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Record #: "1202"
"the history of the 8th air force is being kept alive here in east anglia where it was based in ww2. the 453rd played their part along with many other bomber and fighter groups and it essential that we do not forget what took place here. most people of a certain age have fond memories of the events but we need to ensure that the younger generations can carry the story forward."
Submitted by: "andrew height" 
"tipps end, norfolk border", "england"   

Record #: "1201"
"Dannie is the neice of Lt. Joseph Grayson Halliburton III, navigator of Lillie Belle."
Submitted by: "Dannie Parker Cannon" ("Dannie"
"Louisville", "Ke" "USA"   

Record #: "1200"
"I am Colonel Van Dowda's niece. Thank you for keeping this information available. This is a wonderful collection of photos and information. He was a very special person."
Submitted by: "Shirley Adler" 
"Erie", "CO" "USA"   

Record #: "1199"
"Anyone from the 735th Squadron here, I served with them in 1945."
Submitted by: "chester fong" ("chet"
"walnut creek", "ca" "USA"   

Record #: "1198"
Submitted by: "David White" 

Record #: "1197"
"Hello, I have a question and do not know whether you can help me. I live near the airport where, in 1944 (February 5) crash-landed B-24 Liberator M commander 2Lt. J. R. Turner. Aircraft serial number was 41-28641.   I'll be glad for any information, I would be interested crew and its fate and what BS were included. Sincerely Jindrich Kulhavy"
Submitted by: "Jiindrich Kulhavy" ("Jindra"
"Eger Cheb", "Cz" "Europ"   

Record #: "1196"
"My father was a member of this group. Under the dirrection of James (Jimmy) Stewart.Leutinent Col. Edward James Anderson, born June 28,1920.Passed away peacefully at home, at the age of 94 July 15, 2014."
Submitted by: "Katie" 
"Tulsa", "Ok" "USA"   

Record #: "1195"
"I was in the 734th sq,453rd Bomb Group. I was a gunner on Don Schultzes crew.Iflew on 35 missions ."
Submitted by: "George Mazzara" 
"San Diego", "ca" "USA"   

Record #: "1194"
"From Keith Sowter Dear friends. It is with deep sadness that I have to report that we have lost a life long friend of the 453rd. Pat Ramm past away on Saturday 16th August. Our thoughts must be with his wife Agnes and all his family. As a school boy during the war he used to visit the 453rd on a regular basis . He made many friends , especially with Joe Tanngora, Crew Chief. This friendship with veterans contiued after the war and in later years Pat and Agnes visited the 453rd Veterans re-unions in America on a regular basis. They also hosted veterans who returned to the UK to visit the base . Pat continued to visit Old Buckenham Airfield on a regular basis when he would walk the remaining wartime sites on the airfield - (reliving his childhood memories of the 453rd)- still picking up fragments of alloy , bullets etc,. I only knew Pat for a short while but during that time I listened intently to his recollections of his friends in the 453rd. Pat kindly lent me his photograph collection to scan - which I have been able to share with you and will be a lasting memory of Pat Ramm and all he has done for the Veterans and their families. Rest in Peace Pat"
Submitted by: "Timothy Ramsey" ("Tim"
"Renton", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1193"
"The 453rd BG Memorial Association is making plans to fly to England to attend the Remembrance Sunday celebration on November 8th 2015. You can find additional details at our Facebook page. Thanks.. You can also visit our web site at: Tim Ramsey"
Submitted by: "Timothy Ramsey" ("Tim"
"Renton", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1192"
"Looking for any information or connections to anyone who may have been associated with my grandfather Carl F. Saunders in the 453rd 735th. A mission he flew as the lead plane in is mentioned in an article in this site (Last Mission - Lasting Memories) , I also found this article where he tells the story in his words as well. See the link below. nawanda%20NY%20Evening%20News%201945%20%20Grayscale/North%20Tonawanda%20NY%20Evening%2 0News%201945%20%20Grayscale%20-%201080.pdf"
Submitted by: "Gene Zdybowicz" ("Gene"
"Park City", "Ut" "USA"   

Record #: "1191"
"Hello, I am trying to find any information regarding my uncle, James J. Dailey. Local papers dated May 1945 say that he was made a squadron commander in the 453rd, previously serving as an operations officer. The article also says that he had received an Air Medal with oak leaf cluster. Any info helps. Thanks for your service! Hugh"
Submitted by: "Hugh Rote" 
"San Antonio", "TX" "USA"   

Record #: "1190"
"Are there plans for a Group reunion this year (2014), or next? I believe my Dad was Group Ops Officer when the Group deployed to Old Buckenham in December, 43. The Morning Report for December 23, reads-The Ground Echelon' 12 Officers and 255 EM arrived from Scotland.- The next entry is January 21 noting the arrival of Lt. Costas and Lt. Bingaman and their crews along with Lt. Birkes, the Armaments Officer. It is noted they had their first taste of life in a Nissen Hut. I think he moved to the 723rd Sq (?) in February 43. Dad died in September 1976, before we had a chance to have -that talk- we were always going to have. It is time for me to try to fill in those empty spaces. My Dad was Frank E. Sullivan; I am Charles R. (Chuck), Major, USAF (Ret)"
Submitted by: "Chuck Sullivan" ("Chuck"
"Fort Worth", "TX" "USA"   

Record #: "1189"
"My dad, Carl Rippy, was a bombardier in the 453rd, 735th squadron. I found him on crew 4357 in June 1944 leaving Idaho. Members were: Orville K Long, pilot, John M Roth, cp,Philip A Snyder Jr, N, Dallas J Noffsinger EG, Benj. P Jones Jr RG, Roy C Sweeney Jr BG, Andrew E Vojtko, TG, Oscar W Statham UG, Theodore E Pippiitt NG. I have a photo of one of his crews on the B-24, Foil Proof but I'm having trouble reading the names on the back. Vojtko, Jones, Sweeney,Snyder,Pippitt, are still with him but now co-pilot is a McGilvery. I can't read the pilot's name. On the plane, under the window, it reads, Lt Mark, Do Me Again, Terziev. Would he be the pilot.? Does anyone recognize these names? I have a few photos I would be glad to email. Also, I have his book from the 44-4DR bombardier class at San Angelo if anyone would like for me to check for names. I am trying to learn all that I can about my dad's service. Cheryl Kerschner"
Submitted by: "Cheryl Kerschner" 
"Denver", "In" "USA"   

Record #: "1188"
"I am writing this for my father who passed away a few years ago. Dad was a Lt. Pilot of a B-24 (Gianoli's Circus)in the 8'th Air Force, 2'nd Air Division, 453'rd Bomb Group, 2'n combat wing, stationed out of Old Buckingham airfield in Norwich, England. Dad flew 26 missions from November 1944 through June 1945. Like many WW11 warriors, dad did not often talk about his battle experiences except with other men which with he served. Dad's crew met every few years until recently when most of the team passed on. Francis was a pipe smoker. He was older than others in his crew ad they often called him Grandpa. He was an excellent leader, making several critical bomb runs, having several battle incidents, landing at night without airfield lights until the final seconds and always bringing his boys home safely. Dad blessed us with several pictures and notes that detailed his missions. These are all part of the memories we have of this great Patriot, Father, Grand Father, Brother, Son, Husband and American citizen. Dad served in the Air Force the same way he lived his life ... with high morals and religious conviction. We are so proud of you Francis A. Gianoli. Long live your memory. "
Submitted by: "Francis A. Gianoli" ("Luey"
"Birchwood", "WI" "USA"   

Record #: "1187"
"Looking for information on my Dad who was a navigator on a B-24 flying out of England from about Aug 44 until Jan 45. Don't know the exact unit but think it may have been the 538th Sqdn."
Submitted by: "john bonner" 
"weimar", "tx" "USA"   

Record #: "1186"
"My mother used to work in the cinema at Attleborough and play the piano at parties for the ground and air crew also in Attleborough 1943-1944. She is now 84 but wonders if anyone remembers her - Phyllis Forster.....she also wants to know if anyone knew a Michael MooMau (Mumoor) ? Hope to hear from someone and blessings from England Philip"
Submitted by: "Philip Bujak" ("Buj"
"Reigate", "Su" "UK"   

Record #: "1185"
"Looking for information on Pilot William Richard (Dick) Peacock, of 734th Bomb Sq and 453rd Bomb Group (8th Air Force)stationed in England (probably at Old Buc?) in early 1945. Not sure of the plane's name, but have a picture of the crew, just no crew member's names and the name of the plane is not easily seen in the picture either. He trained at Maxwell, AL; Stuttgart, AR and Malden, MO. He was from North Carolina. Anyone with information can email me! Thanks! Would love to know the plane's name. Susanne Hawthorne"
Submitted by: "Susanne Peacock Hawthorne" ("Susanne"
"Charlotte", "NC" "USA"   

Record #: "1184"
"My Father, Philip Brown served in the 453rd as a navigator. He flew in March and April of 45. His pilot was John Shambach, copilot was Claude Peck, engineer was Alvan Kaiser,nose gunner was Forest Putney, top turret was James Hinkle, tail gunner was Peter Fodor, waist gunner was William Luisi, and radio was Thomas Keim. Any information on this group?"
Submitted by: "Fay Curtis" 
"Ok" "USA"   

Record #: "1183"
"My dad James Hetherington was nose gunner on Ken-O-Kay II and III piloted by Lt. Max Davison. Just trying to find out if any of his crew are still alive. Thanks! Jim"
Submitted by: "Jim hetherington" ("Jim"
"Glade Park", "CO" "USA"   

Record #: "1182"
"My Father, Walter A Edgeworth Was a technical Ground Crew Sgt, stationed at Old Buckinham. His unit went silent on 20 Nov 1943, prior to going overseas. He was there until after VE Day--ground crews did not rotate back to the States. He was on his way cross country on his way to the Pacific Theater on VJ Day."
Submitted by: "Marilyn Tacoma" 
"Evanston", "WY" "USA"   

Record #: "1181"
"My Dad, James Hetherington, was a nose gunner and armorer on the Ken-O-Kay in the spring and summer of 1944 with the 732nd squadron. The Ken-O-Kay was forced to ditch in the English Channel April 29, 1944. My Dad died in 1991. Is any of his crew still living? How can I find out? What heroes these guys were."
Submitted by: "James E Hetherington" ("Jim"
"Glade Park", "CO" "USA"   

Record #: "1180"
"Over the past three years I have had the pleasure of working with many great people at one time or another, about our quest to see the Memorial side of this group become a reality. This update brings with it the news that our new web site is up and published and available to all of you. We have with all of your personal assistance to date, been able to collect a large amount of pictures, data, and stories that eventually all will be published to this new site. None of this could have happened without the generous support from people like yourselves and those willing to lend a hand to see this project through to reality. It has been my pleasure to see this through to publication, content will continue to be added weekly until we are satisfied that the site represents what the original members of the 453rd BG would be proud to have published in their honor, this Memorial site does honor all of the men and women that served the 453rd and will continue well into the future too support family members and loved ones that always wanted to know what these men experienced during this 2 ½ year period. If my experience with my uncle is any indication then I know that very little if anything was shared? I know that I have learned more about my Uncles service at Old Buc in the past three years than I ever knew before. This site should help greatly with filling in these missing pieces of your familys history.. Lastly I must offer a huge thank you to the following people, without their continued support none of this would have become a reality; Don Olds (original historian / 453rd BG veterans side), Tom Brittan (was just a young lad while the 453rd served in WWII / countless hours of aircraft research over many years), Keith Sowter (countless hours of aircraft research as well), Matt Wilkins and Shaun Hindle (both are current keepers of the gate at the original 453rd airfield and continue to support the 453rd with countless activities at the old base), and finally to Robert Rumsby (current active service in the US and equally important, responsible for the efforts to locate, recover, and eventually return 453rd MIAs not yet recovered from WWII). These fine people are the reason that the 453rd continues to exist 71 + years after first setting foot in England. Thank you all again for your continued support of these great men and women.. (if this link doesn’t work please copy the link into your browser) "
Submitted by: "Timothy" ("Tim"
"Seattle", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1179"
"I just uploaded my fathers photographs of Old Buckenham England taken in April 1945. I also have uploaded his photographs of Carlstrom Field Florida Class of 44H which also include some photos of Elmore Field. v=ydwy5as4uLM "
Submitted by: "Wayne Bartl" 
"Orland Park", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1178"
"Looking for info on the Voskian crew, Alfred A Voskian, Walter M Chambers jr, William A League, Carl F Franke, Archie J Bloodworth, George A Gray, Harold W Leach jr, Harry M Daniels, Thomas E Nosal, Freeman W Pyler. There plane Little Agnes crashed on feb 6 44. Voskian and Bloodworth were the only survivors. Thanx"
Submitted by: "Snosal" 
"Higganum", "Ct" "USA"   

Record #: "1177"
"My grandfather St. Sgt. Thomas Lincoln Hall was in the 453rd Group 734th Squadron from 1943 to 1945. He was a B-24E Mechanic and Nose Gunner. I just thought that I would take a chance and see if anyone knows anything about his time during the war as he wouldn't share much why he received his distinguished flying cross, air medal with 3 oak clusters and 2 bronze stars. He always said that the men lost were the heroes not him but he was always my hero. I would like to know if anyone is left that had met him or served with him."
Submitted by: "Tisa Carpenter" 
"Pinetop", "AZ" "USA"   

Record #: "1176"
"My uncle was S/Sgt Charles J. Schaeffer from Philadelphia, PA. I know he was captured and held for awhile, but not much else. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all who served at home and abroad!!"
Submitted by: "Paul B Schaeffer,CDR/USNR(ret)" 
"Chula Vista", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1175"
"Andy. We have been actively searching for information on this unit for some time and for both of these to come to light within a few weeks of each other is fantastic to say the least. The new Web site has been delayed but still actively being worked on and we hope to have this operational very soon. In the mean time you can always check in with us on our Facebook page at Sincerely, Timothy Ramsey"
Submitted by: "Timothy Ramsey" 
"Seattle", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1174"
"The 453rd BG Memorial Association just received a great deal of information surrounding the 467th Sub Depot. This unit was responsible for all of the repairs on the aircraft that flew with the 453rd and we are most grateful for this new information as it will help us to further develop the history on this vital support unit. Additionally we are also grateful for some fantastic images that have also been shared by "
Submitted by: "Timothy Ramsey" 
"Seattle", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1173"
"Hello everyone associated with the 453rd and Old Buckenham Station 144. I am based at Old Buckenham (now EGSV) and look after the air traffic side of things. I fly a Grumman AA5 Traveler from here too. In a previous career I was a corporate and aviation film maker and made several films on flight safety. I cover the events here and edit the results into DVDs - those for 2013 include the Old Buckenham Air Show in June and our Military Revival in October. This being the 70th Anniversary of the main operational period that the 453rd were here we - that is the airfield owner Geoff Lynch and the manager Matt Wilkins and I have decided to produce a one hour film on DVD documenting the history of the airfield from 1942 until today, featuring the time when the 453rd were here. This has been helped enormously by the recent discovery of hundreds of still pictures from the period which are owned by Stefan Tarzan in the States. We have use of those pictures plus many others in UK archives plus film footage shot during WWII here at the airfield and of B24 operations from nearly airfields. The project is in its research stage right now, but we aim to finish the film in time for our 2014 air show in late July. Best wishes to you all, Alan McNeal, Producer, AirBASE."
Submitted by: "Alan McNeal" 
"Old Buckenham", "UK"   

Record #: "1172"
"I would like to remember Sgt Chester W. Stock who was one of the B-24 crew for the 732 Squadron. He and the rest of his crew died on a training mission out of Pocatello, Idaho on August 14, 1943. Their bomber crashed in the vincinty of Dubois, Wyoming due to engine failure. He was my mother-in-laws first husband and since he left no children or siblings I want to make sure that he is remembered as another casualty of WWII."
Submitted by: "Bill Weidert" 
"Saratoga", "ca" "USA"   

Record #: "1171"
"Hello all. My father Michael J Guimon piloted the Hoo Jive 16 times. I have also seen entries on this site from relatives of the CREW #47 734th bomb squadron. Donald Thompson and R.M. Dean. I have a record of the combat missions. They also flew other B24s with names Sky Chief, Hustlin Hussy, Yankee Doll, Maid of Fury, Paper Doll, Curly, Lucky Penny-Lost and Found, Her Man. I am very pleased and honored to read this quest book. Kevin Guimon"
Submitted by: "Kevin Guimon" 
"Bartlett", "il" "USA"   

Record #: "1170"
"I am conducting research for a book I'm writing on soldiers from Spartanburg Co., S.C. who died while in service and named on a local veterans' memorial. One of those from WWII is James F. McKee (Serial #34645430). His military records are scant. He was KIA 21 July 1944. He was a Tech Sergeant with 734th Bomber Squadron, 453rd Bomber Group, Heavy. He is buried in Lorraine American Cemetery. He received the Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters. I have been unable to find anything else about him. Would any of your members have any insights? Thank you. Frieda"
Submitted by: "Frieda Patrick Davison" ("Frieda"
"Spartanburg", "sc" "USA"   

Record #: "1169"
"My uncle, 1st Lt. William Coachman Huber was a B-24 pilot based at Old Buckenham, flying in the 734th Bombardment Squadron of the 453rg BG. I am researching his service during the war but have come up short so far in regards to missions he participated in and airplanes he flew - or any other record or information of his stay in England during - the war. Would very much like to contact Don Olds for this, as I understand he is the official historian of the 453rd BG Association. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can give information David Blumer - Zurich, Switzerland"
Submitted by: "David Blumer" 
"Zurich", "ZH" "Switzerland"   

Record #: "1168"
"My Father was William Patterson Jr. He was born Dec 24, 1921 in Norristown PA. He was part of the 453 Bomb Sq AAF. Im looking for any info I can get on him. He passed away Feb 5 1963. If anyone remembers him or has pictures of him please let me know. He died when I was 2 yrs old. I recently saw his grave and saw the 453rd on it. Doing some research I found this site. When my mother passed 2 years ago I found some photos of him and who I would assume was his 1st son. I remember my mother telling me many years ago that his first son and wife were killed in an accident somehow. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks "
Submitted by: "Paul Patterson" 
"Everett", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1167"
Submitted by: "John Murray Smart" ("Jack"
"Spring Hill", "Fl" "USA"   

Record #: "1166"
"I wanted to inform the group that my father Herbert G. Reis lead navigator in the 453rd Bomb Group, 735 Squadron stationed at RAF Old Buckingham, England on the B-24 BECOMING BACK passed away September 29, 2013. Dad's was always so very proud of his service to his country and especially his time at Old Buck. Dad was 92 years old. I had the pleasure of buying dad a beer in the pub at Old Buckingham in 1971 when I was stationed at Lakenheath. A very touching moment indeed. Regards Tom Reis"
Submitted by: "Tom Reis" 
"Johnston", "IA" "USA"   

Record #: "1165"
"I have posted a slideshow of the book Preflight Class of 44-G January 1944 Maxwell Field Alabama. This was in the Eastern Flying Training Command, U.S. Army Air Forces, Corps of Aviation Cadets Pre-Flight School For Pilots."
Submitted by: "Wayne Bartl" 
"Orland Park", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1164"
"I have uploaded a slide show of the 45th College Training Detachment, Chattanooga Tennessee, September 1945 class book. v=-MN4kwB8Xx8&"
Submitted by: "Wayne Bartl" 
"Orland Park", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1163"
"I flew into Old Buckenham yesterday, and wanted to confirm that the memory of the 453rd is very much preserved in artwork, photographs, and the Stars and Stripes proudly displayed. When I departed for home, I tipped a wing in salute to the brave young men who were a long way from home all those years ago. We still remember them. Warm regards from across the pond."
Submitted by: "Col Sweetman" ("Col"

