Record #: "75"
" I just learned of this website in the 8th AFnews, I think it is great. I was in the 735th Sq. in l944 & l945. We usually flew in "Foil-Proof." Robert Rush was our pilot and Donald Snarr our co-pilot. We had 35 missions to Germany, France & Belgium. I was a nose turret gunner. I would like to hear from anyone who might be able to put me in contact with any of our crew. Jim Anderson jimjay@execpc.com"
Submitted by: "James J. Anderson" ("Jim"
"Racine", "Wi" "USA"
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Record #: "74"
"Hello Again I'm No 72 I didn't list my E-Mail address in the text so Here it is addison@terrapin-net.com Bob Addison I repeat GREAT WEB SITE"
Submitted by: "Bob Addison" 
"Minnetonka", "MN" "USA"
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Record #: "73"
"I was in the 467nd Sub Depot attached to the 453rd BG, worked in the Bombsight department. The Sub-Depot personnel were like fish out of water, not recognized for much of anything our headquarters was miles away our pay was always late and ratings were few and far between. But it was fun. Our barracks first on the road coming from Attleborough. In 1989 I visited the old site. I found my old workbench that I had made. The Bombsight Shop had grown over with weeds, the locals wondered what the bldg. was, they thought it might have been a jail as it had bars on the windows. They were glad to be filled in. The farmer lived in the same farmhouse that was in the middle of the complex when the base was active. Now he rents some of the buildings to small businesses, the parachute packing bldg. is used for detailing cars. When the reunion was held in '88 naturally the 467th SD was not included. The Hq bldg. was now an impliment shed with one open side The operations map on the wall was all faded out one could barely make out what it was. Glad to find the Web Site URL Will be following it for any updates. Bob Addison,Sgt.17107458 P.S. Got married a week before we shipped out to come home. My wife lost all her accent Everyone thinks she is a native Minnesotan."
Submitted by: "BOB ADDISON" 
"Minnetonka", "MN" "USA"
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Record #: "72"
"Member DEMPEWOLF Lead Crew- Top Turret Gunner"
Submitted by: "George Rich" ("Richy"
"Marshfield", "MA" "USA"
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Record #: "71"
"Member DEMPEWOLF Lead Crew- Top Turret Gunner"
Submitted by: "George Rich" ("Richy"
"MA" "USA"
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Record #: "70"
"My Father, Stephen W. "Bill" Mullany, was a radio man on a B-24 that flew out of Old Buckinham Air Base, East Anglia, England in 1944. Bill died in 1997 and is survived by his wife and five children. "
Submitted by: "Stephen W. Mullany, Jr." 
"Cheverly", "MD" "USA"
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Record #: "69"
"Hello, I am an author of a play about the Women Airforce Service Pilots. I'm looking for someone who can identify a song the WASP sang during training. I need the title and composer. Here are the lyrics: The pilot and the maid were spooning I declare down by the flightline they didn't know I was there The pilot was so bashful and the maid she was so shy He asked her if she would, and this was her reply You can do it if you wanna but you gotta do it right I'll never let you do it like you did the other night 'Cause if you do, I won't be true I'll never let you do it again, I really mean it, I'll never let you check me again. Does this sound familiar? Do you know a World War II music buff I can call and sing it to? Thank you so much if you can help me! Beth Campbell Stemple"
Submitted by: "Beth Campbell Stemple" 
"Mystic", "CT" "USA"
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Record #: "68"
"Looking for: Richard (dick) E. Morrison Mr.Morrison, an American who served with my father on a mixed crew on a Royal "Canadian" Airforce Halifax bomber in 427 Squadron based out of Leaming, Yorkshire ,England during the first half of the War. His buddies who flew "Vicky the Delivery Gal" are desperate to renew their acquantances. The darn fools didn't get any info upon his departure for the States. Personally I'd like to meet him myself just to verify all these stories I've heard about. If anyone knows of this gentleman or his whereabouts or perhaps a better search please get back to me. Merry Christmas :-)"
Submitted by: "David P.Nash" 
"White Rock", "Canada"
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Record #: "67"
"Flew 35 missions with the 733rd Bomb Squadron, 9 Aug 1944 to 15 Jan 1945 with Bud Fischer."
Submitted by: "Earle Nase" 
"Cape Coral", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "66"
"I'm just checking in to see what this is all about. I just had my eightieth birthday and I'm still going strong. I want to say hi to Ed Bebinroth, Clint Johnson and who ever else is still out there. I'm not on line yet and the address noted above is my grandaughter and her husband. I'd love to hear from anybody!"
Submitted by: "LtCol. David William Cowen" ("Dave"
"Cascade, ", "CO" "USA"
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Record #: "65"
Submitted by: "ALLAN E. ROWSELL" ("AL"
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Record #: "64"
Submitted by: "Allan E. Rowsell" ("Al"
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Record #: "63"
" To Whom It May Concern: I represent the Stillwater Airport Memorial Museum of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Over the past seven years I've been putting together a book about the 475 combat aircraft that were scrapped at our airport in 1946. 228 of these aircraft were Consolidated B-24 Liberators. Many saw combat during World War II. Several were Ex 44th BG and 453rd BG aircraft. Over the past several months, I've been trying to contact representatives of these Bomb Groups to acquire photographs and information concerning these aircaft, (including Webmaster, who, I can't reach at his site.) I'd also like to make contact with the former crew members of the following Liberators: SERIAL NUMBER NAME COMMENTS 41-28770 Unk. 44th BG 42-7492 Hell Wagon 453rd BG. Ex 392nd BG 42-50335 Unk. 44th BG 42-94892 Battlin' Baby 44th BG Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated! You may contact me at either my E-mail address which is Dienst@hotmail.com or my old fashioned mailing address. ! Sincerely, John L. Dienst, Curator Stillwater Airport Memorial Museum P.O. BOX 6042 Enid, OK. 73702 Phone: (580) 242-0191 P.S. Would Webmaster contact me at his earliest possible convenience. Thanks. "
Submitted by: "John L. Dienst" 
"Enid", "OK" "USA"
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Record #: "62"
" I flew "The Spirit of Notre Dame" June 1944 to November 9,1944. "Dizzy H How" was my call sign. We flew out of Old Buckingham, 453rd bomb group, 734th bomb squadron. We flew 35 missions, including the St.Lo Mission where I flew " the Paper Doll" and was shot out of formation with the number three engine on fire and 209 holes shot in the plane but made it back to Old Buckingham without any casualties. With a blown right tire, we went off the right side of the runway and made a three-quarter ground loup. I went back to the states and was recalled July 25,1950, Served five days short of three years as an instructor pilot in Enid, Ok., Vance AFB. Taught advanced muli-engine training. Served with air-sea rescue flying SA 16's out of West Palm Beach, Fl. Retired with the rank of LT. Col. I was also awarded the rank of Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska! "
Submitted by: "randall v. nelson" ("randy"
"independence", "mo" "USA"


Record #: "61"
"Currently researching background info for a biography of a former member of 453rd, now retired USAF Major General. Would appreciate hearing from members for the purpose of adding to 453rd background history and personal WWII experiences. Also, feel free to contact me at e-mail listed above or at PH: (301) 599-1108, 0800 - 1700 hrs Monday thru Saturday. Thanks for keeping us free! "
Submitted by: "G.T. Horrigan" ("Gary"
"Andrews AFB", "MD" "USA"
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Record #: "60"
" My father was Cletus A. Will. He was a mechanic for the 453rd. Is there anyone out there who remembers working with him? Please respond. "
Submitted by: "Ken Will" 
"East liverpool", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "59"
"To 44th, 93rd and 389th bomb groups members. I'm a Portuguese Journalist trying to locate any crewmemeber that landed or crashed in Portugal during WWII. These groups flew over Portugal in Summer 1943 and at least four of their planes landed safely in the territory. I'm trying to locate any crewmemeber that can give me some information. I already know that a William Morris (44th) and a captain Wilhite and a Robert H. Sweat (389th) were here in Portugal. Any information from these men or from another crewmember of their planes is welcomed. Any other Information about Portugal and pilots can also be sent. My contacts are: Carlos Guerreiro R. Dr. Arnaldo Vilhena, 17 -1º dt 8000-317 Faro Algarve-Portugal E-mail: c.guerreiro@ip.pt"
Submitted by: "Carlos Guerreiro" 
"Faro", "Portugal"
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Record #: "58"
"My father-in-law was a pilot in the 453rd BG in 1944 & 1945. His name is Bill Finster. He flew 35 missions. Near the end of the war he transferred to the 489th BG before coming back to the States. Among the sorties he flew were low altitude supply drops for Montgomery's crossing of the Rhine. I am very interested in hearing from anybody who knew or flew with him. My email address is hleisk@unlimited.net"
Submitted by: "Harry Leisk" 
"Sacramento", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "57"
"I just found this site, but only have access through work. I am an associate member of the 453rd Bomb Group Association. My cousin flew as radio operator for Lt. Eugene Mills' crew. His name was Joseph DeCusati. Joe was killed on March 30, 1945 when he was hit by flak. He was the only crew member lost. I would like to hear from anyone who might have known Joe or his pilot, Eugene Mills. In my 8 years or so of searching I have found one crewman, the Flight Engineer, but together we have been unable to find Lt. Mills. Lt. Mills' crew was in the 732nd Squadron and arrived in late Jan. or Feb. 1945. They flew until the end of the war. The ships they flew on were "Linda Lou", "Lil Nemo", and "Hustlin Hussy". The officers were: Eugene Mills - Pilot, Francis Jones - Co-pilot, Lt. Nielson - Navigator. The bombardier I believe was named Lt. Clem, but am not sure if it was his name or a nickname. If anybody out there knows of any of these officers or has their names on some old orders, please contact me. I have plenty of photos of "Linda Lou" and one or two of "Lil Nemo". I would be happy to send copies to anyone who would like one. If anyone has a photo of "Hustlin Hussy", please email ! Thanks! Andy "
Submitted by: "Andy DeCusati" 
"Gettysburg", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "56"
"Does anyone remember my father...Alex J. Crow...pilot of the "CROW'S NEST"...out of Old Buckingham ?"