Record #: "1162"
"I'm looking for any information concerning Captain Michael W. Wilson, who served with the 733rd Bombardment Squadron at Old Buckenham, Norfolk, England, beginning in late 1943. I'm making this enquiry on behalf of is estranged son Gus Gem (Wilson), who was born on 18 December 1943."
Submitted by: "Allan Turner" 
"Thornton", "Co" "USA"   

Record #: "1161"
"If any of my crew are alive please contact me. Some of my fellow crew mates were Bob Crowley, Spud Duvall, Todd Moore, Richard Ghaster, Henry Krushinski."
Submitted by: "John M Smart" ("Jack"
"Spring Hill", "Fl" "USA"   

Record #: "1160"
"I believe my grandfather, James L. Jackson flew on B-24 Lucky Penny II. If anyone has any info on this plane please let me know. I also have a picture of him and his crew if you would like to see it. Thank you in advance."
Submitted by: "Melissa Jackson" ("Mel"
"Victorville", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1159"
"my name is james kight. I work in a nursing home for alzhimers patients. there is a resident by the name of john virckler. from what I have seen that he did over 30 missions over Germany. I was wondering if any one ever served with him and what was the aircraft name that he was on. I am also a disable vet too. I would like to give him some kind of memory of what he did back during WWII."
Submitted by: "james kight" 
"meadows", "il" "USA"   

Record #: "1158"
"My father, William D. Molloy was a Lieutenant at "
Submitted by: "Mark Molloy" 
"Westy Hartord", "CT" "USA"   

Record #: "1157"
"is there anyone around from 732 was there in 1944"
Submitted by: "loren cole" 
"burkburnett", "tx" "USA"   

Record #: "1156"
"I'm looking for Chuck Williams of El Cajon, Calif., son of Lt. Melvin H. Williams, pilot of the Jabber-wock!, original crew # 77 of the 735th BG, who posted to this guestbook in 2001. Dan Vukelich"
Submitted by: "Dan Vukelich" ("Vuke"
"A;buquerque", "NM" "USA"   

Record #: "1155"
"My father was Richard C. Bussell, 453, 733, pilot of 42-51112, shot down by an ME 262 March 31, 1945. Any information about him or the crew, or any memories of any kind would be most appreciated. Roger Busse"
Submitted by: "Roger Busse" 
"Portland", "Or" "USA"   

Record #: "1154"
"My father, who passed away in 1984, was a radar/radio man in the 453 bomb group, 733 bomb squadron. HIs service records were lost in the fire at St. Louis in the 1960's. If anyone has any information about his service, would they contact me at my email address. I would be extremely grateful. MJ Schacht "
Submitted by: "Mark Schacht" 
"Glencoe", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1153"
"Searching for my grandfather sgt Manuel c Deleon Hometown Harris county, tx He was a heavy "
Submitted by: "Manuel c Deleon" 
"Aylesbury", "UK "   

Record #: "1152"
"My great uncle is Robert A Beltz. I was looking for information and found this site. What a valuable resource! If anyone has any info about him please send me an email. Thanks! "
Submitted by: "Laura Beltz" 
"WI" "USA"   

Record #: "1151"
"I really like this website. I visit often to get updates and learn new things about the military and veterans. I have come across many other great websites that are very informative. One website is U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs ( On this website I frequently learn about the latest money available to veterans, benefits for veterans and their families, where to get discounts for veterans, and I get free things from their veteran giveaway program. Keep up the good work. I will pass the word about your website and I will visit again. Thanks! "
Submitted by: "Jane" 

Record #: "1150"
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Submitted by: "Delhi Escorts" ("delhimoods"
"Delhi", "De" "India"   

Record #: "1149"
"I was a Navigator on B-24s assigned to the 453rd Bomb Group, 735th Bomb Squadron from November 1944 to April 20, 1945, then assigned to the 446th Bomb Group, 707th Bomb Squadron, having completed 27 combat missions prior to receiving orders to return a B-24 with crew at the end of WW2. Following some years as an Air Force Reservist and engaged in private business activities which provided me with the opportunity to reside in Indonesia, Singapore, Colombia and some 45 years in the Dominican Republic, having married a Dominican while serving as a consultant for major engineering projects in this country. I remain in excellent health and expect to celebrate my 88th birthday on May 16, 2013. I would be happy to have contact with any of our crew via my e-mail: "
Submitted by: "Joseph Charles Kotun" ("Joe"
"Santo Domingo", "Dominican Republic"   

Record #: "1148"
"My father, Lynn M Lang was a tail gunner in the 453rd. He passed away in November of 2009. He and my mother are buried at Fort Rosecrans. I down loaded your book and have enjoyed reading about some of the things/places I remember him talking about. Thank you for putting this together."
Submitted by: "Bruce Lang" 
"Ramona", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1147"
"I am looking for information on my beloved Uncle Sgt. Maurice Earl Chapman (Chappy)from Mt. Pleasant Michigan. He was with the 453rd bomb group, 733rd bomb squadron at Old Buckenham England. He was a gunner on a B-24 bomber, Serial #28745 and was shot down and killed MAY 8th,1944 on a mission to Brunswick. This was the only information I ever knew about my Uncle. Then on my mothers 90th birthday I decided to enter his name on my computer. WOW! I was completely blown away that he was part of such an important mission/missions during the war. I have a copy of the Missing Air Crew Report and numerous documents/books that describe the May 8th missions. In fact, he is in a picture with a flight crew on page 205 of the book, An Emotional Gauntlet by Stuart Wright. My mother and Aunt positively identified him in this picture, he is listed as an unidentified replacement crew member on the plane Stolen Moments flown by Lt. Gus Johnson. Other crew members with him in this picture were, Lt. Bebenroth, Lt. Griffin, Sgt. Becker, Sgt. Giombarrese, Sgt. Cleary, Sgt. Eihausen. My heart aches that he was not properly identified after 70 years. He is on the far right bottom row. My mother age 90 and my Aunt age 93 are thrilled I was able to find some information on their brother and mission details of that fateful day. However, I am still looking for someone who may have known him during the his Air Force Days. The plane he was killed on did not have a name, but it was flown by Lt. Fred Parker and the crew members were, Raymond Czeslaski, Myron Cetwinski, Maurice Chapman (my uncle), George A. Evans Jr., George Granko, Oscar Lindberg, Arthur McCormick, and Billy Williamson. According to the MACR, George Evans, Lt. Parker and maybe George Granko survived or were captured, or returned to duty. My information is somewhat scattered. I so wish we would have known more information years ago so we could have been part of the 453rd reunions and made contact with his Army buddies. My uncle was a fine young man and I wish I could have known him. Please e-mail me if you or your relative can remember my uncle. Thank-you Louanna Burch "
Submitted by: "Louanna R. Burch" 
"Mt. Pleasant", "Mi" "USA"   

Record #: "1146"
"I am looking for information on my beloved Uncle Sgt. Maurice Earl Chapman (Chappy)from Mt. Pleasant Michigan. He was with the 453rd bomb group, 733rd bomb squadron at Old Buckenham England. He was a gunner on a B-24 bomber, Serial #28745 and was shot down and killed MAY 8th,1944 on a mission to Brunswick. This was the only information I ever knew about my Uncle. Then on my mothers 90th birthday I decided to enter his name on my computer. WOW! I was completely blown away that he was part of such an important mission/missions during the war. I have a copy of the Missing Air Crew Report and numerous documents/books that describe the May 8th missions. In fact, he is in a picture with a flight crew on page 205 of the book, An Emotional Gauntlet by Stuart Wright. My mother and Aunt positively identified him in this picture, he is listed as an unidentified replacement crew member on the plane Stolen Moments flown by Lt. Gus Johnson. Other crew members with him in this picture were, Lt. Bebenroth, Lt. Griffin, Sgt. Becker, Sgt. Giombarrese, Sgt. Cleary, Sgt. Eihausen. My heart aches that he was not properly identified after 70 years. He is on the far right bottom row. My mother age 90 and my Aunt age 93 are thrilled I was able to find some information on their brother and mission details of that fateful day. However, I am still looking for someone who may have known him during the his Air Force Days. The plane he was killed on did not have a name, but it was flown by Lt. Fred Parker and the crew members were, Raymond Czeslaski, Myron Cetwinski, Maurice Chapman (my uncle), George A. Evans Jr., George Granko, Oscar Lindberg, Arthur McCormick, and Billy Williamson. According to the MACR, George Evans, Lt. Parker and maybe George Granko survived or were captured, or returned to duty. My information is somewhat scattered. I so wish we would have known more information years ago so we could have been part of the 453rd reunions and made contact with his Army buddies. My uncle was a fine young man and I wish I could have known him. Please e-mail me if you or your relative can remember my uncle. Thank-you Louanna Burch "
Submitted by: "Louanna R. Burch" 
"Mt. Pleasant", "Mi" "USA"   

Record #: "1145"
"My Father, William D. Molloy is still alive at 93, living in his home town of West Hartford, CT. He was a medic at "
Submitted by: "Mark Molloy" 
"West Hartford", "CT" "USA"   

Record #: "1144"
"I am the son of Martin Jarabek who served with the 453rd B.G. 735th B.S. Armament Section. I am looking for anyone who may have served with him or their relatives to share information or photos. He passed away in May 2006. Contact info: e-mail "
Submitted by: "Martin Jarabek" 
"New London", "Oh" "USA"   

Record #: "1143"
"I am the 57 yr old son of John Burkhardt (Distinguished Flying Cross), of the 453rd Bomb Group, 2nd Air Division, 734th Bomb Squadron. My Father is going to be 90. I just came across the following info in one of his textbooks and would LOVE to be contacted by anyone of these heroes: Pilot Ray L. Sears, Co Pilot James Kotapish, Bombardier Leonard Phillips, Navigator Eugene Minor, Top Turret Leon Oppis, Ball Turret Herbert Bieling, Right Waist Gun Charles Cannon, Left Waist-Engnr (MY DAD), Tail Gunner (deceased Fred Gonzalez, Radio Frank Youtsey. They flew the Spirit of Notre Dame. Lucky bunch. Contact me: cell 781 910-6971 or email (Jack) "
Submitted by: "JohnBurkhardt" 
"Lynn", "MA" "USA"   

Record #: "1142"
"Are you a World War 2 Veteran or know someone who is? In 1998, I began my project of collecting stories from World War 2 veterans and their families for the purpose of preserving and documenting information for future generations to learn. I would like to talk to any World War 2 veterans who are interested in sharing their stories. I would greatly appreciate it. The histories that I have been collecting and compiling over the last 12 years, all this information has been donated to the General Patton Memorial Museum. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact me. Cell: 760-218-5512 E-mail: Subject line: WW2 Veteran Very respectfully, Proud to have served Peter D. Minix Former SGT. U. S. Marine Corps Former California Army National Guard Member "
Submitted by: "Pete Minix" 
"Indio", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1141"
"was in 453 squadrin number 732 is anyone out there still kickin?"
Submitted by: "LOREN COLE" 
"BURKBURNETT", "tx" "USA"   

Record #: "1140"
"went to ww11 museum in new orleans thinking about going to 8th air force museum in savanna georgia. has anyone been there is it worth going? "
Submitted by: "LOREN COLE" 
"BURKBURNETT", "tx" "USA"   

Record #: "1139"
"I've been researching the 453rd and its associated elements, what I'm currently looking for is any information on the 467th Sub Depot which was a repair facility associated with the 453rd BG. Any help on this would be appreciated as it will be assisting in the representation of this element at Old Buc within a brand new web site dedicated to this group. Thank you all in advance. Sincerely, Timothy Ramsey"
Submitted by: "Timothy Ramsey" 
"Renton", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1138"
"I am the oldest Grandson of George L. Brantingham, who served as the Executive Officer of the 734th Bomb Group stationed in England during World War II. I really enjoyed reading the book about the 453rd BG and about what my Grandfather was a part of during World War II. I am a retired ICC(SS) who spent 21 years in the U.S. Navy and served on three Destroyers and three Diesel Submarines and two Nuclear Submarines. My Grandfather and three of my Uncles are the primary reason that I joined the service. Gob Bless All of You that served and Thank You for your service!!!!"
Submitted by: "Charles W. Kruger" ("Charlie"
"Spring Grove", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1137"
"My Uncle Ralph Pete Petersen was the pilot of the Flamin Mamie 44-50529 and flew with the 453rd BG. He passed a long time ago before I was born. Are there any members of his crew or others who knew him and could tell me about his time with the 453rd? Thanks to all of you who served!!!"
Submitted by: "Paul McCarran" 
"Fort Wayne", "IN" "USA"   

Record #: "1136"
"Dear Friends The annual Remembrance Day Service took place On Sunday 11th Novemeber At Old Buckenham Beside the Airfield Memorial to the 453rd BG. Approx 300 - 400 people attended , which included the laying of 5 wreaths and poppy crosses. Representatives from the USAFE and RAF were part of the Service. The airfield is still an acive airfield for light aircraft and 40 aircraft visited for the service and to view the Display of vintage military vehicles that were also displayed. Images taken of the day can be found on the first 4 pages of this FLIKR Group. David and I have amassed over 6000 images taken at Old Buckenham since the 1970s . We would very much like to add images from when the 453RD were present. If anyone has images that they are willing to let us upload we would be very grateful. Kind regards Keith and David"
Submitted by: "Keith Sowter & David Moth" ("OLDBUCKSHOTS"
"OLD BUCKENHAM", "UK - England"   

Record #: "1135"
"I am the eldest son of 1st Lt Darrell A. Boucher who served with the 453rd in 1944. I am attempting to find the # and name of the primary AC he flew. I know he flew the Lonsome Polecat at times however there is some indication he may have been in the Plucky Lucky ???. If someone has information concerning this endevor please let me know. With much honor and regards Darrell Boucher Jr."
Submitted by: "Darrell A. Boucher Jr." ("Butch"
"Woodward", "OK" "USA"   

Record #: "1134"
"I am the eldest son of 1st Lt Darrell A. Boucher who served with the 453rd in 1944. I am attempting to find the # and name of the primary AC he flew. I know he flew the Lonsome Polecat at times however there is some indication he may have been in the Plucky Lucky ???. If someone has information concerning this endevor please let me klnow. With much honor and regards Darrell Boucher Jr."
Submitted by: "Darrell A. Boucher Jr." ("Butch"
"Woodward", "OK" "USA"   

Record #: "1133"
"I am searching for anyone with information regarding a mission that my uncle was shot down on. He was: Sgt. Henry E. Ball, a Top Turret gunner. KIA on 11.11.44. over Germany. Reviewing the records of this website, I see that a B24 flown by a Lt. Friedhaber of the 734th was lost on this same date. Mission #179. Could this be his plane also? Only the stories told by his brother, my father before he passed away, I have to remember. I would like to confirm the squadron and ship name also if possible. Any and all family members from his squadron are respectfully encouraged to reply. God bless all. "
Submitted by: "Robert Ball" ("Rob"
"Lakeside", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1132"
"Sorry for error in my earlier post. I did not read that I shouldn't use quotation marks. My father and his fellow crew members were standing in front of a plane named Ruth Marie. Thanks Jerry Baldwin"
Submitted by: "Gerald Baldwin" ("Jerry"
"Ft Myers", "Fl" "USA"   

Record #: "1131"
"I am looking for any information anyone can supply on my father, Jon Baldwin, who flew out of Old Buckenham in 1944 (I think). He passed away in 1994. He didn't talk much about his time in England but I am trying to find out anything I can about his crewmates/missions. He was a radio operator/gunner in a B 24. I have a photo of him and crewmates standing in front of a plane "
Submitted by: "Gerald Baldwin" ("Jerry"
"Ft Myers", "FL" "USA"   

Record #: "1130"
"Greetings. I was recently going through some books of my grandfathers. Inside I found several iron on transfers. These were about 2 inch round cartoonish animation drawings of a rabbit throwing a bomb and the squadron name/number. I have several different squadrons represented. Can anyone tell me more about these? How were they distributed, used etc?"
Submitted by: "Steve Simmons" ("Steve"
"Fort Collins", "Co" "USA"   

Record #: "1129"
"My dad Matt Williams who was in the 453rd is wondering if any of his fellow service men are still alive."
Submitted by: "Matt R Williams Jr" 
"Hayesville", "NC" "USA"   

Record #: "1128"
"Surfed in while trying to find info regarding 2nd Lt. Vincent N. Crupi, who trained with my grandfather at San Angelo AAF. They graduated in August 1943. Lt. Crupi died on 8 April 1944. If anyone has any info, biographical and/or service-related, please contact me via my guestbook at: Thanks. Best regards, Michael Hernandez"
Submitted by: "Mike Hernandez" ("Mike"
"La Mirada", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1127"
"I am writing I feel as more of a tribute to my father S/Sgt. Joseph Ippolito he was a nose gunner with Len Glover, Mike Spezzano and the rest of the team of the Parisian Knights B-29. He passed in 1979 after a long bout with cancer. He never talked about the years in the service; what it was like, feelings, emotions all of the things that I am sure he felt every day, whether that were haunting him or they were brief moments of respite sharing a bond with the men who you trusted with your life every time they went on a mission. To all of you who are with us and to all of those who passed, I want to say THANK YOU! I wished I had gotten to get him to express more of the thoughts and memories that he had with my brother & I. Although I know it would have not made the anguish of those years fade or be any less painful, but rather they would have been a passing of information, emotions that we as the offspring would come to respect, admire and hope to emulate those qualities that I equate to acts of heroism everyday that they climbed aboard the aircraft that allows us the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. Andrew Ippolito, Brooklyn NY "
Submitted by: "Andrew Ippolito" 
"Brooklyn", "NY" "USA"   

Record #: "1126"
"thanks for making this site available! my godfather was a navigator on a B-17 during the war and i've made it a mission to experience as much as i can, and learn as much as i can about what they went through. one of my bucket list items was removed a couple of years ago when i flew with the Aluminum Overcast here in Illinois. a great experience....i got to take off and land in my godfather's flight station. to know that those "
Submitted by: "Ron Evans" 
"Lovington", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1125"
"Hey everyone, my grandfather has recently died on September 3rd, 2012. He was the pilot of the Wandering Wanda, not sure right now on exact dates but would love some help with that. 453rd BG 735 BS 8th AF. Any help with locating more info about him would be great. His full name is Lt. Col. Joseph Clement Somers."
Submitted by: "Aaron" ("Aaron"
"Madison", "AL" "USA"   

Record #: "1124"
"My Dad, Lewis Blais, was a 1st Lt. and flew B-24s with the 453 Bomb Group. He originally was with the Wallace crew. I would like to find out more of his war service. Thanks, Jerry Blais"
Submitted by: "Jerry Blais" 
"Albany", "OR" "USA"   