Submitted by: "Colin Crow" 
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Record #: "55"
"I am trying to contact Martin A. Boone, Jr., in regard to his father, Martin of the 453rd. Marty posted a message in Sept. but his email address is not valid. I may have some information on his father from his time as an Internee in Sweden. Karen "
Submitted by: "Karen B. Cline" 
"Richmond", "VA" "USA"
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Record #: "54"
"Hi. I don't know if this is where I should be. My grandpa, Lewis A. Huisman is from the 453rd and he is looking for the rest of his crew members. If anyone knows any good, accurate websites, or any other way to find the people he is looking for, could you please e-mail me. I would really appreciate it. Thank you."
Submitted by: "Chuck Anez" 
"Greenville", "MI" "USA"
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Record #: "53"
" Flew missions with the Sanders crew..Fitzpatrick crew...Gillies crew...Mathias crew and others between 5/1/44 and 2/28/45....Mainly with the Gillies group who flew as pff command"
Submitted by: "Donald E Dubois" ("Frenchie"
"Worcester", "Ma" "USA"
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Record #: "52"
"Very interesting web page. You might want to check out my small contribution to WW2 history at the above URL. It's a day-by-day history of World War II. Comments and criticism are welcome at the above web page. Best, Dave Lippman "
Submitted by: "David H. Lippman" ("Dave"
"Newark", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "51"
"Great site and a great job. My Father James A. Bennett was a nose gunner on the "Male Call" in the 453rd, 734th Bomb grp. I'm very proud of him and his fellow airmen for what they accomplished for us while sacraficing so many. My father kept a limited log book, journal of his first 19 missions in early 1945, I would be proud to share them with those interested. One of his entries as he wrote it below. I would be interested in knowing more about the 734th also. especially greater detail of the missions flown from Feb 1945 to the end of the war. Raid #16 April 7, 1945 Target Germany 10 miles east of Hamburg, Powder Dump Bomb load 12X500 GP Gas Load 2500 Gal Flax: A little before we hit I.P. very inaccurate. We were hit by fighters for the first time. ME 262's FW 190's ME 109's One ME 109 passed within 40 ft of our ship after damaging our left wing man. Another ship was damaged in our group. no one injured. One me 262 was shot down by our sqrd. I fired 200 rounds at a FW 190 out of range, 22 bombers lost and three fighters by 8Th AF 87 E.M. shot down. Results: Target destroyed, concussions from explosions 18,000 ft below tossed us around like a cork on the sea. Total flight time 6 hr 38 minutes My reactions: SCARED! (end of entry)"
Submitted by: "Rex Bennett" 
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Record #: "50"
"Great to find your site. Told my Dad, Kenton Morris, of it. He was in the 453rd, the pilot of "Ohio Silver", flying 30 missions from March - September, 1944. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. I'm trying to get my hands on some good aerial photos of Old Buckingham. "
Submitted by: "Nancy Ann Morris" 
"Gurnee", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "49"
"Hi to Crew 41 and Lucky Penny 1 and 2. "
Submitted by: "Robert O. Hanson" ("Hanson"
"Osseo", "WI" "USA"
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Record #: "48"
"Looking for circumstances of crash from B24 42-64469 H6-I nickname "El Flaco" later renamed "rainbow Goddess" in behalf of a friend in England who knew the crew from the base old buckenham "
Submitted by: "F.L. Ammerlaan" ("-"
"arnhem", "netherlands"
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Record #: "47"
"The Jimmy Stewart Museum is located in Mr. Stewart's hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania. We are in the process of updating and enlarging the military exhibit pertaining to Mr. Stewart's World War II military career. We are looking to include in this exhibit a 2 or 3 foot wooden model B-24 which we plan to suspend in the exhibit area. Please e-mail us or call 800 83 JIMMY if you have any information as to how we can acquire this. We are extremely pleased that Major General Ramsay Potts and Major General Andrew Low will be with us in Indiana on November 16, 1998 as we unveil our new exhibit. We hope to hear from you. "
Submitted by: "The Jimmy Stewart Museum" 
"Indiana ", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "46"
"As a former B-17 first pilot I am enjoying this website and always enjoy reading and talking to people that flew in WW2. I am also a good friend of Ray D. Bates, the gunner that went down in a B-24 and lived to tell about it. He still lives in this town and is doing well."