Record #: "1123"
"My father, Ray (Buck) Gilbreath, was a pilot and 2nd Lt. in WWII. He flew his bomber on a mission over Berlin, was hit and went down in Holland. Eleven parachutes were counted but he never returned and my mother received word that he had died. He was never found. It was March 6, 1944 - a little over 2 months before I was born. When I was 19, I flew to England, for the dedication of a library room to the Second Air Force Division, which had been stationed at Sculthorpe, near Norwich. My father's name was recorded in a large book, which I viewed. There were festivities for several days, I stayed with a warm local couple in their lovely brick home, surrounded by flowers, and I was grateful that my mother had encouraged me to go in her place. Although I would much rather have had my father, I know in my heart that he chose to give his life for his wife, unborn child and the quality of life we would be able to have in the United States. "
Submitted by: "Pamela Gilbreath Kelly" ("Pam"
"Long Beach", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1122"
" My Uncle Maurice Sauret was a pilot on a B24 Liberator with the 735BS and I'm looking for any information on him for our family. He is my Uncle and unfortunately passed away very shortly after the war ended in the Paso Robles area. If anyone flew with him or has information on his missions our family would be very grateful. Regards, Gary F. Tedford"
Submitted by: "Gary Tedford" 
"Orangevale", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1121"
"As a retired healthcare professional, I've become a WWII buff and amateur historian over the last 15 years. Please accept my expression of appreciation for your web site and the information you present toward maintaining an understanding of the most important event of the 20th century, World War II."
Submitted by: "J. DAN SMELTZER" 
"Clive", "IA" "USA"   

Record #: "1120"
"It appears that some of the information didn't make it so.. We are located at and have already done a great deal of research on the men and women of the 453rd while they were stationed at this air base during WWII. We are always looking for additional information and/or pictures as well, if you'd like to learn more drop by and see us and tell them that Tim sent you.."
Submitted by: "Timothy Ramsey" ("Tim"
"Renton", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1119"
"Hello to the 453rd BG, I wanted to let you all know that there's a Facebook page dedicated to the men and women that served the 453rd at "
Submitted by: "Timothy Ramsey" ("Tim"
"Renton", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1118"
"GI & Family International Search (Facebook) This Group is for people searching for their G.I fathers, also for American children looking for their English siblings..It is a friendly helpfull group, where you can chat and get help with your search..There is no charge and no need for form filling..We are all here to help in any way .If you would like to join GI&Family International Search please E.mail"
Submitted by: "G.I,s Enland" ("WW2"
"England ", "w2" "UK"


Record #: "1117"
"My name is Pete Minix, and my hobby for the last 12 years, has been collecting and compiling World War II veteran histories. I currently have over 330 World War II veterans, from all branches, in my private library. None of this information is given out or published for a monetary gain. This is at no cost to you or your family. All I would need are any documents (copies), that you would wish to share or pictures of you during that time. Also, I would also like a current picture of you today. I can send you a large self-addressed envelope for mailing purposes. If you have a scanner attached to your home computer, you could scan your pictures and/or documents to send to me. If you wish to share this information with me, I would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email. If you chose not to share your story with me, I completely understand and will respect your wishes. My E-mail is Semper Fi Peter D. Minix Proud to have served Former Sgt. United States Marine Corps Former Sgt. California Army National Guard Member "
Submitted by: "Pete Minix" 
"Indio", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1116"
"just moving up the info. i am looking for any stories/info or col van dowda. also you can access the photographs from his archives at id:453rd password:oldbuck . i will forward any high resolution and hard copies of any photographs you would like. "
Submitted by: "kelli q pierce" ("dowda"
"tulsa", "OK" "USA"   

Record #: "1115"
"I am trying to find out some history of my deceased father-in-law. John A. Zadworny was from Trenton NJ and flew in B24's from England. I appreciate any info provided."
Submitted by: "C. Coxson" ("Chuck"
"Thorndale", "PA" "USA"   

Record #: "1114"
"First of all we want to thank for the website and keeping the memory alive. We will never forget what these men have done for us. We hav adopted 2 men of the 453rd BG, they are both buried at the American War Cemetery of Ardennes. They are: S/Sgt Layman George S S/Sgt Layman Alfred W They were both member of the Raiser crew and lost their lives on June 23th 1944 when their aircraft was shot down above the Netherlands and crashed near Souburg, the Netherlands. We are looking for more information, relatives or anybody who knew them. We hope to hear from you. Dennis and Gerda The Netherlands"
Submitted by: "Dennis and Gerda" 
"Brunssum", "Netherlands"   

Record #: "1113"
"My dad is still kicking at 94. Flew 32 missions with the crew of the Flak Hack. There is a leather flight jacket out there that was painted by my father who came up with the design. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Ej Finocchio, D.V.M."
Submitted by: "Ej Finocchio, D.V.M." ("EJ"
"Harrisville", "RI" "USA"   

Record #: "1112"
"My recent post regarding Dan Reading: My present residence is Napa, CA., email"
Submitted by: "HOWARD SIMON" 
"Napa", "ca" "USA"   

Record #: "1111"
"I was in the 119th AAA Gun Bn. in Gen. Patton's Third Army in WW2. During the end of the war we were in the area of Moosberg, Germany when Stalag Luft 7A was liberated, You may be interested to know that I located a 453rd Bomb Group Liberator crew member, Lt. Daniel Reading, from my hometown of Alameda, CA. He had been a POW for ten months. I kept in touch with Dan until his death several years ago. Somewhere I have photos taken at the time. It was indeed a memorable occasion that I'll never forget. "
Submitted by: "HOWARD SIMON" 
"Naoa", "ca" "USA"   

Record #: "1110"
"For Don Olds - please email me again - some how your earlier email was accidentally deleted."
Submitted by: "Phillip Womble" 
"Highland City", "Fl" "USA"   

Record #: "1109"
"Is there a historian for the 453rd Bomb Group?"
Submitted by: "Phillip Womble" 
"Highland City", "Fl" "USA"   

Record #: "1108"
"My uncle was shot down over Germany on May 8 1944 He was a member of this squadron I know he was a gunner and was only 23 years old and stationed somewhere in UK I found and visited his grave in Belgium Thanks to all who served Sally "
Submitted by: "Sally van Boheemen" ("Sally"
"Renton ", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1107"
"My uncle was shot down over Germany on Sept 26 1944 He was a member of this squadron I know he was a gunner and was only 23 years old and stationed somewhere in UK I found and visited his grave in Belgium Thanks to all who served Sally "
Submitted by: "Sally van Boheemen" ("Sally"
"Renton ", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1106"
"My uncle was shot down over Germany on Sept 26 1944 He was a member of this squadron I know he was a gunner and was only 23 years old and stationed somewhere in UK I found and visited his grave in Belgium Thanks to all who served Sally "
Submitted by: "Sally van Boheemen" ("Sally"
"Renton ", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1105"
"Perhaps the following may interest you... I have made a software program/database called - WW-II Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands - as a tribute to all the airmen who lost their lives in the airwar over Holland. Via, you may download the latest version of the software... It is free-of-charge (though donations are very much appreciated), has no advertising, is very easy to use, and no installation is necessary (just download, unzip and run the software)! All crashes are not (yet) available in the database, though it is gradually filled with more data; Currently, 29th April 2012, information on 958 aircraft and 4882 crew members is listed in great detail! If you like to see what other people think of the program, you can read my guest book at Any comments on the program or information for the database is very much appreciated... Greetings from Texel island, Holland. Jan "
Submitted by: "Jan Nieuwenhuis" 

Record #: "1104"
"Since my last post looking for information on Sgt Boyd Bright of the 453rd,I have found that he flew on the RUMBLESTILTSKIN with pilot Frank Tarbell and copilot Brown for about 1/2 of his 35 missions.due to crew shortages,Brown was made pilot and asked Bright to join him as engineer on a new plane.I'm looking for any information on this new crew and plane with Brown as pilot. I want to thank don Olds and Tim Ramsey for their continueing help.Steve"
Submitted by: "steve wagner" ("steve"
"state college", "pa" "USA"   

Record #: "1103"
"Hello to all, I have a friend who has found a slate presentation plaque, given to Flt Lt Rickington trigger, RAF Station 144. Station 144 was RAF Buckenham, in Norfolk England, I am assuming the Flight Lieutenant was some kind of liaison officer, I was wondering if there was anyone that had some information on the officer and the circumstances surrounding the plaque. Thank you for your help, Seanjo Sorry about that, seems I cant follow simple instructions!!"
Submitted by: "Sean Joseph" ("seanjo"

Record #: "1102"
"Hello to all, I have a friend who has found a slate presentation plaque, given to Flt Lt Rickington "
Submitted by: "Sean Joseph" ("seanjo"

Record #: "1101"
"If Jim Melson sees this please contact me. I might have information on your nephews grandpa Dennis. "
Submitted by: "Sharon Eicher" 
"Duluth", "MN" "USA"   

Record #: "1100"
"I just came across this website. I'm trying to get ahold of Maria Teresa Guadalupe Villalobos. She posted on here in 2003 looking for pictures of her dad. He was shot down with my uncle on 9/13/1944. He flew on a plane named porky. Dean Mills was the pilot. I have a crew photo with her dad that I would like to get to her."
Submitted by: "Sharon Eicher" 
"Duluth", "mn" "USA"   

Record #: "1099"
"Seeking good clear drawing /photo and color to the 453rd Bomb Group desing that had a shield background divided vertically down center and horizontally on the right upper side, on the shield were 4 aerial bombs in the upper left corner points downward, right top corner the number 453 and below the number on right lower the USAAF prop/wing symbol ,to the left lower part of shield a castle frontal view and below this a Lion or griffon standing with one foot raised, If you know of this design and can help , please contact me , thank you ! Johnny "
Submitted by: "Johnny Signor" 
"Palm Bay", "Fl" "USA"   

Record #: "1098"
"Did the 733rd Bombardment Squadron ever have a emblem using Bugs Bunny in a cap with feather using a bow and as the arrow an aerial bomb, and he stands on a cloud with bombs to right side and one bomb on strap around his body ???? I am seeking info on and a good photo of this emblem if it was ever used by the squadron , thank you ! Johnny "
Submitted by: "Johnny Signor" 
"Palm ", "Fl" "USA"   

Record #: "1097"
"HELLO: I flew combat missions with the 733rd squadron of the 453rg BG starting the beginning of OCTOBER 1944 THRU THE END OF HOSTILITIES IN mAY OF 1945 I would be very happy to make contact with any one who served at the same time as I did."
Submitted by: "aul J. DuBovis" 
"Las Vegas", "NV" "USA"   

Record #: "1096"
"My late father, Bob Bartl, shot a short film of a 453rd BG award ceremony. It was shot in early 1945. "
Submitted by: "Wayne Bartl" 
"Orland Park", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1095"
"Buy Levitra online"
Submitted by: "kate" 

Record #: "1094"
" My wifes uncle,Sgt Boyd Bright flew 35 missions from Old Buc with the 453rd group with Jimmy Stewart in 1943 and 1944.He said his plane was called the dirty bitch.Not sure what squadron he flew with. His son and I would love to find photos or any information about him or his crew.Boyd has since passed away and although he taled about the war with his son and I,We would like to find out more about his time there.Thanks,Steve"
Submitted by: "steve wagner" ("steve"
"state college", "pa" "USA"   

Record #: "1093"
"My father Francis Gunsolley passed away in July of 2011. He was stationed at Old Buc with the 453rd bg 734 squadron. The plane he flew on was the Lonesome Polecat. He flew 30 missions over Europe starting on Feb 11, 1944 and his last was on June 20, 1944. He was a SSgt and a gunner. He flew many of his missions with a pilot by the name of Robert Witzel. If there is any living members of his crew or siblings of the crew please contact me with any pictures or info that you may have. I am primarilly interested in the 30 missions he was on. Any help is greatly appreciated. You can email me at PS This is a great site by the way!"
Submitted by: "Gary Gunsolley" 
"Bishop", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1092"
"Dear 453rd BG, I wanted to share that my grandfather George A. Smith passed away last monday Feb 20. He was a Flight Chief, and was part of the the 735th Sq at Old Buckenham. He was very proud of his time in the 453rd and was a big fan of Jimmy Stewart. thanks, Nate"
Submitted by: "Nathan Smith" 
"Perry", "ok" "USA"   

Record #: "1091"
"I regret to announce the passing of my father, James F. McNamara, on February 17, 2012. He was 91. He was a staff sargeant in the 732 Squadron of the 453rd. For the last 10 years he was a resident of the Villages in Lady Lake Florida. Patrick J. McNamara"
Submitted by: "Patrick J. McNamara" 
"Aberdeen", "NJ" "USA"   

Record #: "1090"
"H I S T O R Y 453rd Bombardment Group (H) Station 144, APO #634 MISSION # 29 – TUTOW, GERMANY – 9 APR. – SUN. 27 ships departed for the airfield at Tutow. Due to adverse weather over England and the Channel, 11 planes returned early. 16 aircraft bombed the target successfully. On this mission Lts. Hamby and Neary and their crews were lost to the group. Among Lt. Neary's crew was Capt. Rollo, the Group Navigator. Capt. Rollo was flying on his fourth mission and had been Group Navigator since the loss of Capt. O'Reilly on March 18. Both crews were later reported safe in Sweden. My Dad - Frank Hendershot was the navigator on this mission for Hamby's crew. I have a complete photo album of his covering the 6 months his crew was interned in Sweden. I also knew Len Moyer from the crew. I met him when my parents visited the Moyer's in Amelia Courthouse, VA - I have pictures from the visit. "
Submitted by: "Grace O'Keefe" ("Gracie"
"State College", "PA" "USA"   

Record #: "1089"
"Looking for info on the Gypsy Queen crew 1944-1945. Robert Atkins, Fairlee, VT tailgunner was my dad. Other crew members included Al Bryson, pilot, Ed Watson co, Sol Greenberg, navigator, Al Gehrt Bombadier, Dave Mitchnick, George Walker, Maxey Spencer, Clarence Mayronne, Joe Grunas made up the rest of this incredible group of young men."
Submitted by: "Tara Atkins Mitchell" 
"Orford", "NH" "USA"   

Record #: "1088"
"My father Robert "
Submitted by: "Tara Atkins Mitchell" ("TG"
"Orford", "NH" "USA"   

Record #: "1087"
"My father is Thomas X Wright, 1st Lt navigator 35 Missions 453rd. Mutiple trips to Magdeburg. Missed the Remagen bridge and killed a bunch of sheep. Thank God. Interested in anyone who remembers him or has a memory to share. "
Submitted by: "Thomas X Wright" ("Tex "
"Des Moines", "Ia" "USA"   

Record #: "1086"
"My father Patrick J Shereda (still living strong at almost 93) was a bombader pilot on the Cumulus Cloud B24 422PL and was shot down over northern Italy (Molveno) and has such stories, i wish he would record them and his children would write the book. The Italian resistance kept him hidden in safe houses and showed him where to travel to get out, because he was the pilot and the Nazi wanted him bad. But thanks to a Catholic priest and numerious wonderful Italian people he found his freedom by climbing a mountain well over 12,000 into Switzerland. He returned to Molveno 2 times since and the decedents of the people who saved him remembered the story and him, it is very heartwarming, i cry when I think about it and here my dearest Dad tell the story. Thanks to the great people of the Italian resistance for saving my father, God bless you and your decedants. Patrick's loving daughter Ruth Ann Shereda"
Submitted by: "ruth shereda" ("bugs bunny"
"glenwood springs", "co" "USA"   

Record #: "1085"
"I am looking for any info or photos of my Uncle DOMINIC FALLACARO. He was in the 453rd Bomber Squadron, 734 Bomber Group. I believe he was on the Lucky Penny I and was shot down on May 8, 1944. My mom is his younger sister who is 87 yrs old. She is also his last living sibling. Thank you."
Submitted by: "Patti White" ("Patti"
"Buffalo", "ny" "USA"   

Record #: "1084"
"George P Burnett was my father in law and i loved to here about his time in the service, i'm proud to have known him and will never forget his service to our country. He was shot down over St Vitt ,Belgium January 14 1945 and was a POW untill the end of the war. George has since passed but his memory lives on. I would like to know more about the 323bg and and anyone who served with him and the plane he flew in before it was shot down. Thanks ,Rick"
Submitted by: "Ricky King" ("moon"
"Dallas", "TX" "USA"   

Record #: "1083"
"George P Burnett was my father in law and i loved to here about his time in the service, i'm proud to have known him and will never forget his service to our country. He was shot down over St Vitt ,Belgium January 14 1945 and was a POW untill the end of the war. George has since passed but his memory lives on. I would like to know more about the 323bg and and anyone who served with him and the plane he flew in before it was shot down. Thanks ,Rick"
Submitted by: "Ricky King" ("moon"
"Dallas", "TX" "USA"   

Record #: "1082"
"My Dad would like to contact Nick Radosevich of Lucky Penny. Dad was a navigator with Stillbert's Lucky Penny crew. Thank you. Elizabeth Syverson 785 478 4712"
Submitted by: "Elizabeth Syverson" 
"Topeka", "KS" "USA"   

Record #: "1081"
Submitted by: "AL" 

Record #: "1080"
"e-mail change"
Submitted by: "Tim Sullivan" ("Tim"
"Barrington", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1079"
"Does anyone remember the Flak Hack. My dad is 93 years old and the crew made 32 missions. Some of the crew members were as follows, Donald Jones, William Croft,Fred Stein, Herbert A. Bradley, Murray Fried, Seymore Goldberg, Ralph Westbrook, Hoy Seay and Clarence Mace. Would love to hear form anyone. There is also a leather flight jacket form the crew out there with a painitng of the Flak Hack on the back which was painted by my dad. Would love to make contact witht he person who has it."
Submitted by: "E j Finocchio, D.V.M." 


Record #: "1078"
"Hi: Anyone out there remember the "
Submitted by: "Ej Finocchio, D.V.M." 
"Harrisville", "RI" "USA"   

Record #: "1077"
"Hi: Anyone out there remember the "
Submitted by: "Ej Finocchio, D.V.M." 
"Harrisville", "RI" "USA"   

Record #: "1076"
"Earl Blaine Stilson, my grandfather, was in the 453rd as a 2nd lieutenant navigator and won four battle stars. He passed away in May 2011 but he will always be remembered. He was stationed in London England in 1941(I think). If anyone knew him or what plane he flew in could you PLEASE, PLEASE E mail me. Thanks "
Submitted by: "George" 
"NC" "USA"   

Record #: "1075"
"looking for any info on my dads B24 whiskey jingles tom whitey zabit top gunner"
Submitted by: "tom zabit" 
"winnett", "mt" "USA"   

Record #: "1074"
"My dad Lawrence Syverson would enjoy hearing from others in his group the 453rd. He served as a navigator on the Lucky Penny. He was shot down over Germany and was in prison camp. His phone number is 785 478 4712"
Submitted by: "Elizabeth Syverson" 
"Topeka", "KS" "USA"   

Record #: "1073"
"The passing of the 453rd BG Association President:

Lloyd Prang, Chairman of the 453rd Bomb Group Association since 1999, passed away on Sept. 16, 2011. Lt. Col James Dyke (Ret.), Vice Chairman has assumed leadership and will serve as Chairman. Due to transition problems, the 453rd Newsletter has been delayed but it is hoped to be mailed in early December.

Lloyd Warren Prang, age 87 of Greenwood, passed away Friday, September 16, 2011 from complications after a fall in July. He was born in Chicago, IL in March of 1924 to Helen and Paul Prang. Lloyd was a pilot with the 2nd Air Division, 453rd bomb group during WWII, and was very active with this group over the years. After the war, Lloyd worked as the manager of conventions, registration and events for the American Medical Association. He also wrote a book of his memoirs and experiences during the war. Lloyd is survived by his loving wife of 62 years, Irene; daughter, Betty (Richard) Eskew; grandson, Chris (Whitney) Eskew; granddaughter, Megan West (fiancé Justin Burgess); and 4 great-grandchildren, Brody and Eli West, and Jocelyn and Conner Eskew. Private services are pending.