Submitted by: "Ullman Fortenberry" 
"Haleyville", "AL" "USA"
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Record #: "45"
" My dad flew in the 735 BS and I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who flew with him. His name was Howard Sheehan from Des Moines Iowa. He flew 24 missions from end of 1944 to april 1945. Please e-mail me if anyone has any information on him. Thanks, Mike Sheehan. P.S. His plane was the SILENT YOKUM."
Submitted by: "mike sheehan" ("mikey"
"saratoga", "ca" "USA"
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Record #: "44"
"Hi, Looking for info on 454th Bomb Group for my Dad, John W. Devine. Will e-mail ya a note. Thx."
Submitted by: "Ms Sandie Devine" ("Sandie"
"San Antonio", "tx" "USA"
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Record #: "43"
" Someone told me the 453rd had a B-24 named Consolidated Mess. A flight engineer named James Patton made some Ploesti raids in a plane by that name. His sons would like to know his outfit numbers and its history. Does someone know about James Patton?? Cliff Cox e-mail xxocc@globalsite.net"
Submitted by: "Cliff Cox" 
"Centerville", "IN" "USA"
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Record #: "42"
"I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at http://mars.ark.com/~stellar/ "
Submitted by: "Rudy Preus" ("Rudy"
"Comox", "BC" "Canada"
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Record #: "41"
"dear sir, I'm a portugues jornalist tryng to locate any crewmember that had to land or bale out over portuguese territory. I'm tryng to pput toggether a boock with those events. Any information is welkomed even in second hand. my contacts are Carlos Guerreiro R. dr. Arnaldo Vilhena, 17 - 1º dt 8000 Faro Portugal e-mail:c.guerreiro@ip.pt"
Submitted by: "Carlos Guerreiro" 
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Record #: "40"
"It is an honor to have the opportunity to tell you about my father and the "Hero's" of his crew. My father (Martin K. Boone) was a waist gunner and second engineer with the 734th Bomb Squadron, 453rd Bomb Group, Old Buckenham. He was assigned to "Whitehead's Tourists" flying "Never Mrs" and "Dolly's Sister". My father passed away in 1991. Several years ago, I had the fortune to met two of his crew members (Frank Thomas and Russ Harriman) at a 453rd BG Reunion in Rapid City, South Dakota. I was very proud to represent my father and to have met some of the "hero's" of "Whitehead's Tourist's". There were wonderful stories told of years gone by and alot of laughs with the crew and their families. It was a pleasure to have met them. In Sept of 1996 my wife and I along with two sister's and a brother had the opportunity once again to represent our father at the 453rd BG Reunion in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A wonderful time was had by all. We came away with so much pride and respect for the men of the 453rd. We are grateful for all the sacrifices they made to help preserve the freedom we have today. After the war, my father stayed in aviation for some 40 years. He instilled in me a love for aviation that has emcompassed my whole life. I am an Aviation Maintenance Manager, in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in the Seattle, Wa area. I am proud to say, my 14 year old son, Martin K. Boone III has caught the airplane bug also. He is becoming quite an aviation buff himself. My fathers life inspired me to accomplish many goals and I continue to strive for more. He will always be my hero. 453rd Bomb Group; For your heroism, devotion to duty & country, and for keeping the story of the 453rd BG alive for generations to come >>>> I salute you. Submitted by: Martin K. Boone Jr., MSgt, USAF Boeing Military Flight Center Seattle, Washington "
Submitted by: "M. K. Boone Jr., MSgt, USAF" ("Marty"
"Seattle", "Wa" "USA"
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Record #: "39"
"I have a collection of over 600 colour photographs of the RAF/USAAF WW2 airfields as they are now Is this of any use to you? Stephen Welch "
Submitted by: "Stephen Welch" ("Etienne"
"Woking", "SY" "England"
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Record #: "38"
" my coustin did 33 misssion in 90 days as first pilot of the B-24.Lt james(jim)warren erwin of murray ,ky. in june july and august of 1944. he got there at the same time Jimmy stewart was transferred there to get him out of combat.but warren and jimmy flew a couple together.Lt. erwin flew their B-24 over thru West Palm Beach ,fl and over the atlantic(the southern route.any messages for him contact me. thanks ,bob bradshaw.All were Heroes!"
Submitted by: "bob bradhaw" ("outback bob"
"holiday island", "ar" "USA"
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Record #: "37"
"My father, William Bonnell, was a pilot in the 453rd BG 733rd Bomb Sq. Looking for other individuals who might have known him and more information about the group he was in. "
Submitted by: "William Bonnell" ("Bill"
"El Dorado Hills", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "36"
"I am looking for information on my father, Charles Wayne Dean, a long tall Texan, who was a pilot with the 453rd Bomb Group, 734th squadron. He was stationed in England from March-July 1945. My parents divorced when I was very young and I was never able to ask "What did you do in the war, Daddy?" If anyone remembers him or has an anecdote to share, please contact me. THANKS!"
Submitted by: "Caroline Dean Thornburgh" 
"Austin", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "35"
"Please remember the US Merchant Marines and the role they played in bringing men and supplies to the WWII arena. Check out our website listed below...Thanks!"
Submitted by: "Harold F."Bud" Schmidt sr." (""BUD""
"Sequim", "Wa" "USA"
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Record #: "34"
"Thank you for your great site. I am looking for any information on the 453rd Bomb Group 734th Squadron B-24's "Hollywood and Vine" and "Spirit of Notre Dame". My sister-in-law's father, John Nichols was a side gunner of both of these planes. I specifically would like to find the nose art for each of them. Any information will certainly be appreciated. Thanking you in advance, I am, Timothy A. Gillam "
Submitted by: "Timothy A. Gillam" 
"Camden", "ME" "USA"
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Record #: "33"
"My father, M/Sgt. John Nellis, was the Crew Chief of the Male Call (#42-52154). He was at Station 144, Old Buckenham, England with the 453rd Bomb Group, 734th Squadron. The Male Call was credited with 95 bomb drops and returned to the US after the war. The port fuselage had a painting of a lovely redhead in a black bikini sunning herself. (write me!)"
Submitted by: "Ken Nellis" 
"Latham", "NY" "USA"
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Record #: "32"
"I am an associate member of the 453rd. I enjoyed viewing the website! I understand that the Reunion has been cancelled?!? I hope another will be organized or even a mini! I also am collecting memorabilia of the 453rd, as well as items from the crew of "ARROWHEAD". If anyone has any information on the unofficial squadron insignia (like the shield patch with a bald eagle tearing a swastika). I would appreciate your contacting me. "
Submitted by: "Matthew H. McKeever" 
"Roanoke", "VA" "USA"
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Record #: "31"
"I am the granddaughter of Charlie "Moose" Allen. Lloyds' dad, Mo, was on my granddaddys' crew. I recently met Lloyd and spoke with him about this website. I think it's GREAT! We grew up with Uncle Mo and Aunt Ludie visiting often. We knew that they were friends from the war, but my granddaddy didn't talk about the war when I was growing up, and we were raised to not ask about it. My granddaddy passed away in June of 94, so now I can't learn about that part of his life from him. But thanks to Lloyd, and this website, that part of my granddaddys' life doesn't have to be lost. Lloyd, keep up the good work! And thanks for the dedication to my granddaddy, it brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to visiting this site often."
Submitted by: "Brenda M. Tudyk" 
"Humble", "Tx" "USA"
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Record #: "30"
"Great Sight. I am seeking information on my cousin's B-24 H Stolen Moments 42-52627 shot down 7-12-1944 near Ensisheim/Klass Germany. Crew -Pilot Bill B. Banias; co-pilot Fred B. Foltz; nav. Richard A. Mateis; Bombadier John A. Staedler R.c.m. Julius W. Gordon; Top Turret Charles J. Scheffer; nose gunner Robert D. Thompson (my cousin); Right waist Bill G. Hileman; Left waist Leonard E. Lincoln; Tail Gunner Albert G. Hits. Please send any information to me at either trathbone@aol.com or Tim-Rahbone@juno.com thank you all for your courage! Tim Rathbone"
Submitted by: "Tim Rathbone" 
"Hesperia", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "29"
"I am searching for four men who are the remaining members of my Father's B-17 crew to be found. They flew with the 388th bomb group 563rd squadron stationed at Knettishall, England. These missing guys are: Baber, Pizzitole, Lewis, and Newton. I am trying to reunite the crew of the True Love and am determined to find these men. Any information or help of any kind will be greatly appreciated."