In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the 453rd Bomb Group c/o Oliver Morris, Box 123, Tuleta, TX 78162 . Friends may sign the online guestbook at or email condolences to Arrangements are being handled by Erlewein Mortuary in Greenfield.

Published in the The Indianapolis Star on September 20, 2011

Submitted by: "Webmaster" 

Record #: "1072"
"To members of the 9th Air Force, 453rd Bomb Squadron, 323rd Bomb Group, and their descendants:


It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing of Lt. Col. Roy B. Pratt, Sr. at the age of 91 in Conneaut, Ohio on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011. Surviving are his wife Bertha Pratt, three of his four children, 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Roy enlisted in the Army Air Corps as a young, 20-year old Flying Cadet in November 1940 and separated from the service in April 1946. He completed basic and advanced flight training in Texas at Randolph Field and Brooks Field respectively. During the war, as part of the 9th Air Force in the European Theater, he piloted the B-26 Maurader, (his plane was named Miss Fortune). He flew 52 missions over enemy territory as a Group and Wing Leader, becoming proficient in leading formations as large as 108 ships. He was Squadron Commander of the Medium Bomb Squadron during part of his overseas posting at Earls Colne air base in England, between April 1943 and August 1944.

His official records show that he held the following positions: Pilot, Flight Commander, Squadron Commander, Group Air Executive, Director of Operations and Training, Deputy Base Commander and Base Commander.

Among the medals listed on his Certificate of Service is the Distinguished Flying Cross. We hope that he was as proud of that medal and his courageous service as his family was and is of him. He rarely spoke of his military service unless asked, but his memory for names, faces, dates and events remained crystal clear until his death. He especially loved attending Squadron reunions over the years. His fondness and respect for the men with whom he flew was enormous ... Kenny Class, Cas Sochocki, Dick (Itty Bitty) Baker, Jack Kelsey, Bill Timmons, to name just a few. We believe the admiration was mutual. Son Roy Jr. and his wife Dixie attended the 1995 Squadron Reunion in Norfolk, VA. which, we believe, was the last reunion Roy Sr. attended.

During the war, two sons were born to Roy, Roy B. Pratt, Jr. born in 1943 and Walter John Pratt, born in 1945. Both served their country, Roy in the U.S. Army with postings in South Korea and Germany in the 1960s; Walter (now deceased) was career Navy and retired as a Commander from the Naval Surface Force in 1988. After the war, two daughters arrived, Robin Lindsey in 1946 and Rebecca Susan in 1949. He was equally proud of them for their character and accomplishments. What gave him special joy over the years was the fact that his children actually LIKE each other! and look forward to spending time together as adults.

Upon separation from the service in 1946, Roy returned home to Conneaut, Ohio to help raise his growing family. He owned and ran a successful dry cleaning business. He was a member of the Air Force Reserves for a number of years during which he transitioned from propellers to jets, learning to fly the T33. He was an active member and past Commander of the American Legion Cowle Post #151 and continued to fly recreational aircraft for many years. Eight members of Cowle Post #151 comprised the Honor Guard at Roy's funeral on November 28, 2011 as he was laid to rest. It was a profoundly moving and well- deserved tribute.

We regret that this communication does not capture the full measure of the man we knew as father, husband, grandfather and great-grandfather and his long life lived after completing official service to his country. His life, as he lived it, was a credit to his family, his community and his country. He will be sorely missed.

We ask you to share our news and our memories with those whom you believe knew Lt. Col. Roy B. Pratt, Sr. as well as with those who are interested in members of -the Greatest Generation.- We are happy to communicate with those who care to contact the family.

Bertha Pratt (widow):
Roy Pratt, Jr.:
Robin Pratt Whitely (daughter):

Submitted by: "Robin Pratt Whitely" 

Record #: "1071"
"My Dad, Frank Ruggiero was stationed at Old Buck. He was a mechanic on the Paper Doll. He was in the 453rd bomb group 734th bomb squadron. He has quite a few photos and he remembers the faces but can't put names to all of them. I wondered if anyone had a roster with names. I thought if he heard the names he may be able to match the name to a face. He has already named quite a few.
Thanks, Paul"

Submitted by: "Paul Ruggiero" 
"Millbrae", "CA" "USA"   

Record #: "1070"
"Hi, I am writing this on behalf of my wife Joyce whose uncle LT. Robert L. Schmidt was KIA on August 11, 1944 while serving with the 8th Army Air Force. He was in the 453 rd Bomb Group. 734th Squadron returning from a bombing mission to Strasburg Germany. Any info about LT. Schmidt and surviving crew members and this Squadron would be appreciated. I would like to thank all those folks who worked so hard to honor and preserve the memory of all those brave men and women who fought to preserve our freedom. Thank you Bill"
Submitted by: "William J Ryan" ("Bill"
"Grand Island", "NE" "USA"   

Record #: "1069"
"Looking for any information about my uncle Cpl. Gerald Yoder ASN, service # 37440169. He was with the 453rd at Old Buckenham airfield in England until he was lost in March of 1944. He may have been assigned to a B-24 named "
Submitted by: "Paul Wannarka" 
"Bemidji", "Mn" "USA"   

Record #: "1068"
"I am looking for info on my father S/SGT Charles W. Church. According to copies of his GO's for DFC and Air Medals he was in 453rd Bomb Gp(H), But APO listed is for 446th at BUNGAY,ENGLAND not Old Buck. Only story I remember is that his aircraft was shot down and he had to pull 3 or 4 crew members from burning wreckage and thats what he got D.F.C. for.I dont know name of aircraft. He had a war buddy come to visit he was in an R.V. and had a Harley Davidson motorcycle with him. According to mother his name was possible George ? no last name. I know this is not much info. I have talked with Mr Don Olds and he has no record of dad at Old Buck. "
Submitted by: "Charlie Church" ("charliec661"
"Stuttgart", "Ar" "USA"   

Record #: "1067"
"Looking for any information on Lt. Richard G. McRae who was taken as a POW when plane was shot down April 25, 1944. Taken to Luft III and liberated at Moosburg, January 29, 1945."
Submitted by: "Gerald J. Keller" 
"Reserve", "La" "USA"   

Record #: "1066"
"Hello.....I am the grandaughter of late 1stLT John Joseph Mazurek Jr.he was the Navigater-Bombardier..... He survied flying 35 missions,over Germany,France and Normandy..... I have his diary of the 35 missions...Its a very hard read...He flew them from 5-28-1944 to 12-12-1944,WOW...I also have a picture of the crew but no names of who is in the picture with him..The plane behind them is the LONESOME POLECAT..He was in the 734th BS, 453rd BG H AAF...... He was also given the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS and the AIR MEDAL with oak leaf clusters and other medals...This was all found by his daughter whos is also no longer with mom...So I cant ask where she found all of this..But there is so much more to learn,so please if anyone knows anything about him or his crew or missions PLEASE PLEASE email me at you Thank you .......Sara "
Submitted by: "Sara " 
"Blanco", "TX" "USA"   

Record #: "1065"
" Would like to hear from John Turner, Jr. Was a member of his dad's Crew, 2nd Lt Johm R Turner, We were lost on the 3rd of Feb. 1944 and become POWs. Would like to exchange information about his dad and our crew, Please contact me soon ."
Submitted by: " Aubrey R. Weldon" ("Tex"
"Friendswood", "EX" "USA"   

Record #: "1064"
"I was a part of 453rd bomb group in 732 sqd"
Submitted by: "Roland Lesher" 
"Dayton", "Nv" "USA"   

Record #: "1063"
" Greatings from 25th ID, 52nd Ordnance GP, 3rd Brigade Combat Team! HOOAH!!"
Submitted by: "Aaron Jacob" ("Sgt"
"Fargo", "ND" "USA"   

Record #: "1062"
"I am just looking for anyone that may have information, pictures, or know my grandfather Clarence Braml or info about his company in WWII. I have seen one picture and I know he was the bombardier on a B-24 named Crows Nest, and that Jimmy Stewart was in his crew. Please email me if you have any info. thank you and I appreciate any help."
Submitted by: "Darren Braml" ("Darren B"
"Minneapolis", "MN" "USA"   

Record #: "1061"
"Thanks to the wonderful services of Janet Baltas, I recently received 257 color photocopies of documents related to my father's (Henry Ford Roberts) 36 missions flying with Charles Wincey's crew of the the 734th from May 23, 1944 - August 26, 1944, including crew member mission sheets, formation diagrams, aerial photos, after-mission reports, fuel consumption, departure/arrival sheets, etc. I am posting this message as an unsolicited testimonial based on how much my family and I benefited from the research. For details regarding her research services please refer to entry 1009. I have scanned all the documents and am happy to share them with anyone who is interested. Crew members included Cook, Martini, Sandford, Telles, McVee, Szezesny, Roberts, Verbois and Scroggin. They flew aboard 12 different planes. "
Submitted by: "Frank Isaac" 
"Union", "WA" "USA"

Record #: "1060"
"I had the honor of knowing Edmund Survilla for many years; he was my mentor in my formulative years. It is through the actions depicted in Lucky Pennys Tail that we owe a great debt to Edmund, the crew of the Lucky Penny, members of the 453rd, and thousands of veterans of WWII, in that we are able to live, and raise our families the way we have, in this great country. "
Submitted by: "Al Antolick" ("Little Albert"
"Drums", "PA" "USA"   

Record #: "1059"
"My father, Lt. Col. Robert (Bob) B. Bieck, USAF retired, died of natural causes on 22 June 2011 in Lakeland, Florida. He served in the 453rd from shortly before deployment overseas to late September 1944, eventually as the command pilot of Partial Payment. He will be buried with his wife, Mary Jean, who predeceased him, at Arlington National Cemetary in Section 64, Space 462, at a time to be determined later and after a service at the Fort Meyers post chapel. For further information, please contact me. My brother and I encourage donations to this association in lieu of flowers. "
Submitted by: "Robert B. Bieck, Jr." ("Rob "
"New Orleans", "La" "USA"   

Record #: "1058"
"I've been looking for information I needed for a long time, but only your site has helped me to find it. Thank you very much. I'm sure to tell my friends about you."
Submitted by: "soft-oem" ("soft-oem"
"Birmingham", "USA"   

Record #: "1057"
"I am responding to Frank Isaac, regarding his father and the crew of the Lucky Penny: Frank, I had the honor of knowing Edmund Survilla, tail gunner for Lucky Penny I and II. Nick Radosevich was the pilot of that flight crew. Lucky Penny's Tail is a book recounting Edmund's story, and the cover includes a photo of both the flight and ground crews from May, 1944. Your father is sure to be in it! There is one other ground crew photo inside. I found your reference to a dog especially interesting, as the Lucky Penny was named after her canine mascot. The nose art on Lucky Penny I was a black cocker spaniel riding a bomb. The link to find the book is Check it out. Jim Scallion"
Submitted by: "James Scallion" ("Jim"
"Drums", "PA" "USA"   

Record #: "1056"
"My grandfather was a B-24 pilot, Eino V. Alve. May 29th, 2011 will be the second anniversary of his passing. If anyone has any information on him, or his crew, please feel free to contact me. I would like to put together a written memorial together for family and friends. Thank you all for your tremendous bravery and dedication to our country. Amy Lane"
Submitted by: "Amy Lane" 
"Burke", "Va" "USA"   

Record #: "1055"
"My wife's uncle, S/Sgt. Frank Bleickhardt was a German radio Intercept operator - Y Group also called S27 operator in the 392 BG. In researching the Y service in the 8 AF I found that the 453 BG was also involved in German Radio intercept. I would like to hear from anyone who has any information on the Airborne intercept group. Thank you."
Submitted by: "David Strahan" ("Dave"
"Renton", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1054"
"Can't believe I failed to salute. Eternal and deepest thanks to all who served, whenever, wherever, and whatever their rank and assignment. And special thanks to all of you who served at Old Buck. And to fellow relatives and friends of those who served - aren't we blessed?"
Submitted by: "David Francis Roberts Isaac" ("Frank"
"Union", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1053"
"Howdy. My father Henry Ford Roberts was stationed at Old Buck from 21 April 1944 until 8 October 1944. He was a Flight Maintenance Gunner 748 and was on the Lucky Penny Penny I and II, Sky Chief, and Lonesome Polecat. When he received his discharge he returned to Texas we got a dog that he named Penny. After Penny died we got a collie called Nicky, either short for Nickel or perhaps in tribute to Nick Radovich. There is a reference to him on this site, archive record 764, that indicates that on at least one occasion he was a crew member on a plane (don't know which plane) with Pilot Wincey, Copilot Coke, bombardier Sanford, navigator Martini, tail gunner Scroggin, ball turret gunner Verbois, radio operator Telles, and top turret gunner McVee, and nose gunner Szezesny. My name at birth was David Francis Roberts; the Francis was after Francis Szezesny. My father's discharge papers indicate that he was awarded EAME Ribbon with 2 Bronze Battle Stars, Air Medal with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters and the DFC. Sadly, he passed away at age 42 in a VA hospital in Houston. If anyone has any info at all I'd love to know; I am gathering material to present to my brother, Rokki Ford Roberts as a very special gift.. Also, I have a photo of him and the rest of the crew in front of a plane with the number 4160 or 4180. People's faces are clearly identifiable, as well as some figures in front of a wooden building behind the plane. I would be very happy to post the picture to this site if someone will tell me how to go about it. Thanks so much for any help."
Submitted by: "David Francis Roberts Isaac" ("Frank"
"Union", "WA" "USA"   

Record #: "1052"
"Looking for any additional information about my great uncle, James M. Chilcoat, Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army Air Forces, Service # 0-688917. He was in the 734th Bomber Swuadron, 453 Bomber Group, Heavy. He entered into the service in Maryland, died May 8, 1944 and was buried in Germany, then relocated to Margraten, Netherlands. I was told he was the co-pilot of the mission and he received a purple heart. Any addtional information would be appreciated. Thanks"
Submitted by: "Kathleen Schilling-Days" ("Kathy"
"Mount Joy", "PA" "USA"   

Record #: "1051"
"Can someone please tell me where "
Submitted by: "David Hogue (Son of David W. Hogue)" 
"Houston", "TX" "USA"   

Record #: "1050"
"I left a message a few years ago and have had lots of help but Iam still looking for anyone who new off my father his name was clarance keltner nick name kelly he was in the 453rd 732sq he was a rear gunner at old bucks he finished all missions and then my mum lost track of him, I have since found out he died in 1966 and Iam now in touch with his family my half brothers and sisters in the states. What we would like to know is was he a prision of war or get sent back to the states with out returning to england as we know this happened sometimes we are trying to fill in the gap. great site keep up the good work as a lot of people are getting some usefull information from it."
Submitted by: "susan" ("sue"
"london england", "USA"   

Record #: "1049"
"This messege is dedicated to my Grandfather Frank R. Lane who was in the 8th Air Force and was in the 453rd BS. I have recently been asking him many questions of his experience and Old Buc. He shared that Jimmy Stewart lead there very first mission and he was in twelve more following as a nose gunner. I love you Grandpa-Jennifer "
Submitted by: "Frank R. Lane" 
"Boise", "Id" "USA"   

Record #: "1048"
"Attempting to contact the Webmaster Lluyd Morris regarding erroneous information posted by the son of a former pilot. Sent email letter with no response. Furthermore, the co-pilot of same crew is listed in NARA as being held in Stalag VIIA conflicting with other members of the crew were held in Stalag Luft III. Is there a roster of American personnel held in the camp? The name of the co-pilot was Lt. Robert John Hagan, Jr. O-811072. Appreciate any assistance. Robert "
Submitted by: "Robert Johnson" ("Robersabel"
"Surprise", "AZ" "USA"   

Record #: "1047"
"I have just moved to Theriault Ct in Cambridge. Her street is named Theriault Ct. A historical marker on the street says that it is naed for Joseph Thericault wiho died over England. Do you know any other inforation about him Dr Anna McDonald My address is 8 Theriault Cambridge, MA. Could this be his house/"
Submitted by: "Anna McDonald" 
"Cambridge", "MA" "USA"   

Record #: "1046"
"I was a pilot in the 84th FS 78th FG. I am 86 and wonder if any other pilots are also still alive. I was the youngest in my group. I flew 46 missions and the war in Europe ended befor my 21st birthday. I am not in great shape so if anyone responds so it quickly Thanks much, CTB"
Submitted by: "C.T. BENDORF" ("TOM"
"Aberdeen", "SD" "USAI was"   

Record #: "1045"
"Looking for info on Joe Kennedy and his crew of the 733 squadron"
Submitted by: "Joe Kennedy" 
"stormville", "ny" "USA"   

Record #: "1044"
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Submitted by: "Bars" ("BAR"
"sihanoukville", "Sh" "Cambodia"   

Record #: "1043"
"Thanks to those who made this site, it is a great tribute to a lot of truly brave men who flew in the skies over Europe and the Pacific during the war. Unfortunately, the obituary section of today's (11Feb2011) edition of the Chicago Tribune contained the name of Mr. Raymond L. Kush, age 91. He passed away on 09Feb2011. His obituary said he served with the 453rd Bombardment Group from 1943-45, flying 32 missions from Apr1944 - Aug1944. May God bless Mr. Kush, and those of the 453rd who have passed before him. See website: for more information. Thanks, A. Gasbarro IL, USA"
Submitted by: "Anthony Gasbarro" 
"Chicago", "IL" "USA"   

Record #: "1042"
"Hi: My father is 92 years old and was a tail gunner and engineer for the Flack Hack. He painted the logo on the plane. Someone emailed me in the past having in their possession a leather jacket with the Flack Hack painted on the back. This was done by my dad.I would be very interested in paying a premium for this jacket while my dad is still with us. Sincerely, EjFinocchio, D.V.M."
Submitted by: "Ej Finocchio, D.V.M." 
"Harrisville", "RI" "USA"   

Record #: "1041"
"happy with your website for make or add a message guestbook that they want to do on the website:"
Submitted by: "chally" ("chally"
"sihanouk ville", "Sh" "cambodia"   

Record #: "1040"
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Submitted by: "Dom" ("ay"
"Bangkok", "th" "Thailand"   

Record #: "1039"
"Really enjoy your guest book and found several people to contact for information about my time at Old Buck and the 453rd BG and 732 Sqd. again thanks for the help"
Submitted by: "Edgar L Dellow" ("Ed"
"Spring field", "MO" "USA"

Record #: "1038"
"Look@mebooks is offering an opportunity for writers of all styles and genres to be published for free in their new book “The Transcending Aspirations of American Authors.” To participate please submit your entry of 500 words or less to before 9/15/11. For more information please visit us online at "
Submitted by: "Todd" 
"Ware", "MA" "USA"


Record #: "1037"
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Submitted by: "pounleraksmey" ("smey"
"Canbodia", "Cambodia"   

Record #: "1035"
"My name is Arthur Samel. I am a 25 year old male in a wheelchair with Muscular Dystrophy. I live in the Philadelphia area. I've been a fan of yours for a while now, and I would really appreciate any signed military memorabilia that you could send me. Thank you very much. Arthur Samel 1700 Tuckerstown Road Dresher, PA 19025 "
Submitted by: "Arthur " ("Art"
"dresher", "pa" "USA"   

Record #: "1034"
"My dad SSgt George Lewis was a radio operator in the 732nd Bomb Squadron"
Submitted by: "Michael Lewis" ("Mike"
"Papillion", "NE" "USA"   

Record #: "1033"
"I recently submitted an entry and then discovered that my address was listed for my email. My email is for those wishing to contact me in regard to notes of Delmar Wangsvick, as mentioned in the previous entry. This entry has the correct email address in the text."
Submitted by: "Carl Wangsvick" 
"Fort Collins", "CO" "USA"   

Record #: "1032"
"I recently submitted an entry and then discovered that my address was listed for my email. My email is for those wishing to contact me in regard to notes of Delmar Wangsvick, as mentioned in the previous entry."
Submitted by: "Carl Wangsvick" 
"Fort Collins", "CO" "USA"   

Record #: "1031"
"I am the son of Delmar Wangsvick, a member of the 732nd BS in the 453rd BG, from Mar 44 to Mar 45. I have dad's notes and some strike photos taken on missions he flew with the following pilots: Stock, Bingaman, Tolley (2), Bates (2), Titus (3), Baatz, Counselman, Tepfer (3), Cullen (5), and Robinson (19). I have enjoyed these archives and the books purchased through this website tremendously. I hope some day to visit Old Buck, as dad did several times himself. Email me if you think I have something of interest to you."
Submitted by: "Carl Wangsvick" 
"Fort Collins", "CO" "USA"   

Record #: "1030"
"Dear Sirs, My interest is the history of the German fighter unit II./Jagdgeschwader 3 Udet 1940-1944. On 8 May 1944 453 BG/735 BS lost B-24 42-50327 near Tündern (Hildesheim area). I have reasons to believe that this B-24 was rammed by a Me 109 of II./JG 3. Can you confirm this and if so can you please provide me with more details relating to the mission, crew and aircraft? Thank you. Hope you can help me with this matter. Looking forward to yours with much interest. Your help is much appreciated. Best regards from Holland, Rob van den Nieuwendijk "
Submitted by: "Rob van den Nieuwendijk" 

Record #: "1029"
"This is a great site. I am trying to find some information about my father, Jon Baldwin, who flew B 24s out of Old Buckenham (I think) in the 453rd Bomb Group, 733 Bomb Squadron. He was originally from Georgia but lived in Kentucky at the time he enlisted. I have an old photo of him standing with the rest of the crew in front of Ruth Marie. No mames on the photo. My guess is that it was taken in 1944-45. Dad was a Radio Operator. He passed away suddenly in 1994 and never spoke much about the war. Wish I had asked him more now. I would be happy to share the photo if anyone thinks it might be of help. Appreciate any contacts from anyone with information. Email me, please. Jerry Baldwin"
Submitted by: "Gerald Baldwin" ("Jerry"
"Union", "KY" "USA"

Record #: "1028"
"My father was a Master Sergeant in the 453rd at Old Buck. His name was William Andrew Agnew, and he was an Air Technical Inspector, fixing up the B-24's before they were authorized to go back in the air. This is a great site, and I am honored that my father served with such amazing people. "
Submitted by: "Kerry Agnew" 
"Bayport", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "1027"
"My dad, Foy Foster, served as a bombadier in the 453rd BG, 734th Squadron. He is now 89 yrs old. His plane was War Bride, I believe. Is there anyone out there who served with him? "
Submitted by: "Lisa Grusis" 
"CA" "USA"

Record #: "1026"
"I wanted to take a moment today and say thank you to all of those who have served and are serving our country today. My dad served in the 453rd as a Tail Gunner on the Hoo Jive in crew #47 it was there that he met the man that was to be his best friend for the the rest of his life; Jack Weaver who was the ball gunner on that plane. They are both gone now, but they were a part of something that lives on. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. Winston Churchill"
Submitted by: "Don Thompson" ("ddtusa"
"Green Valley", "AZ" "USA"

Record #: "1025"
"My father, Bernard B. Maier was a member of the 732nd bomb sq.H,453rd bomb group. He completed 35 combat missions as a radioman and gunner."
Submitted by: "Donald Maier" ("Don"
"Oil City", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "1024"
"Hello All: Originally from Philadelphia area, volunteered in 42. Comissioned in9/43. My first mission was 'D' day and we were shot down on our ninth 6/23/44 over Holland on our return to England. only ones lost on that mission. I lost 6 good men that day and the three of us that got out were wounded, parachuted out after explosion and picked up by the Germans 6/23/44. Sent to Stalag Luft III in Sagan Germany (Poland) and then the winter march in 1/45 to finally reach Moosburg Germany, the worst of the bad. Patton relieved us of our loss of freedom and dignity and returned home 6/45. Discharged 12/45. Professional sales and then after 20 years re-married and my Wife and I went to Raleigh, NC, where we began our own Kitchen Design business, successful there, Wife became terminal, sold business, built home in Gulf Breeze FL,11/'89. She died in April 91. lived there 20 years am now enjoying retirement living and loving it!! Regards and blessing to all you survivours!! Jack"
Submitted by: "John H Raiser" ("Jack"
"Pensacola", "FL" "USA"
ADDED NOTE 11-27-2010:
According to Mo Morris, upon the impending German defeat the guards from the Stalag III took off and left the prisoners locked up to fend for themselves. Mo's brother, Bennet Morris (in Patton's 15th Field Artillery), while pulling a 105mm cannon, happened to be the lead truck that day and drove through one of the gates at the Stalag Luft III prison camp, thereby helping to free the prisoners.

Record #: "1023"
"Hello, On september 27 1944, Lt Bertand W TARDIF (735th BS)(Manchester N.H. in 1944) bailed out (or crashlanded)near the allied lines. He was helped by the Belgian Resistance in the Ardennes area, so I think he landed is this same area. Could you please give me further informations, crew, plane number, excat crash site? Thank you very much in advance Best regards Guy DEMAIN"
Submitted by: "DEMAIN" 

Record #: "1022"
"Hello all, I am looking for information for the mission of April 24, 1944, to Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich, in which I understand the 453rd may have been involved. My uncle, Oscar Sampson, was a copilot in the 92nd BG on that same mission. See my research web site: In the book, Jimmy Stewart, Bomber Pilot, Starr Smith mentions on page 129 quote In April and May he (Stewart) led on Oberhofen and Siracourt and Troyes ... quote Was the Oberhofen mission really the April 24 Oberpfaffenhofen mission? Thnaks in advance for any information, Ed Rathje Reno, NV "
Submitted by: "Ed Rathje" ("Ed"
"Reno", "NV" "USA"

Record #: "1021"
"Nice website and great stories. We're looking for information regarding the 453rd participation in the Kassel mission of 27 Sept 44. The field order shows one squadron from the 453rd assigned to the 445th carrying a load of incendiary bombs. As we know the fate of the 445th that day, it is unknown if the assigned squadron accompanied the 445th or did they remain with the main bomber stream. It appears that the 445th actually had a different target that day from the rest of the bomb wing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mike Simpson Unit Historian 445th Bomb Group"
Submitted by: "Michael S. Simpson" ("Mike"
"San Tan Valley", "AZ" "USA"

Record #: "1020"
"Looking for information on September 27 1944 raid on Kassel, when a single squadron from the 453rd had a different Mean Point of Impact target from the rest of the 453rd in the 2nd BD Field Order. Any squadron records or group records on the turn, whether the squadron did in fact make that turn with the 445th, and any accounts from that mission greatly appreciated. This is the famed Kassel Mission. Linda Dewey, President Kassel Mission Historical Society "
Submitted by: "Linda Dewey" 
"Glen Arbor", "MI" "USA"

Record #: "1019"
"Not sure if this site is still active but here goes When I was a young boy I spent my summer holidays with my aunt and uncle and my cousins who lived at Borough Common farm about one mile from Old Buckenham airfield. Their name was Fincham and they had many friends amongst the airmen. At Christmas 1944 two of them came to my parents house in Yorkshire England and one of them gave me a present of a book which I still have. It is inscribed To John Malcolm Dye from Raymond Shipman Greenwood Warren Ohio USA Dec 1944 I can still remember Ray and my Father playing with a toy train and breaking the signal before I could get to play with it myself Wonder what happened to Ray 10 October 2010"
Submitted by: "John Malcolm " 
"York", "England"

Record #: "1018"
"i was in the 453 bomb group my last mission was april 10th 1945. i was a gunner out of old buck near norfolk "
Submitted by: "LOREN COLE" 
"burkburnett", "tx" "USA"

Record #: "1017"
"My grandfather was assigned to the Crow's Nest, and I beleive also "
Submitted by: "Dave Bryant" 
"Fort Worth", "TX" "USA"

Record #: "1016"
"I am trying to find out any information on Major Ben Hale who served in the USAAF at Old Buckenham Norfolk during the Second World War.I believe his hometown was Gadsten or Gadsden Alabama, USA. Thanks for your help"
Submitted by: "Sonia Barker" 
"United Kingdom"

Record #: "1015"
"I am hoping you will be able to help me locate any photographs of my Mum, She was orphaned during the war when a bomb scored a direct hit on the family home, luckily on the night in question she was staying with relations somewhere else in the country. Anyway she was very young and used to get picked up at the weekends by US airmen and taken to Watton where she was treated extremely well. The men used to send her home with a basket full of gum chocolate and sweets, when she was alive she used to speak fondly of these occasions. A few years ago she was contacted by your men and taken to the states for a reunion, I believe there were many pictures taken at this reunion as well as old ones from the war. She was described by your men when searching for her as the girl with the Shirley Temple smile and she was known as the girl who sat on the gate when waiting to be picked up. If any body has any photographs of her I would be for ever grateful if they could e-mail them to me, I would like to say thank you to all the men for the kindness they displayed to her and I know she never forgot you. Junes son Frank Steward, England "
Submitted by: "Frank Steward" 

Record #: "1014"
"I thought I would write something here in honor of my uncle, TSgt Arthur Berger. He was a Technical Sargeant on Ford's Follies, according to what I have been told, this particular Liberator was a B-24 J with the 453rd. During his service, TSgt Berger earned several medals, including the Distinguished Flying Cross. After returning home, he earned a BS in Pharmacy from University of Pittsburgh and was a practicing pharmacist. If you want to correspond with TSgt Berger, send your updates to, I will see that he receives them.
Joel Berger "

Submitted by: "Joel Berger" 
"White Oak", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "1013"
" I entered my father's name when I was searching for family records, and this site came up. How wonderful to find my father's name, Lt. Wells H. Simpson in record # 93, crew #46. Dad passed away in Redding CA on Jan. 14, 1963 from an hemorrhaging ulcer. He never talked much about his war experiences, and it's very interesting to read the names of the men he crewed with. I do remember him talking about cracking up at the end of the runway once with the bombs still on board. Perhaps this was on another plane. I would be interested in any information anyone has and can share about my father. If any of you remember him, he worked on building the electrical power plant on Shasta Dam in No. Calif. and then went on to become a Journeyman Printer at the Redding Record Searchlight. Eventually he became a teacher, teaching Math and Wood Shop until he died suddenly. "
Submitted by: "Irene Simpson Smith" ("Irene"
"Rush Valley", "UT" "USA"

Record #: "1012"
"My Grandfather, Norman P. Faucheux from Thibodaux, LA, served with the 732nd Squadron as a crew chief, but I am not certain which planes or crews he was assigned to. He passed away in New Orleans in March of 2007. I am looking for any information about his service, the planes, crews, and photos that anyone might have. My father has Norman's books and records and is in the process of digitally archiving, we hope to be able to make any photos or information available. I have read The Men of Old Buc, can anyone point me to a complete listing of the 732nd's roster? many thanks"
Submitted by: "Scott G Faucheux" 
"Brooklyn", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "1011"
"This sight had lots of good information and pics, thank you! My Grandfather, Richard Vileta was a member of the 732nd Bomb Sq, and 453rd Bomb Group. If ANYONE has a story about him or knew which plane he flew on please contact me I am VERY interested in hearing anything. My Grandfather passed away when I was about 5, so I never knew or heard anything about his exploits. I tried looking up anything I could find when I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath, England just down the road from his airfield. Thank you in advance for any contacts for info. Sincerely and respectfully, Randy J Vileta, MSgt, USAF. My e-mail is"
Submitted by: "Randy Vileta" ("V"
"Abilene", "TX" "USA"

Record #: "1010"
" Websites like this is a great service to veterans. Please continue with your outstanding work. We have added a link to your site on our monthly newsletter. Also, veterans who need information on the latest compensation news, compensation announcements, and compensation developments, please visit our website today. Also, have you ever had hard time of trying to reach your VA primary care physician? Sick of voice mails? Tired of getting the run- around when you call the VA? The new VA Locator service at U.S. Veteran Compensation programs will save you time, money and aggravation. Try it today! "
Submitted by: "Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret" 
"Highland", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "1009"
"If you are looking to document your father or loved ones missions I can help you. While researching my fathers missions at the National Archives in Maryland, I came across a summary listing of 259 missions flown out of Old Buckenham Airfield from February 5, 1944 to April 11, 1945. When I had the archivists pull the boxes for each mission I was able to locate my fathers crew mission sheets for all his missions. Each crewmember mission sheet lists the mission number, date of mission, target, squadron, pilots name along with the names of ALL the men and their position who flew in that plane for that mission. They are a gold mine of information. Also included in the folders are after mission reports, number of fighter planes that escorted the bombers, etc. Also, a vast majority of missions include Wing Wash, a one page summary of the mission and its results. In some cases, even photos are included. I have done research for a fellow whose dad flew out of Old Buc and he was overjoyed to receive this info. All copies are done in color so what you see is identical to the actual papers. Sometimes the only way you can tell the original from the copy is to feel the paper. I also got the crew member mission sheet for a tail gunner who flew on D-Day, so if the missions you are looking for do NOT fall between the above dates I still might be able to help you. I cannot tell you how fantastic it is to have these historical papers in your hands ~ especially when it involves a loved one. If you are interested please email me at for more details."
Submitted by: "Ted Baltas" ("Ted"
"Herndon", "VA" "USA"

Record #: "1008"
"My dad was then 2LT William Kern. He flew across to Old Buck via Brazil and Africa with Bill Penn's crew and flew 3 missions with them and filled in on another one with another crew before joining Hamilton's crew for 12 missions before being shot down by flak. He was a POW at Luft Stalag 1 from March 23rd 1944 until May 1945. He was the first to complete 5 missions in the group and receive the air medal. J tail 732nd, I think. He reached his 90th birthday last December and fractured and had his hip replaced in January. He and my mother will celebrate their 68th anniversary in July. He re-elisted during Korea, and they and my brothers lived at many bases. I, unfortunately, was after the military time. My first signing to the guest book was entry 23, so I thought I'd just update and let anyone associated to the old crews know that he's still "
Submitted by: "Jeanine Kern" 
"Orlando", "FL" "USA"

Record #: "1007"
"My Daddy, Sgt. William Clarence Cheek was a waist gunner on a B-24 Ma's Worry Bomb. Gr. 453, Bomb. Squad. 735. He was reported Missing in Action on May 8, 1944. Five years later, our family received word that his body had been found in a lone grave in Germany. We had the body returned to the U. S. and he is buried in a family gravesite in Braselton, GA. My Mother saved many letters she received during this time and I have heard many stories about the other boys on the plane. When I was nine yrs. old, I made a scrap book of all the mementos she saved. I have recentley re-done this scrap book and decided to see if some of the descendants of the men on the plane might contact me. I have a list of all the boys and their home address at that time. If I am correct, three lived to return home. THE LIST OF THE BOYS WHO WHERE ON THE PLANE: John B Mackey (Spokane, Washington) - John E. Murphy, Jr (Columbus 1, Ohio),Daniel A. Horgan, (Melrose, Massachusetts) Stephen C. McNally, (Los Angeles, California), - Arthur E. Ege, (Chicago, Illinois) - Boyd W. Logan, (Enid, Oklahoma) - Eugene C. Wolf, (Nashville, Tennessee)and my Daddy, William Clarence Cheek, (Buford, Georgia). My Mother lived to be 90 yrs. of age - she passed away in 1907. I would appreciate any contact regarding my Dad. Thank You, Bonnie Ruth Cheeek, Vickery "
Submitted by: "Bonnie Vickery" 
"Cumming", "GA" "USA"

Record #: "1006"
"so great to find such interest in this bomb group. My father was Albert Hitz, waist gunner on the Stolen Moments in the crew shot down July 1944. Thank you to all who continue to honor the service of not only the men and women of WWII, but all our service men and women. "
Submitted by: "Sharon Robinson" 
"Peoria", "AZ" "USA"

Record #: "1005"
"My name is Josh Wheat from Louisiana. I was wondering if anyone had any information on my grandfather, Francis B. Wheat, Sr. I know only from what my grandmother tells me. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!"
Submitted by: "Joshua Wheat" ("Josh"
"Baton Rouge", "LA" "USA"

Record #: "1004"
"My Dad, I am researching my dads history as a Waist Gunner on the B-24 Jughead. I found, this and several other records but I have not had luck e mailing. They come back undeliverable. As a young man I once read a diary my dad kept. I wish I knew where that diary was now. Any help in filling in the blanks would be appreciated for sure. Thank you,
Tom Fahey, Jr.