Submitted by: "Heart's Conetent Ranch " 
"Somerset", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "28"
"This is for my Uncle. Col. Raphl S. Hoggatt(RET. AF). He was in 453rd, 732,735 bomb sq.,2nd air div. Buckingham. He's going to be so happy I found this place. He served in three wars. WW2,Korea, and Nam. His E-mail is Tadhoggatt@aol.com."
Submitted by: "John Howell" 
"Liberty", "MO" "USA"
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Record #: "27"
"Great site. Keep up the good work!"
Submitted by: "Marcus Turner" 
"Indianapolis", "IN" "USA"
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Record #: "26"
"I'm a B-52 crew chief who is planning a dedication ceremony for the original crew of B-24D "Wham Bam". It first flew with the 93rd BG, and was an assembly ship for the 453rd. The date will be the 26th of June. I would like all who are interested or were involved with the plane to attend. Please e-mail me if you are interested or want more info. John"
Submitted by: "John Freund" 
"Barksdale AFB", "LA" "USA"
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Record #: "25"
"This is a great site!"
Submitted by: "Justin" ("Big,"
"Lee's", "MO" "USA"
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Record #: "24"
"I was in the 735th squadron in old Buckingham. "
Submitted by: "Alex S. Wallace" 
"Carnelian Bay", "CA" "USA"


Record #: "23"
"My father, 2Lt William Kern, was a navigator/bombadier with the 453rd from Old Buck. He also spent some time in Stalag Luft 1. He's heard of a memorial/museum in Andersonville, GA and we are interested in seeing it. Anyone have any info on it? We were lucky to see the B24 that was rebuilt in Kissimmee FL in 1989 while it was in progress."
Submitted by: "Jeanine Kern" 
"Orlando", "FL" "USA"
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Record #: "22"
"Delighted to find your site. My uncle, Bob Factor served in the 453rd. My Dad was a pilot with the 487th, and my uncle was a tail gunner with the 389th. I'd like to see sights for each of the groups of the 8th. Check out the 487th page, either by going through mine, or go direct to the 487th at: http://www.geocities.com/capecanaveral/1393/."
Submitted by: "Lee Hauenstein" 
"NH" "USA"
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Record #: "21"
"My father, Bob Bartl, was a B24 pilot in the 453 BG, 735 BS, crew 617. He arrived in England in December 1944. He flew 13 missons before shipping back to the states. He was not assigned a plane but rather flew many different planes. He lives near Chicago, IL."
Submitted by: "Bob Bartl" 
"Chicago", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "20"
"I am interested in the 453rd because my uncle, James Fred Mckee, was killed when the B24 Liberator on which he was a crewman collided with another B24 over the skies of Darmsheim, Germany on July 21, 1944. "
Submitted by: "William M. Workman" 
"Greenville", "SC" "USA"
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Record #: "19"
"Finally found info on the 453rd. This is a great web site. My uncle, T/Sgt James F. McKee, was lost in plane #42-95171 453RDBG 734THBS that crashed at Darmsheim after a collision while returning from a bombing mission. Only the CoPilot survived and became a POW. We have pictures and news articles of medal's being presented to his family. Was just at the Mighty 8th Museum today and found the bomb group infomation. Would like to know more. Thanks for what you are doing with this site. CWO4 RG Workman USMCRetired "
Submitted by: "Gerald Workman" 
"Gray Court", "SC" "USA"
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Record #: "18"
"I enjoyed this site so much I will be coming back often. I recently joined the 453rd BG Association. My grandfather, S/Sgt. George J. Le Comte (ASN 36622318), was with the 453rd at least from 24 April 1944 to early November 1944. Before April he was with the 1792nd Ordnance S&M Co. S/Sgt. Le Comte's brief story is in the September 1997 edition of the 453rd Newsletter (page 20). In April 1944 S/Sgt. Le Comte was transferred from the 1792 Ord. S&M Co. to the 733rd Bomb Squadron. In June he was in gunnery school, training as a tailgunner. I know he flew at least three missions with the 453/733, but I don't know any of his crew. In November 1944, S/Sgt. Le Comte was transferred to the 15th Air Force in Italy (465/780) as a replacement tailgunner. On 11 December 1944, on a mission to Vienna, Austria, his B-24 was hit by flak and crashed. S/Sgt. Le Comte was KIA. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who was connected with the 453/733, the 1792nd Ordnance S&M Company, or anyone who knew S/Sgt. Le Comte. Thanks a million for providing this site, and to all who contribute to it. "
Submitted by: "Kathy Le Comte Lupton" 
"Springfield", "IL" "USA"
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Record #: "17"
"I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. I now work in Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to you. "
Submitted by: "Rudy Preus" ("Rudy"
"Comox", "BC" "Canada"
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Record #: "16"
"I'm a crew chief on the B-52, and I'm looking to put nose art on my plane. I'm looking for anyone who was involved with "Wham Bam", tail # 41-23738."