Your Record number 522 -Was flight engineer for Jughead and stationed at Old Buc from April to September 1944. This is the same B-24 referenced in Steve Mullany's entries at #70, #159, #166, #175. Pilot was Seevers, Co-pilot Gleason, Navigator Jones, Bombardier Lankford, Nose Gunner Levine, Left Waist gunner Jeselnik, right waste gunner Fahey, Tail Gunner Clarke, Flight Engineer Russell, Radio Operator Mullany. Have remained in touch with Fahey, Mullany and Gleason. Would love any information relating to any crew members - especially Leonard Levine who was last known to be in the New York City area. Submitted by: Jones R. Russell"
Submitted by: "Tom Fahey Jr" ("Tom"
"Lanoka Harbor", "NJ" "USA"

Record #: "1003"
"John P. Cowger, 87, of Dardanelle, AR, died Monday, March 1, 2010, at his home. Nicknamed Flip, he was the only survivor of the Gengler crew, 453rd BG, 734th BS. Flip was a prisoner of war for seven months and suffered a broken back and burns when he parachuted from his burning plane. Thanks to Flip for his service to our Country. May we never forget."
Submitted by: "William M. Workman" 
"Loris", "SC" "USA"

Record #: "1002"
" My Name is James R Erwin, I am looking for any information on my Grandfather LT James W Erwin. I also may be able to help any one looking for information on their family members, who were part of the Erwin Crew. Thank You"
Submitted by: "James R Erwin" 
"murray", "ky" "USA"

Record #: "1001"
"Very nice. Will visit again. "
Submitted by: "Grant Hay" 
"Arthur", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "1000"
"1/18/10 My Dad, Roy W. Jennings was a gunner in the 732nd Squadron and competed 35 missions in 1944-45. He was shot down twice. I have a photo of him with the Taggart crew in front on Ohio Silver dated 6 March 1945. I would like any additional information about Dad. Please email me. Thanks, Scott."
Submitted by: "Scott D. Jennings" 
"Cedar Rapids", "Ia" "USA"

Record #: "999"
Entry deleted by webmaster for inappropriate content. "
Submitted by: "_" ("_"
"pensacola", "fl" "USA"
E-Mail Me   

Record #: "998"
"My grandfather Joseph L. Bolger was a co-pilot in the 453rd. His plane was shot down and he was taken prisoner on 2/20/44. He was held at Oflag 9A/H Spangenberg-Kassel Hessen-Nassau, Prussia 51-09 until he was liberated at the end of the war. I believe the name of his aircraft was the Briney Marlin. If anyone has any information or photos they want to share I would be most appreciative. Thank you."
Submitted by: "Joseph L. Bolger" 
"Philadelphia", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "997"
"Attleborough Heritage Group in Norfolk in United Kingdom. We are collated the living memories of the USAAF base and personnel at Old Buckenham. Attleborough is two miles from the aerodrome, which still operates."
Submitted by: "George Ridgway Attleborough Heritage Gro" ("AHG"

Record #: "996"
"I am 11 yrs old and me and my dad are going to build an RC b-24 plane in my pappys honor. But we need pictures of LITTLE MIKE. please send me any pics of you may have. My pappy was Tom Wingard we miss him. Thank you, Lucas"
Submitted by: "lucas morgan" ("luke"
"derry", "pa" "USA"

Record #: "995"
"I was born 4/10/1945 when Rechlin was bombed. My father Josef Wehlauch was stationed at Rechlin, my mother worked there also, as a civilian. They met and married in Robel, Germany were my grandparents lived. My mother and father lived off base in Rechlin. I was born during the bombing, my mother and her mother going to the basement to give birth to me. Would be interested in finding the action and number of planes that finished the run and route taking to and from the raid. Thank you, Walter J. Wehlauch E-mail"
Submitted by: "Walter Wehlauch" 
"Jacksonville", "Fl" "USA"

Record #: "994"
"My uncle, Benjamin Rosenberg, is 86 years old and would like to get in contact with other members of the 453rd bomb group. He was a radio operator from 1944 to 1945. He became a POW and would like to contact any living members of his crew. He does not have an email account, so any correspondence can be directed to my email address,, or to his postal address, 3554 Rochambeau Ave., Bronx, NY 10467. "
Submitted by: "Fred Fisher" 
"Bronx", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "993"
"Hello, Sorry for my poor English... I live in French Ardennes, I search to identify a B 24 crash near a village "
Submitted by: "Docq" ("Fred"
"Remilly-Aillicourt", "Ad" "France"

Record #: "992"
"My dads name was William H Bourne,he was in the 8th AF,im trying to find info about him or his squadron and how they served or anyone who may have known him. I think he was in the 453rd BG,because the late actor James Stewart was his commander for awhile. his ss#32-319-729 and he flew in the european offensive. I do hope someone out there can help, i set up a memorial in my home for him and got some of his medals for both of my sons,who are very proud of there grandfather as i am of my dad. thanks Patricia L. Bourne-Adamo"
Submitted by: "patricia adamo" ("pat"
"Old Bridge", "nj" "USA"

Record #: "991"
"My father discharge indicates he was in the 734th Bomb Squardon 453rd Bomb Group (h), would like any information reqarding Squardon. He passed away in 1976, my mother just past away and in cleaning out house, came across documents, medals, etc. I know that his pilot was Charles Peety, my father was Charles Krift. I am trying to identify the medals, patches etc. Does anyone know of a good website for patches? Thanks... Cheryl Krift/Alexandria,KY"
Submitted by: "Cheryl Krift" ("Cheryl"
"Alexandria", "KY" "USA"

Record #: "990"
"I am looking for information or recollections that anyone may have about my uncle, Raymond M. Nurczyk. He was a 2nd LT with the 453rd and family history has it that his plane went down in the English Channel in February 1945. Many thanks. Jeff Norris"
Submitted by: "Jeff Norris" ("Jeff"
"Essex", "VT" "USA"

Record #: "989"
"I am trying to find info on my father, Clifford M. Kiskadden. I know he was stationed in High Wycombe, Eng 1944-45. He died in 1962, so I do not know anything about what he did during the war. He gravestone states PFC 839th Air Engr. Sq. AAF. World War II. I think he was part of the 8th Army. I would love to know where to look. His RA serial number does not bring up a thing. I would appreciate any info anyone can give me. Thanks so much. Beverly"
Submitted by: "Beverly K> Chaney" ("Bev"
"Milford", "OH" "USA"

Record #: "988"
"Was (and still am) trying to find information on the plane(s) on which my father flew during WWII for my older son when we stumbled across this site. I have never seen the Lucky Penny II ever referenced before except from my father's stories--he said it was his favorite plane because it was the only one he didn't have to parachute out of! His name was Joe Donahue and was a radioman, I believe. If there are pictures of this plane around, I'd love to show them to my kids as my father died years before any of my kids were born. Thanks to all who have served and are serving and thanks for any information y'all might provide me."
Submitted by: "K Cavazos" ("KD"
"NM" "USA"

Record #: "987"
"It has been a while since I have been back to the guestbook and site, but it looks like it is coming along well. I am still looking for anyone that may have information on anyone that served with my Grandfather John Burkholder. He was part of the 732nd Bomb Squadron and was listed at Ol'Buck from 1944-1945 flying on the Ohio Silver. I am looking to see if one of the crew members George P. Lings is reachable. Paul and Tom Brittan have been helpful to me, but I a still looking for more information. "
Submitted by: "Katie " 
"Waynesboro", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "986"
"Does anyone know where I might be able to get a flight on a B24? I would like to actually get on one, reading what Dad, Kenton W. Morris, did in the 453rd. Nancy Morris "
Submitted by: "Nancy Ann Morris" ("Nancy"
"Gurnee", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "985"
"First, let me thank all the Veterans of the 453rd BG for your service to the United States and many others nations around the World. I am an active duty AF Colonel and serve on the Board of the Jimmy Stewart Museum located in Indiana, PA. The museum gets support from many individuals in Hollywood and Mr. Stewart's children, but we would like to enhance the story told at the museum on Mr. Stewart's and the 453rd and 445th BGs' WWII experiences. We utimately would like to develope something interactive, but certainly would appreciate any stories, photos, or other memoriabilia associated with the units and then Col Stewart. If you are a surviving family member and you are looking for a way to ensure the memories of these heros are honored feel free to e-mail me. If you are traveling through Pennsylvania be sure to stop by the museum. God Bless you all! Col Ross "
Submitted by: "Terry L. Ross" 
"San Antonio", "TX" "USA"

Record #: "984"
"Thanks for the book. I always wondered how my Great Uncle Donald Nichols died in the war. It was in mission #31, he died from his wounds on April 11th."
Submitted by: "Paul Nichols" ("PJ"
"Rochester", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "983"
"Thank you for letting me add to your guestbook. In researching my father's experiences in WWII (15th, 484BG, 826th) I became interested in learning more about my grandfather, my dads father-in-law. His name is Lt. Col Leslie D. Stephenson, 453rd BG, Station #144. I never met him, he passed in 1953, but I knew he served in England...just didnt know exactly where till today. The roster said he was the Group Executive Officer. He was a native Texan, married a native Texan, graduated from Texas A&M in 1925. After graduation, he taught chemistry there, was corps of cadets CO, and worked as a chemist with Colgate- Palmolive. I would enjoy any information or recollections about him if there are folks reading this that may have any. My son is a freshman in the corps at TAMU and is very interested in learing more about his family, particularly this side of the family. Thanks again and best of luck to all of you. Gib Searight "
Submitted by: "Gib Searight" 
"Bedford", "Tx" "USA"

Record #: "982"
"Dear Lloyd,
Long time since I’ve been back to the site. So glad to see the books coming along on the site as PDFs. With your help and the networking of others through the Guestbook, I did find In Search of Peace back in 2005. I am looking forward to reading The Liberator Men of Old Buc in PDF which I could not locate in hard copy.

Dad passed away 25 April 2007. I sent you the information and you kindly published it in the newsletter which I always look forward to.
I have a question as I continue Dad’s memoir without his invaluable assistance. He had written his life story in longhand and I was transcribing, fact checking and adding footnotes to put the memories of his life story into historical context. I miss being able to talk with him about the details. Our conversations always elicited more interesting stories and information. His early years and the war years are most interesting.

QUESTIONS: I still wonder, however, because of his description of flying over the beaches at Normandy to his target on D-Day and what he said he could see of the scene below how high the B-24 bombers flew on 6 June 1944. Could he see the troops on the beach, for example? Could he see landing craft streaming in from the ships? I know mission reports will note hi right, lo right, etc., but would you be able to shed more light on the altitude range and what he would have been able to see?
It’s hard to express satisfactorily the unexpected gift and unique thrill of a lifetime I experienced at 1700, 17 September 2009, at Barnstable Municipal Airport, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I knew the touring B-24 Witchcraft and B-17 Nine-0-Nine were on the tarmac for two days. I had taken my Dad to tour the planes the year before he died, so that memory was already on my mind.
Then my husband called from work and asked if I would like to fly on the B-24. I told him it was too expensive. He said, I think you should do it. Nervous excitement followed, knowing already what the no-bones-about-it cramped quarters were like and how vulnerable you feel with wide-open waist gun windows. I chided myself, realizing that my half-hour adventure could never be compared to the perils of flight training, flying oversees and then miraculously surviving 30 missions aboard those lumbering bombers. (To illustrate, however, later as our group gathered to duck under the belly of Witchcraft to board through the bomb bay doors, there was a fleeting unraveling of nerve when our guide gave us safety instructions: Do not step off the catwalk onto the bomb bay doors; they are not structural. There’s a reason you signed a waiver. You could fall out of the plane. We were also warned to be careful what we grabbed to steady ourselves as we walked about to explore, took photos and marveled at the view of Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. It was emphasized that unsheathed cables running along the interior skin the length of the ship were not good hand holds. If we grabbed onto one, we might find ourselves flying the ship.
Once again I put these safety tips into the context of my Dad, 1st Lt. Chester (Sandy) Sandford, flying missions aboard a plane that was designed without structural integrity that went beyond its primary function. Just as the ship had to be manufactured in short order to get it off the assembly line and into the air to the fronts, it was also expendable. Dad always said that as difficult as it was for everyone to confront their expendability, they always were aware that as an inevitable fact of the war effort, they might not come back. He knew all too well, too, that his was a replacement crew. It was right there in black and white in their orders. He writes in his memoir: Just two days before our arrival, two crews of officers who had occupied our new quarters went down on a raid to Brunswick, Germany. We had just settled in and hung up our B4 bags when a couple of our neighbors stepped in to tell us what it was like in combat. They pointed out the bomb fuse tags hanging on the wall in our hut identifying the missions our predecessors had accomplished. One string had 19 tags, the other 21.)
As I prepared to dash out of the house to drive to the airport, I felt Dad’s presence when on an impulse I pulled his original bomber jacket (now 66 years old) out of protective storage and put it on. I was thankful for the impulse, feeling comforted that I wore it to honor his service. Painted on the front of the jacket is the Sky Chief nose art of the B-24 Liberator he flew on missions 6 to 30. Mission 6 was on D-Day, the day Dad was assigned to his new ship and crew as lead bombardier.
I do not want to forget the feeling of flying in the last surviving B-24M ship or the sensations of the deafening, sonorous droning of the engines that would have accompanied the crew without letup. It was an amazing sight to look out the tail gun window and realize that the protruding structure was almost surrounded entirely on three sides by open airspace through which flak could find its mark unimpeded by the ship’s hull. It was moving, humbling and exhilarating at the same time to stand in the open port and starboard waist gun windows. The ship wind blew hard and steady against me in about 55-degree air temperature at 2,000 feet. I knew I could never fully grasp or imagine on this relatively temperate day what it must have been like on winter missions and at frigid higher altitudes of the troposphere. I crawled on hands and knees along a catwalk running under the cockpit on the starboard side to what would have been my father’s cramped bombardier station, a metal stool positioned in front of the Norden Bomb Site he admired and swore by. I admit to welling up a few times as emotions got the best of me.

I hope anyone who reads this can answer my multiple questions.
Best regards,
Joan C. (Sandford) Croft"

Submitted by: "Joan C. (Sandford) Croft" 
"West Barnstable", "MA" "USA"

Record #: "981"
"A couple of weeks ago, driving along a sleepy country lane in Norfolk looking for a place to hold a business meeting, I saw a sign and drove up to the cabins at Old Buckenham Airfield. Even before I was out of the car I was reading the memorial to the 366 souls of the 453rd. It got me thinking. It is impossible for my generation to comprehend a world at war with itself. I was standing in the peaceful sunshine of an English summer under a blue sky that you flew in, fighting for the peace we all enjoy today. But can I hope to even begin to imagine it? How civilians even felt? We all need to be different now. War is different, now. Sneaky cowardly bombings, and localised conflicts. Smaller scale, and in some ways worse because of that. Casualties with shattered bodies or shattered minds were returning to a society in 1946 that ALL KNEW what they had done, and been through.

Todays heroes are unseen, their pain and problems are not instantly recognised as 'war wounds' unless they are still wearing uniforms. We need to be aware of, more tolerant of, and far more supportive of our handful of modern day heroes.
Perhaps our never ending admiration of WW2 heroes should be our guide?"

Submitted by: "David Stowe" 
"Preston", "UK"

Record #: "979"
"Need help for a friend. Nathaniel J Henderson (Mr Henderson was in the 732nd BS) would like to know what happened to his aircraft -- Lilly Belle II !! Pilot was Golden Lang from Hurricane, UT. He knows that Lilly Belle I went down with another crew. Thank you for your help. James Eaton"
Submitted by: "James Eaton Jr" 
"Watauga", "TX" "USA"

Record #: "978"
"My father was a medical doctor serving in Burma during world war 2 . He was in the Army Air a Capt. I am wondering if anyone served in Burma with him and a Dr. Seagraves who wrote a book The Burma Surgeon returns in which he mentioned my dad and his anesthesia skills. Would love to hear.Thanks"
Submitted by: "Sally Anderl" 
"Crystal", "Mn" "USA"

Record #: "977"
"My father, John R. Turner, was pilot of bomber S/N 41-28641 of the 732nd squadron. I understand his was the first plane of the group to go down, on 2/3/44, which was two days prior to the start of the missions. I have an interesting letter from him in which he described that unfortunate practice flight that led to the plane's capture."
Submitted by: "John Turner Jr." 
"Plymouth", "MA" "USA"

Record #: "976"
"08/31/09 today we buried our faher who served with the 453rd. His name was Ross J. Gaetano, nickname Ike. He was set to rest at the National Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix, AZ. He was very proud to have served with the group. We wanted to take this opportunity to let any of his commrades know of his passing. And to say thank you to each and everyone of the 453rd for protecting our country and sacrificing so much."
Submitted by: "Linda Hawkins" ("Dody"
"Scottsdale", "AZ" "USA"

Record #: "975"
"My name is Seth William Decker. My middle name was taken from my grandfathers. I am cuurently 32 years old. My grandfather was Donald William Decker. He was a waist gunner aboard a B-24. Unfortunately he passed away before I was born. I am trying to find out any information at all about him, his crew, and his missions. I know that they flew a considerable number of missions and I believe he was a POW at least once. The story that I was told was that they were shot down over Germany, and only he and another person survived. He broke both of his legs on the fall and was captured afterwards. He/they escaped and made it back to Allied territory in France with the aid of resistance fighters. After returning to the states, he suffered from what would be considered now, PTSD, I believe. Prone to fits of rage, only the sound of breaking glass would bring him out of it, according to my father. I know that my Grandmother had at least one picture of him with Jimmy Stewart. I never had the oppurtunity to actually talk to him, and I would like to know about his life and the sacrifices that our service men made as much as I can. It was a time of vast bravery form our soldiers. People weren't drafted. Men joined the military to serve our country and fight for the people who couldn't fight for themselves. It was a time of great honor in my eyes. Any help getting to know my grandfather vicariously through anyone that knew him would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely and with great thanks to our soldiers, Seth W. Decker"

Submitted by: "Seth Decker" 
"Wichita", "KS" "USA"

Record #: "974"
"I am searching for anyone who was on the JJ Lukenbach in l944 or Horace Bushnell March l945 or has knowledge of these merchant marine ships during that time. The Bushnell was blown up and I was in Cowglan military hospital in Glascow, Scotland in l945. Any pictures or information would be appreciated."
Submitted by: "Jack Green" ("Jack"
"Conneaut", "Oh" "USA"

Record #: "973"
"I have been doing some family research and found out that my great- grandfather's younger brother, SGT Frank J. Litton, was a member of the 734th Bomber Squadron in the 453rd Bomber Group. I read your downloadable pdf history of the group, and I believe that the day my great-uncle was shot down according to records I've found online coincides to Mission #43 on 29 April 1944. Only one bomber from the 734th did not return from Berlin that day, so I conclude that Frank was on a ship piloted by a Lt. Tye. I would greatly appreciate any additional information anyone might have on that bomber, that mission and/or my great-uncle, so that I can make sure that his sacrifice and those of his brothers in the 453rd are never forgotten by my family.
Thank you very much to those who spend the time and effort to make this site what it is.
LT Chance Litton, USN"

Submitted by: "Chance Litton" 
"College Station", "TX" "USA"

Record #: "972"
"My father Julius Frank Ray was a radio operator with the 454th Bomb Group - b 34 Liberator. Would anyone have any memories of him?? He would have been 92 he kept detailed photo albums but did not talk much about his war experiences Does anyone know how I can contact members of the 454th bomb group? Thank you so much Judy"
Submitted by: "judy ray" 
"bethlehem", "pa" "USA"

Record #: "971"
"Great web site! We will add link to our monthly newsletter. While you are here stop by to learn about presumptive service- connected conditions you are eligible to receive TODAY."
Submitted by: "Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret" 

Record #: "970"
"In my late fathers photos was a close-up shot of a B-24 named Little Mike, serial no. 4450781 [could be 4456781]. Three mechanics are working on a left engine. Below the pilots window is the name Dottie. My father was in Air Transport Service in Newfoundland, Canada, where aircraft going to and from England stopped. Robert Hagel mentioned in this guestbook that his father flew a B-24 named Little Mike. But his email is not active. If anyone would like a scan of the photo please let me know."
Submitted by: "William Sander" ("Bill"
"San Francisco", "ca" "USA"

Record #: "969"
"Grandson of Richard m Dean. He was radio operator on hoojive in Europe. Thanks"
Submitted by: "Vincent mayberry" ("Vincent mayberry"
"fort Polk, la", "USA"

Record #: "968"
"My dad James Frank Hartman (Hartmann) was a B24 waist gunner And flew his last 23rd mission in June of 1945 in "
Submitted by: "James B. Hartman" ("Jim"
"St. Augustine", "FL" "USA"

Record #: "967"
"I am looking for photos of the following: 1.Pilot Richard Witton who flew with the 732 Bomb Squadron 2.B24 Aircraft Consolidated Mess. I worked for Dick back in Ohio and it was he who inspired me to join the Air Force. Again, any photos of Dick Witton while with the 453rd, and the aircraft Consolidated Mess. Any help is appreciated. Tom"
Submitted by: "Tom Shane" 
"Austin", "Tx" "USA"

Record #: "966"
"Hello, I´m from Germany, my name is Andreas Dort. As a member of a little group of WWII-aircraft-search and recovery-historians (with a own little museum from our digged out planes), I´m very interested in the US WWII planes. In my photo collection is a original photo from the 453rd BG/732nd Squadron ship #41-28619, named "
Submitted by: "Andreas Dort" 
"Staufenberg/Hessen", "Germany"

Record #: "965"
"I am writing this as I hold My fathers discharge Papers in my hand, I am not sure of all this as my father has passed on. He left me with many stories from his days in the AAF. His name was CESARE (JERRY) DELUCA. I remember him telling me one commanding officer was in fact James Stewart. He was an unofficial barber And his job was as a fueler. A good card player too. He had a good pal by the name of CHICK. His papers say he was in the 207 th AAF base unit. I have an official photo of him in a unit in front of a B-24 He told me so many stories growing up. He went on to be a 2 x recipient of mayoral citations in the NYC Police Department and 23 yrs service. I am just wondering if anyone remembers him and could share a story or 2 with me. I loved him very much and am very proud of my dad. Would love to hear from someone. Sincerely Patrick C. DeLuca PS He said being over there was the best and worst times of his life and would not trade a minute of it. TKS "
Submitted by: "Patrick Deluca" ("Pat"
"Queens ", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "964"
"I originally wrote an e-mail in 2000 in regards to my uncle, Harry Klyap, who was in the 453rd/734th. This original e-mail created a trail of discoveries that I never thought possible including a gentleman that was at in OLD BUCK when my uncle's aircraft crashed on Novemebr 26th 1944. It also allowed me to receive correspondance from my uncles fiance from 1944. Unfortunately because of my time in the service and numerous e-mail changes I was never able to contact the future bride of my uncle. I was also able to recieve pictures of the crash site and details about the crash from visitors to this site. Time has erased my memory of the individual who helped but I am eternaly grateful. I recently came back to this site and found post 879 which I believe focuses on members of my uncles aircrew family and their meeting in England as well as details on a news story which I can not locate, if anyone has I would be grateful. If anyone else has information in regards to the B24 that crashed on Novemeber 26th 1944 with CPT Conard as the Pilot and mission commander I would appreciate it. LTC Al Klyap "
Submitted by: "Alan Klyap" ("Al"
"New Port Richey", "Fl" "USA"

Record #: "963"
"I have entered pictures from the personal archives of Col Van Dowda on the sign-in is - 453rd - and the password is - oldbuck - . Take a look and email me if you are interested in specific pics and would like better copies sent to you."
Submitted by: "Kelli" ("Dowda"

Record #: "962"
"My father was a navigator aboard the Sqee-Gee in 1944. He passed about 5 years ago and was always proud of his days in the Air Corp. A picture still of a B24 still hangs in the house."
Submitted by: "Michael Marcus" 
"Los Angeles", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "961"
"I was pilot of the Zeus and had a great crew and I am interested in hearing from them. If you're out there, please drop me a note. Lt. Col (ret) Lester J. Baer 8114 Cochran Rd #6 Moses Lake, WA. 98837 509-762-2435 (Leave Message)"
Submitted by: "Lester J. Baer" ("Cub"
"Moses Lake ", "WA" "USA"

Record #: "960"
"I had to check out the bomb group that James Stewart was a part of. Thanks for having me, big fan. Nav"
Submitted by: "Mark Nava" ("Nav"
"Littleton", "CO" "USA"

Record #: "959"
"I am very interested in the American air attack on the 12th May 1944. This was a day of a great strike on German oil plants in the Leipzig area and Brüx, Czechoslovakia. The 453rd Bomb Group took part in this mission, bombed presumably the oil refinery of Zeitz with good results, suffered no losses and returned back to England.