Submitted by: "John F Freund" 
"LA" "USA"
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Record #: "15"
"Dropped in to say hello. Was also wondering where I could possible find the tail markings for the 454th Bombardment Group (737 Sqdn)or if anyone has info on this squadron and the aircraft piloted by 2nd Richard G. Lawson(nose art). This aircraft crashed on takeoff on April 15, 1944 where all crewmembers were killed. Nice website...like to see the WWII vets be recognized this way!!! Richard Lees American Legion Post 417 Prospect PA"
Submitted by: "Rich Lees" ("Rick"
"Butler", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "14"
"You have a nice site!! Keep up the good work!"
Submitted by: "Bali Fergusson" ("Digger"
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Record #: "13"
"This is a really nice site. I feel that keeping history alive is vital. I congratulate any one who went up in those aluminum boxes. I am looking for information on the B-24 "Rag Doll" of the 733rd B.S. My friend George Netzel was top turret gunner on this plane. George died a few years ago, and I would like to gather any info I can on his plane. Thanks, Frank"
Submitted by: "Frank Harmon" 
"June Lake", "Ca" "USA"
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Record #: "12"
"I have just discovered your and other marvellous sites relating to the 8th USAF particularly the Liberator squadrons stationed in Norfolk England during WW2. As a school boy I watched them form up in formation over our heads day after day. We witnessed the crashes around our village Costessey only 3miles from the bases at Attlebridge (466 BG ) and Horsham St Faiths (458th BG) I still admire those gallant young fliers who mixed with us. From the day the first massed squadrons of Thunderbolt Fighters arrived in 1943 to the end of the war those US warplanes were over our heads. Thank God for their sacrifices. See my new web page which refers to the 2nd Air division 8th USAF."
Submitted by: "Tom BARLEY" 
"Bentley,PERTH", "W." "Australia"
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Record #: "11"
"It´s always good to discover a new site, and aspecially a fine one as this. Allthough I have no personal or family- ties to the 8th, my research-work keeps me "with" those who served in England more than 50 years ago. You have a marvelous site, keep it going! Par"
Submitted by: "Par Henningsson" ("parra"
"Uppsala", "Sweden"
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Record #: "10"
"Staff Sargent Joesph Duni Serial # 33515099 Flying Hands"
Submitted by: "joeshp duni" ("opt4"
"baltimore", "md" "USA"
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Record #: "9"
"My name is Luc Dewez and I am from Belgium. I am 35 and I am working for SOLVAY (first Belgian chemical group). My parents had fought and met in the rank of the Resistance. They married after the war was over. They were both awarded Croix de Guerre. In 1996, we had dedicated our first trip to the US to B-24 Veterans. Dayton (445th) and St. Louis (44th) were full of moving and emotional experiences as those celebrations enabled me to talk to boyhood heroes, namely the airmen of the 8AF. Since then, we added the Second Air Division Convention (Irvine 97) and the 100Th BG reunion (Salt Lake 97) to our list. I am presently working on two accounts based on Veterans recollections (I sent questionnaires to more than 150 people): "Kassel Mission, September 27th 1944"; I am planning to present this one during the 2 ADA Convention (Chicago 98). "The Flying 8 Balls Tidal Wave Ploesti". Furthermore, I would like to pay a tribute to preservation and remembrance of aircrews who won my present freedom. My main goal is to assemble a record of people associated with the heavy BGs. History is the sum of the individuals' biography and experiences. One must take time to document the human dimension of the most sustained and intensive air battle ever fought. To achieve this purpose, I settle on the use of a questionnaire to cope with different perceptions of the same event, and preserve permanent written record (It is an OVERALL quiz for ALL flying and ground personnel during the WHOLE bomber offensive). Take the time necessary to get your personal experiences down; write them, type them or tape them, audio or even videotapes (my video can play American tapes). If you have already done this, take a bit more time to review it, using the questionnaire to look for memories omitted. Diaries, past and present-day recollections, personal anecdote or incident, official documents and reports, letters, photographs: everything is welcome. But send ONLY COPIES. I prefer YOU KEEP any material of sentimen tal or historical value. I would like to add that I always give credit to those who sent in material and I don't make any commercial use of my projects. The questionnaire and any other informations could be send by snail mail or e-mail (if your PC is powerful enough to cope with a WORD.DOC file). Hope this will meet your interest. All the best. Luc DEWEZ, 8 Paul Pastur street, 5190 Ham-sur-Sambre, BELGIUM Phone home: ------ Fax work: E-mail home: Luc.Dewez@Skynet.be Member of the 2 ADA Associate member of the 91st BG Association Member of the 94th BG Memorial Association FOTE of the 95th BG Association Life member of the 100th BG Association Associate member of the 379th Associate member of the 390th BG Memorial Foundation Museum Member of the 452nd Member of the Kassel Mission Memorial Association Sustaining member of The Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum. "
Submitted by: "Luc Dewez" ("Lucky"
"Ham-sur-Sambre", "Belgium"
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Record #: "8"
"Friend of the Shack Rabbit crew. Was with 67th BS 44thBG at Shipdham."
Submitted by: "Fred Browning" ("Freddie"
"Jamestown", "NC" "USA"
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Record #: "7"
"The Second Air Division seems to be forming up again, this time in a new medium. May the results of this mission be as successful as those carried out so many years ago."
Submitted by: "Allan G. Blue" 
"Bendersville", "PA" "USA"
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Record #: "6"
"Thanks for the link! Keep up the good work, great site you have here. Tom Ensminger - Webmaster - The Carpetbagger Pages"
Submitted by: "Tom Ensminger" ("The Drone"
"Fairborn", "OH" "USA"
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Record #: "5"
"Hello Lloyd, Just dropped by for a look-see. Great website! I'll spend some time now browsing your good stuff!"
Submitted by: "Charlie Mottola" 
"Lake Hopatcong", "NJ" "USA"
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Record #: "4"
"Lloyd is to be commended for establishing this site. He has done a beautiful and creative job. This site will provide a solemn and lasting memorial to our friends who didn't return home and will project the proud story of the 453rd Bomb Group into posterity. I was Pilot of one of the original crews of the 735th Bomb Squadron, 453rd Bomb Group. Mike Benarcik was Co-Pilot. I was wounded by flak on the first Berlin mission, March 6, 1944. The plane in the picture "Welcome Home Yank" by Bill Phillips in the Dedication page is manned by my old crew with Mike Benarcik as PIlot. Anyone interested in good information about the lives of crews in the 8th Air Force in WW II would do well to find a copy of Mike's book "In Search of Peace" It is full of stories and pictures about life in the 453rd in 1944. Again Lloyd, thanks for your efforts in establishing this Web Site."
Submitted by: "William B. Adams" ("Bill"
"Felton", "CA" "USA"
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Record #: "3"
"Mo Morris can be reached at our e-mail address of: budcarp@fnbnet.net"
Submitted by: "Buddy & Larue Carpenter" 
"Tuleta", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "2"
"My father was the waist gunner under Moose Allen's command. As you can see, I was named after Moose's wife. The friends and associates my father made during the war have been life-long friends of his and are considered family. My father, Mo Morris, and my mother, Ludie, enjoy the comaraderie of the reunions and look forward to each one. "
Submitted by: "Buddy & Larue Carpenter" 
"Tuleta", "TX" "USA"
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Record #: "1"
"Welcome to the 453rd Bomb Group. I am Lloyd Morris the son of Mo Morris , named after tailgunner Lloyd J. Schouten. I am very pleased to be the author of this website. I intend to do my best to maintain a standard of quality and excellence in the design, which it deserves. I designed this to be used as a navigational tool guiding the user to other sites and a way to keep in touch with the 453rd BG Association. Please email suggestions for additional features you would like to see. I will do my best to satisfy your request. I hope this will further the knowledge and will be used as another tool for individuals to gather information on WWII and its players. I am honored to be associated with the 453rd and it is for their edification that I do this."
Submitted by: "Lloyd Morris" 
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