Can you give me some material about the sortie of this bomb group on that day?

I have some encounter reports of German pilots, who will have shot down five B-24-Liberator in the Moselle area at 12.20 hours on that day. I think this cannot be correct. There are no B-24-crashes in this area. Now I am trying to find out which Liberator-Group could be attacked by German Focke Wulfs 190 on 12 May 1944 (without results)?

Can you help me? Do you know anything about a German attack with FW 190 against your Bomb Group on 12 May 1944?
Yours sincerely,
Gerd "

Submitted by: "Gerhard Kaschuba"
"Unterschleißheim (Bayern), a small town on the outskirts of Munich/Bavaria, Germany"

Record #: "958"
"I read the account of the Last Flight of Blood & Guts by T/Sgt Harry J. Fink Lt. Lawrence M. Duncan, was my father(Roy L. Adams) best friend(both growing up in Asheville, NC) My father served in the US Navy during WW2 and never got over the loss of his friend to the extent he named me after MAC DUNCAN when I was born in 1949. While my father told numerous stories concerning their high school days I know little else about Lt. Duncan. If anyone searching this website has info with relationship to Mac Duncan I would appreciate hearing from you. Sincerely Gary M. Adams"
Submitted by: "Gary Adams" 
"Charlotte", "NC" "USA"

Record #: "957"
"Hi: My dad will be 91 this May and may be the only living person from his crew. The name of his B-24 was the Flack Hack. They made 32 missions and were downed one time but all survived. If there is anyone out there who was a member of the crew he would love to hear from you. His Son, EjFinocchio, D.V.M."
Submitted by: "Ej Finocchio, D.V.M." 
"Harrisville", "RI" "USA"

Record #: "956"
"Hello, Perhaps someone could help me out…I am an 8th AAF 2-Gen and an incorrigible collector of a number of things for most of my life. One of my father’s most cherished mementos of his WWII service was his Lucky Bastard Club certificate. Through some light research I discovered that most of the ~40 bomb groups stationed in England issued their own versions of these certificates. It struck me as an interesting project to try and collect a high quality .jpg example of an original LB certificate from each of the bomb groups and to put together a little history guide illustrating all of them in one collection. My request is for the supply of a 300 to 600 KB .jpg or equivalent scan at 200 dpi or better of one or more of the certificates that were issued to survivors of the 453rd. My father’s original was printed on photographic paper by the base photographer. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Paul "
Submitted by: "Paul" 
"Upstate", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "955"
My name is Greg Wells and I am a retired Army Master Sergeant. Recently, I was talking to my next door neighbor and she was telling me a story about her dad being a B-24 tail gunner that was shot down over Yugoslavia. He parachuted and was helped by partisans.
He is deceased.
His name:
Royal Bishoff Rall
Souix Falls, SD
Born: 1/11/16

She has no other information other than what I have already given you. Is there anyway that you could check to see if you have any information concerning her step-dad. And if you don't have anything, could you please point me in the right direction.
Thank you!
Greg Wells "

Submitted by: "Greg Wells" 
"Souix Falls", "SD" "USA"

Record #: "954"
"Hello. I was just wondering if anyone knows my grandpa, Lester J. Baer. He was a pilot in the 735th bomb squadron. His plane was a B-52 Liberator called Zeus and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for skillfully landing his plane and saving all his crew after a mission over Germany. He served in the Air Force for 28 years and retired as a Lt. Colonel. If anyone knows my grandpa please feel free to email me. Thanks!"
Submitted by: "Jada" 
"Seattle", "WA" "USA"

Record #: "953"
"I enjoyed your site."
Submitted by: "Pat Williams" ("Pat"
"Newton Centre", "MA" "USA"

Record #: "952"
"I have an aerial map, taken in 1945, of the Southern part of Old Buck, mainly of the Technical Site, hangors, etc. showing the believed names and purposes of several of the buildings. If anybody would like one just email me and I shall be pleased to attach a copy. If further details are known of some of the unnamed buildings, we would be pleased to hear, so that this information can be added. Copies of the map will eventually be held at the present Old Buckenham Airfield and at the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library in Norwich, Norfolk, England. Thank you, Tony."
Submitted by: "Tony Thompson" 

Record #: "951"
"Checking to see if anyone remembers Lt.Norman Page. He was a navigator in the 735 squadron 453 bomb group and flew his missions during July, August and September of 1944. He was from Chicago. I'm his oldest son and reminisce every once in a while. He passed away in 1973 but his memory lingers on and on. "
Submitted by: "Louis Page" 
"Buffalo Grove", "Il" "USA"

Record #: "950"
"After my father past away I found his medals,one being the flying cross. He never talked about it and I dont know why or how he was given this medal. Need help to find out how and why recieved it....THANKS"
Submitted by: "Russ Nieland" 
"Duluth", "mn" "USA"

Record #: "949"
"Hello! I just found this site - wish I'd found it much sooner. My dad, Russell Frost (aka Frosty), was a co-pilot of a B-24 and was stationed at Old Buck from August 1944 until March, 1945 - 453rd Bomb Group, 735th Bomb Squadron. Dad sadly passed away in March, 1988, after a courageous battle with cancer. He kept a log book of his missions (which I am told was not actually allowed, but what the heck) and a rough diary of his time there. He does not mention the name of his plane and I would love to know if anyone has any information about his plane or his crew. His journal mentions his crew as being: Jenks, Chet, Dave, Smitty, Taylor and the gunners. Any information would be very welcome. Thanks, and God bless!"
Submitted by: "W. Skokowski" 
"Warminster", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "948"
" At 10:00 Friday morning December 17th,1948 my grandfather,Captain Oscar Benjamin Landron graduated from the USAF Liaison Pilot School at San Marcos AFB San Marcos, Texas. He went on to fly B-17s and was killed in a crash during a thunderstorm sometime later. My father Oscar Raphael Landron was in the Marine Corps and served in Korea and later became a Private Pilot. I am a Private Pilot and I fly a little airplane that I built myself. Although my Grandfather and Father are no longer living I feel them with me on every flight I make and know they are with me. My 2nd Grandfather whom I was very close to although not an aviator spent his time in service chasing Rommel around Africa during WW2 and paid a high price from being attacked by the Germans with mustard gas. I appreciate being able to download and read about the Bomber Groups in WW2 as it is very important we never forget the sacrifices made by so many during a time of such extreme tyranny."
Submitted by: "Benjamin K Landron" ("Benny"
"Jarvisburg", "NC" "USA"

Record #: "947"
"Wonderful site. Im a 40 year old retired Deputy Sheriff who has been fasinated with WW2 aircaft and thier brave crews since childhood. Its always an honor to read about those I have never met yet admire so much. Salute, and thank you for my freedom."
Submitted by: "Tim" ("Fish"
"Baker City", "OR" "USA"

Record #: "946"
"Thank you for remembering the brave men of the 453rd. My uncle, David M, Jacobs, was a co-pilot on a B-24 shot down and lost over Germany 13 September 1944. To my knowledge some of the crew parachuted safely. I would appreciate any information on the mission and the survivors."
Submitted by: "Michael D. Jacobs" ("Mke"
"Westhampton Beach", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "945"
"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the 453rd BG Association. In Memory of James F. McKee, 453rd BG, 734 BS, KIA 7/21/1944. Best Wishes, Martin"
Submitted by: "Martin Workman" 
"Loris", "SC" "USA"

Record #: "944"
"Really nice Page... thank you for the good informations. Thanks, Jerry"
Submitted by: "Jerry" ("Jay"

Record #: "943"
"I was wondering how I could locate some information about my grandfather, Clarence Gordon Burk. He also whent by the nickname of Jay. He never really talked much about his experiences in WWII, and since he passed away I really want to locate as much information on him as possible. He was a pilot of a B24 Liberator, and one of the planes he few had a picture of a beaver on the side and was also named Little Beaver. I was told he was in the eight airforce and possibly in the 453 Bombardment Group. Not sure what squadron, and flew the majority of his missions from England. I would appreciate any info that anyone had to offer. I'll check back on this guestbook or I can be emailed at

Submitted by: "Ryan Burk" ("Ryan"
"Palm Desert", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "942"
"I just had the pleasure this past weekend to meet Curtis Horton who flew 35 missions with the 453rd B.G. He finished his last mission on January 1, 1945 and had a number of great stories to tell me. We was a tail gunner and his main ship was called Squee-Gee. If anyone has any info on him, it would be greatly appreciated. "
Submitted by: "Mike Crosman" 
"College Park", "Md" "USA"

Record #: "941"

Submitted by: "KEN FERLAND" 

Record #: "940"
"Ich finde den Aufbau der Seite sehr gut. Macht weiter so."
Submitted by: "doris" ("doris"
"berlin", "DE" "Deutschland"

Record #: "939"
"Nick would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew his crew 41 Lucky Penny I and II or served at Old Buck. He was 91 end of September. Four of his crew are still living: Bob Hanson, Bob Victor and Jim Terwiliger. "
Submitted by: "Nicholas Radosevich" ("Nick"
"Green Valley", "AZ" "USA"


Record #: "938"
"I have been asked by the present owner of Old Buckenham Airport to carry out a metal detector survey of the site of the Old Buck WWII Airfield, over the next few months. The idea is to retrieve as many artefacts, etc. as I can, while it is still possible to do so. These will be used, together with a collection of photos, to mount a display in the airfield HQ/restaurant, to commemerate the gallant crews of the 453rd BG. I have able to pinpoint the area of the Control Tower, etc. from a 1945 aerial photo, by superimposing it onto a present day Google Earth map; but I wondered whether any of you 453rd veterans might be able to suggest areas where it might be productive to search? I guess in the area of the number one hangar & repair shops, a great deal of spent ammo is to be found; but I am wondering where you guys would have spent your leisure time outside, for example? If you did lose a treasured item & can pinpoint the area, I,ll certainly have a search for it, during my survey. I shall be grateful for any advice you can offer me. "
Submitted by: "Tony Thompson" 
"Wymondham", "UK"

Record #: "937"
"I have entered pictures from the personal archives of Col Van Dowda on the sign-in is - 453rd - and the password is - oldbuck - . Take a look and email me if you are interested in specific pics and would like better copies sent to you."
Submitted by: "Kelli Pierce" ("Dowda"
"Tulsa", "ok" "USA"

Record #: "936"
"In honor of my father, George T. (Red) Gates, tailgunner. He is thrilled with the information you have provided. Thank you."
Submitted by: "Elise Gates" ("Sophia"
"Chicago", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "935"
"My name is Roxann Snow and my father was John J.Stumbaugh. He was a top turret gunner in the B-24 during WWII. I am writing to let anyone who is interested know that he passed away on March 18th of this year. I'm sure some of his existing crew view this site and I think Bill Voight may have contacted everyone, but in case this is to inform you and thank you all for your service as well. You are all great men and valiant heros."
Submitted by: "Roxann R.Snow(Stumbaugh)" ("Tweetie"
"Kalamazoo", "MI" "USA"

Record #: "934"
"Hello, Last year, I adopted a grave on the American Militairy Cemetry at Margraten, Netherlands. I adopted the grave of Sgt. James B. Foster. He died on 2 Oct 1944. I want to learn more about his life. He was a member of the 453rd BG, 734th Bomb Squadron. He was distinguished with an air medal with oak leaf cluster and a Purple heart If anyone knows some information about his function, birthday, family, death, etc.. I would be glad to hear from you."
Submitted by: "Jon van Halbeek" ("Jon"
"Echt", "Netherlands"

Record #: "933"
"I want to give my heartfelt thanks to everybody who has helped to create this site, to Lloyd Prang, Lloyd Morris and Tom Britton, and in advance to Don Olds. My dad, George T. "
Submitted by: "Elise Gates" ("Sophia"
"Chicago", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "932"
"My name is Jerry Yellin and I am an 84 year old published author whose book The Blackened Canteen is available at As a P-51 pilot I flew 19 missions over Japan from Iwo Jima from April, 1945 until August, 1945. On many of those missions I escorted B-29's as they dropped their bombs on Japan.
On one such mission on June 20, 1945, two B-29's collided in midair and crashed. Two airmen survived the crash. They were found by Mr. Fukumatsu Itoh, a 49 year old Shizuoka City councilman. The airmen, badly injured died before any medical treatment was provided and Mr. Itoh insisted that they and the remains of the other 21 receive a proper funeral. The local townspeople furiously protested against this, as the B-29 raid had killed 2000 Japanese and it was against Japanese law to help the enemy or to give them a proper funeral. He buried them anyway, alongside the Japanese that died in the raid and erected a small memorial to all the people who had died in the bombings. A blackened canteen with the hand print of the man who was holding it was found in the crash. Every year until he passed away and on the Saturday closest to June 20th, Mr. Itoh poured whiskey over the monument using the blackened canteen to remember those that perished both Japanese and American.
Twenty five years later, a local doctor, Hiroya Sugano, found the site and was so moved by it that he searched out and found Mr. Itoh, who had become a Buddhist monk, and discovered the story behind the shrine. After Mr. Itoh's death, Dr. Sugano has conducted a ceremony every year to honor those who died in the crash and to offer a silent prayer for peace in the world. The ceremony is attended by some of the top military leaders in Japan and the United States command from Yokota Air Base near Tokyo. On June 14th, 2008 a marble slab with the names of the 23 Airmen was dedicated. I attended that ceremony, as a guest of Dr. Sugano along with the nephew of Jack O'Connor, one of the Bombardiers who were killed. I wrote a fictional account of the lives and events before, during and after the war, The Blackened Canteen, after attending the ceremony in 2006. It tells the story of these inspiring events. You can view a three minute clip of the 2008 ceremony at as well as purchase the book.
Yoko Ono deeply appreciates the story as well. This appeared on her website,
I would appreciate it if you would circulate this email to the members of your association to help spread this message of good will. I am hopeful that this book will be a catalyst of understanding between people and Nations, a history lesson for young people, a reminder to us older folks what kind of world we lived in when we were younger and what we fought for and, most important for all of the WW II veterans families, a chronicle of our lives from 1941-1945 and beyond. Here are a few reviews.

Inspiring, great reading, September 26, 2008 JoEllyn Rickard, Teacher, Vero Beach, Florida.

Jerry Yellin has accomplished something here...a book of extraordinary depth and resonance. I was times unnerved...and continually found myself re-examining my thoughts.
Dialogue made it very easy for me to connect with the characters. The book brought to life parts of history I remember being told to me by my father and uncles who served in World War II. It prompts a renewed and profound appreciation of life. I loved how music, entertainers, food, Iwo Jima, Mt. Fuji, Roosevelt, Churchill....a plethora of information...were all brought to life and intertwined with the personal lives of the soldiers. The incredible courage and caring nature of Mr. Itoh was so moving, along with Dr. Sugano using the blackened canteen as a vehicle of honor and remembrance on top of Mt. Shizuhata.
I've heard it said about nature that trees bend low with ripened fruit, clouds bend down with gentle rain, and noble men bow graciously...this is the way of generous things. This is the way of my friend and neighbor, Jerry Yellin. I trust that through his book a spark of human kindness will ignite in all of us and peace in the world will prevail!

Excellent Inspiration, September 24, 2008 Easy Reader, Seattle, WA
One thing is clear, this author has a lot of heart. I like all the books by this author. He has an exquisite story-telling style that keeps you reading until the final inspiring conclusion. You'll love it.

A Novel with Significant Academic Value! October 1, 2008 Kimberley Broz, San Francisco
I have read many academic and historical fiction texts about Japanese history as a long time student of the subject. Rarely have I found historical fiction to have as many history lessons as in 'The Blackened Canteen.' Yellin does an excellent job of providing not only the experiences of Japanese and Americans in WWII, but also factual historical perspective. The characters in 'The Blackened Canteen' aren't simply sympathetic figures in an historically significant story, their thoughts also provide insightful analysis of the events that shaped the war in the Pacific.
Yellin's descriptions of the American airmen's thoughts are particularly credible because of the author's personal experience as the pilot of a P-51. His descriptions of the Japanese civilians' thoughts may provide an even deeper perspective on the thinking of an American World War II Veteran.
I would recommend this book to students of Japanese history. I have an M.A. from Washington University in St. Louis (in Japanese History and Foreign Policy), and in my entire study I never came across a book so entertaining and informative at the same time. I would also recommend this book to anyone looking for an interesting book for their book club. This book invites discussion! It is rare that a book about war ends up being so inspiring.

A Heartfelt Tribute to Those Who Served, October 18, 2008 Joan O'Connor, Vista, CA.
2nd Lt. Jack O'Connor, one of the many heroes in The Blackened Canteen, was my brother-in-law. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting him. Jack had already made the supreme sacrifice by the time I met his brother, George. Reading this book, through tears, brought Jack, and all those who gave their young lives serving their country, back to life, along with their families. Their fears, loyalty, and bravery deserve to be celebrated by every American. Medals are indeed an honor, but Jerry Yellin has given these heroes immortality in The Blackened Canteen. This book should be mandated reading for every high school student in America. God bless all those who served, their families, and Jerry Yellin for giving them back to us thru the pages of his incredible book. I only hope that someone in Hollywood picks up on this story. What a movie it would make!

Art Tomes, a B-29 Commander, 504th BG, 421 Sqdn, 313th Wing, October 25, 2008
Arthur Tomes, Burnsville, MN 123 B-29's departed from Guam to firebomb the Japanese city of Shizuoka. They burned up over two thirds of it and killed over 2000 of its population. Tragically, 2 of the planes accidentally ran together over the city and 22 American crewmen perished. 121 B-29's returned. Thus, the story revolves.
Having been exposed to a similar atmosphere in WWII, I was consumed by the story. It is great, fantastic, and wonderful reading; an excellent text book. I can read my own experiences into it, e.g. the first horrendous fire bombing of Tokyo, 18 square miles in ashes, 100,000 killed. I have never talked about this Tokyo episode, but now have a reference for it. And there were many other cities. And there was the city of Himeji with its ancient 400 year old castle right in the center on a prominence. On July 3, 1945 we bombed the city, destroying 70% of it, and unknowingly didn't touch the castle. On July 3, 1995, a few of us were in Himeji, commemorating the 50th anniversary, as their guests. They had wondered if the Castle was saved on purpose or not.

Thank you very much,
Jerry Yellin
5025 Fairways Circle, #201
Vero Beach, FL 32967
772-538-8886 Cell

Submitted by: "Jerry Yellin" 
"Vero Beach", "FL" "USA"

Record #: "931"
Submitted by: "GENE WESTERMAN" ("WESTY"

Record #: "930"
"When I was born in 1954, my dad's best friend was Bruce Florea. My Dad gave me the name Bruce as a middle name in his honor (he named me Fred after himself). I grew up listeneing to the stories of how Bruce was shot down over France, bailed out and landed in Belgium. It was only later on a visit to Bruce's farm in Missouri that I read about the final flight of the B-24 "
Submitted by: "Frederick " ("Fritz"
"Melvin", "IA" "USA"

Record #: "929"
"To surviving members of the original Lucky Penny (crew 43).
Edmund Survilla (tail gunner) died today, 10-1-08.
He was a member of (crew 41)."

Submitted by: "Greg" 

Record #: "928"
"I am looking for information or contacts regarding S/Sgt. Eugene G. Sullivan, a radio operator on a B-24. He spoke of Jimmy Stewart as his CO. Walter Matheau was also a member of his group. All historical records were destroyed in a fire. Eugene had a WWII ribbon with four stars, indicating a year of combat service from England over Germany. He didn't tell us much, but we have his uniform cap and written in the headband is 5142-H Sta. 144 Sullivan. He spoke of Jimmy Steward being his XO and also said he had dinner with Walter Matheau while off duty, so we believe he was in the 453rd at Old Buckenham. Through third party letters we traced him from his induction through the start up of the 453rd in Utah and Riverside, CA. He was married in Sept. 43 in New Jersey. We presume he returned to California and flew in his ship as a radio operator to Old Buck. His WWII battle ribbon has 4 stars, so I'm assuming at least a year was spend flying from Old Buck. We do have his service number. Do you have any additional information, especially a detailed crew list for all of the 453rd? I'd like to know the name of his aircraft and crew members if possible as well as any other interesting things you might connect. Any information is appreciated."
Submitted by: "Rick Houghton" ("Rick"
"St. Johns", "MI" "USA"

Record #: "927"
"FANTASTIC Web Site! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden government benefits you are eligible for and how to significantly increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension."
Submitted by: "Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret" 
"Highland", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "926"
"Hi, I am the grandaughter of Walter E Patscheider. He crash landed in Holland in 1945 and was in the 453rd Bomb Group. He died back in 1994 and I was wondering if anyone had much information on him. Here is his crew list, but that is pretty much all that I have. I know that he was hidden in a dutch barn for I think two days with a broken leg before he was caught and taken to a POW camp for what I think was 9 months. Lt Owens L. Hopper (P) POW 2Lt John D. McCleod (CP) POW Lt Harry E. Anderson (N) POW T/Sgt Doyle E. Keeler (NT) POW 2Lt Robert M. Hughes (B) POW S/Sgt Earl R. Thomsen (TT) EVD T.Sgt William J. Pflum (RO) POW S/Sgt Thomas E. Setser (LW) EVD S/Sgt Frank W. Barry (RW) POW S/Sgt John R. Sipp (TG) POW Lt Harold E. Prout (PN) POW 2Lt Walter E. Patscheider (PB) POW Please, if anyone has any information, please let me know."
Submitted by: "Kati Hoffman" 
"Lynchburg", "Va" "USA"

Record #: "925"
"I can’t thank the men and women of WWII Enough. Ever since I attended the National WWII Memorial dedication in 2004, and met so many WWII veterans, I have been collecting stories from WWII veterans. During this time, I have also made a video in honor of all who served during WWII. The video showcases different WWII Museums and Memorials and is set to some big band and WWII era songs.

I have been interviewing and collecting stories from WWII veterans for over four years now and I am still honored to hear such history from such great men and women. If you have a story or some history you would like to share, please contact me anytime. From one paragraph to several pages, anything you have remembered is a historical treasure. I wish you all the best life has to offer, and Thank You. "
Submitted by: "Scott" 
"Panama City", "FL" "USA"

Record #: "924"
"I just noticed 24 pics of the Col Van Dowda Archives did not load into so check again soon just in case. "
Submitted by: "Kelli Pierce" 
"tulsa", "ok" "USA"

Record #: "923"
"I have entered pictures from the personal archives of Col Van Dowda on the sign-in is - 453rd - and the password is - oldbuck - . Take a look and email me if you are interested in specific pics and would like better copies sent to you."
Submitted by: "Kelli Pierce" ("Dowda"
"tulsa", "ok" "USA"

Record #: "922"
" I have an A2 flying jacket and other memrabilia belonging to Paul H Meredith bombadier in the 732nd bs with B-24 Maid of Fury II. I am trying to find a listing of his missions as we hope to display this at a little air museum at sleap in shropshire England. Could you help ? From a list which came with the items are. Pilot T.R.Carey, Co-pilot K.W.Hansen, Nav.H.MacDermaid, AEG.E.R.Mills Sgt, RomG.B.B.Maier Cpl, AG.H.E.Joyce Cpl, AG.L.L.Emerson Pfc,AG.Poss.T.T.Szymanski Cpl, AG.W.H.McCoy Pfc,"
Submitted by: "David Asquith" 
"Ellesmere", "UK"

Record #: "921"
"Good afternoon. My name is LCDR Brian Coxson. I am trying to find out some information about my late grandfather, John Zadworny. About the only thing he ever really talked about his WWII experience was that he was a B-24 waist gunner and that Jimmy Stewart was his CO at one point in time. He never really talked much about it and unfortunately, I never really had a chance to dig deeper before he passed away. I stumbled across your website on the internet and decided to give it a shot. I would appreciate any information anyone could give me. Thanks in advance for your help and for all that you guys did for us 60+ years ago. By serving in the Navy myself, I can only hope to pay back a small amount of the debt that is owed to you all! GOD BLESS AMERICA!"
Submitted by: "LCDR Brian Coxson" ("Boats"
"Jacksonville", "FL" "USA"

Record #: "920"
Submitted by: "TIM ADAMS" ("NONE"

Record #: "919"
"All--I will soon be coming into what I believe is a fairly extensive 453rd collection. Please forward any info you would like me to look out for. If you have previously contacted Don Olds I will be sharing all info with him as well and I am sure he will forward to those whom have contacted him in the past. "
Submitted by: "Kelli Pierce" ("Kelli Dowda"
"Tulsa", "OK" "USA"

Record #: "918"
"I am just looking for anyone that may have information, pictures, or know my grandfather Clarence Braml or info about his company in WWII. I have seen one picture and I know he was the bombardier on a B-24 named Crows Nest, and that Jimmy Stewart was in his crew. Please email me if you have any info or pictures for me. thank you and I appreciate any help."
Submitted by: "Darren Braml" 
"Minneapolis", "MN" "USA"

Record #: "917"
"Once again we come upon a day where we must thank The Greatest Generation I am happy to be a bi-product of these great people. My uncle, as many of you know, was Col Van Dowda of the 453rd 743rd. I was wondering if any one has received specific instruction on the preservation of silk maps. do we keep the wrinkles or not? And the best way to preserve medals...etc. Also, if anyone has any pictures or info, I would be happy to receive it and trade for those who I can provide for. Many thanks as always to Don Olds and Tom Britton for their info and pics. Anyone attending the NextGen reunion? Let us not forget our great people who I had the honour of being a grandchild of two...kqp"
Submitted by: "Kelli Q Pierce" ("Kelli Dowda"
"Tulsa", "ok" "USA"

Record #: "916"
"My name is Jeff Arrington. I have an uncle who was a bombadier on a b-24 over Germany. A Great Uncle, my grandmothers brother. I do not know very much about him or the plane but I want to!!! His name was LT Bob Rickard with the 8th air force (I know not a lot of info). I do know his plane was shot down over Magdeburg germany on Sept 11, 1944 and he was declared kia on Sept 13th, 1944. I do not know if he was with this bomber group but I found a story about a raid on Magdeburg that this group made. Any help would be great and thanks in advance.
Jeff Arrington"

Submitted by: "Jeff Arrington" ("ls1"
"Wylie", "Tx" "USA"

Record #: "915"
"Several years ago I received some emails regarding the MIA status of Sgt. James Golbski of Bettendorf, Iowa. I would like to hear again from the people who had some details of the mission and the downing of the aircraft over the English Channel. Unfortuantely I cannot find those emails. This was a classmate of my father's in high school.
I was interviewed last night by a Dutch TV crew for a program this fall in Holland. There is an attempt by a group in Holland to Adopt the men whose names are on the Wall of the Missing at Margraten. The Dutch will adopt the graves of Americans which entails attendance of Memorial Day services, concerts and flowers for birthdays. It is a great concept. As Glenn Miller was from Iowa, 50 Iowans on the wall including Golbski will be adopted thanks to an effort of a big band that does Miller music.
Thanks for your help in advance."

Submitted by: "Terry Boettcher" ("Terry"
"Indianola", "IA" "USA"

Record #: "914"
"Seems internees held in Siberia during WWII had their act together. They approached the powers-to-be as a group, obviously the right prople, and since 1992 they are recipients of the POW medal. Figures show 218 USAAF and 62 Navy airmen. What about the 200 or so internees of Wauwilermoos Prion in Switzerland? Only two have been awarded the POW medal. The first in 1996, and the second in 2006. Last year the AFBCMR denied the POW medal to another internee of the prison. Though extensive research, I discovered many errrors in the Air Forces' jusification. I prepared a 4-page letter with 18 enclosures that justifies the POW medal to all interness of Wauwilermoos. If anyone is interested to support these veterans and/or their next-of-kin, please contact me. Yes, I went through the process contacting my Representatives in Congress, including Senator McCain. Accomplished zip.
Robert E. Johnson Surprise, Arizona "

Submitted by: "Robert E. Johnson" 
"Surprise", "AZ" "USA"

Record #: "913"
"I am trying to help Dick Ghaster, waist gunner, 453rd BG, 732 Sq find some of his fellow crew members. The names are:
John M. Smart, Bombardier (Boston area?)
Todd D. Moore, Navigator (Washington, DC?)
Henry R. Kuchinski, Engineer (Scranton, PA?)
They flew missions with the Robert J. Crowley (pilot) crew, from July 7, 1944 through December, 1944. "

Submitted by: "Ed Zobac" 
"Fort Wayne", "IN" "USA"

Record #: "912"
"I urge you to get in touch with my uncle, Robert Randolph Wesson. He lied about his age and joined the army. He has so many interesting stories. He met many celebrities while he was in the service. Since his discharge, he still flew planes. He always liked to talk and was able to get through somehow to very interesting people. He even provided real details about the war to one of the movie production companies. His daughter learned to swim in Gerald Ford's pool when he lived in Alexandria, VA as a private citizen. Randy has Parkinson's disease and is now in a nursing home. To get in touch with him you would need to contact his daughter, Allyne Wesson, who lives in New York. Her address and phone number are as follows:
520 E 90th St., Apt 4-B
New York, N.Y. 10128
Tel # 212-996-4661"

Submitted by: "barbara wesson clarke" ("tootsie"
"midlothian", "va" "USA"

Record #: "911"
"My Dad, Charles P. Evanson, was a crew member on the ground for the bomber Never Mrs. First of all I would like to thank everyone for their service. Also, I'm in the process of tracking down a picture of my dad with his head out the cock pit window giving a thumbs up with the logo right underneath him. Does anyone have pictures of the Never Mrs. as I'm building a model of it.
Thanks and God Bless America,

Submitted by: "Peter D. Evanson" ("Pete"
"Seattle", "WA" "USA"

Record #: "910"
"I was wanting to know if any one knew a 2LT Richard S Sivewright. I am told he flew 35 combat missions as a navagator. He received the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross. Would like to know about him, as we may be related. Thank you!"
Submitted by: "Dave Sivewright" ("Ghostrider"
"Vancouver ", "WA" "USA"

Record #: "909"
"Hello and Many Thanks to our VFWs on this day. Quick repost: I am looking for any stories, pics or info on Van Dowda. Many thanks to all of those who have helped me in the past...kqp"
Submitted by: "Kelli Pierce" ("Kelli"
"Tulsa", "ok" "USA"

Record #: "908"
"I am the granddaughter of 2nd Lt Lester(Cub)Baer, pilot of a B-24 called Zeus in the 453rd bomb group 735 bomb squadron. I am looking for a picture of the nose art for this plane. I know that he crash landed his plane and all crew members survived. If there is anyone who might have a picture or perhaps further stories about his crew, please feel free to email me. "
Submitted by: "Heather Nevison" 
"FL" "USA"

Record #: "907"
"My grandfathers name was Claude Peck. He was a co-pilot in the 453rd. I believe he was in the 735th and served from 1944-1945. I would like to hear from anyone whoe served with him or mat have known him. He passed away 21 years ago and I still miss him. One of the planes names he mentioned was DUMBO and I suspect LINDA LOU because of a story he told me about them losing a engine and having to land at a british fighter base on the continent. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Don Vermillion"
Submitted by: "Don Vermillion" 
"Noblesville", "In" "USA"

Record #: "906"
"My father was Arthur L. Mueller, 1st Lt. (a pilot), in the 733 Bomb Squadron (H) 453 Bomb Group 8th AF. Like many soliders, he never talked about his war days or his 8 months as a POW. He is now deceased and I am trying to research his history. He served from 1-7-44 to 12-18-45. The National Personnel Records Center said the records were lost in a fire. He was from Upper Darby (outside Philadelphia), PA. If anyone has information of his group, please let me know. His daughter, Patty Felan "
Submitted by: "Patty Mueller Felan" ("Patty"
"Prosper", "TX" "USA"

Record #: "905"
"Adding to contact Larry Joe Walters son Email me at or call cell ph 484 529 1694 Wlii be at WWII air show June 4 5 6 2008 Reading airport. Gen. Spaatz Feild Reading PA. Looking for Crew my Fathers B 24 I supect was Linda Lou Have other nose art pics."
Submitted by: "Lawrence Kirk Walters" ("larry"
"Reading", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "904"
"I am the son of Larry Joe Walters Gunner Sgt Air Medal Soht down 3rd Mission Flew 9 more than War ended. Have His photos of Linda Louwith the crew only notation on a crew picture possably tail gunner the Greek? also nose atr pics of Hazee Notra Dame BTO Dumbo Crows Nest Wandering Wanda Ohio Silver & Hustlin Hussy"
Submitted by: "Lawrence Kirk Walters" ("Larry"
"Reading", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "903"
"I am the daughter of Joe Devoe Craft a Tech Seargent in the 453rd. He was a radio operator on the B24. He is the one who carved his name on the tree somewhere there in Old Buckenham. I am very much interested in your site and hope it grows."
Submitted by: "Belinda (Craft) Morrison" ("Faye"
"Eureka", "NV" "USA"

Record #: "902"
"In remembrance of the aircrew who perished during the crash of the B24 Liberator bomber at Clamp Farm,Shrawardine on December 28 1944.
2nd Lt James Gilbert
2nd Lt Elmer Mitchell
2nd LT Paul Peterson
S/Sgt Roger Batchelder
T/Sgt Gwilym Richards
May they be forever remembered."

Submitted by: "Mr Derek Isaac" ("Dessie"
"shrawardine nr shrewsbury", "England"

Record #: "901"
"To all 453rd fliers, My uncle, Joseph Donovan who served in the 453rd as a lead navigator has passed away following a hard fought battle with cancer. I am a retired U.S. Navy CAPT and former P-3 pilot with 6,000+ hrs who often heard great tales from my uncle that only focused on the the funny incidents. My uncles stories combined with stories from my Dad who flew as a radiomen in Navy PBY Catalinas were key factors in my joining the Navy and making it a career. To all you remaining Liberator aviators my hat is off to you. W/R,
Tom Donovan CAPT, USN (ret.) "

Submitted by: "Thomas Donovan" ("Wild Rover"
"Fairfax", "VA" "USA"

Record #: "900"
"I liked your site."
Submitted by: "Pat Williams" ("Williams2057"
"Newton Centre", "MA" "United States"

Record #: "899"
"I am looking for news about the bombing occurred in the city of Massa Italy 1944-1945. Please contact me if you have any information that will help. Thanks "
Submitted by: "Antonio Antonioli" 
"Massa", "Italy"

Record #: "898"
"I was a member of the 453rd Bomb Group, 733 Bomb Squadron from August 1943 to February 1944. Flew with the Norman Putman crew all 35 missions. I flew waist gunner position. Rex Mills"
Submitted by: "James Rex Mills" 
"Morton", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "897"
"My dad was assigned to the 453 Bomb Group during the war. In fact he participated in setting up the base and stayed there till the based was closed in 1945. He wasn't a flyer but worked at various jobs on the base including, the fuel dump, parts warehouse, he did some driving, and carpentry work as well. He's living in San Antonio, FL so if any of you remember and want to say hi just email me."
Submitted by: "Albert Giglio, Jr." ("Al"
"San Antonio", "FL" "USA"

Record #: "896"
"Good day to you, for the past 9 years, I have been preserving and documenting our WWII veteran’s history. In 1998 this project came about while I was working in the medical field; this World War 2 Navy veteran had been a patient several times in the emergency room. I always find his stories interesting to listen to. One day before I was to start work, I was told that he had passed away that night. He would always tell me that people were just not interested in his stories, about his time on a Navy Destroyer in the Pacific. How untrue this was, so from that day on I have been doing this. Participant references and testimonials regarding my work are available. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Very respectfully,
Peter D. Minix Former SGT. U. S. Marine Corps Former California Army National Guard Member "

Submitted by: "pete minix" 
"Indio, CA", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "895"
TO LLOYD -----

Submitted by: "KEN FERLAND" ("KEN"

Record #: "894"
"We're trying to help a woman identify her father's Second Air Division unit during World War II. His name was Paul R. Gordon, sn 11 047 685. His time overseas is listed at 18 July 1944 to 9 June 1945. His MOS was 757, gunner/mechanic. His pilot (or possibly navigator) was Mike Garvey. He might have been a member of a lead or PFF crew.
By process of elimination, we think we have narrowed the possible groups to the 453rd or the 467th.
Thanks for any help.
Reed Hammans"

Submitted by: "Reed Hammans" ("Reed"
"Ames", "IA" "USA"

Record #: "893"
"I am a member of the Old Buckenham Village Hall Management Committee, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the memorial room for the 453rd bomb group being opened in Norfolk, England I am trying to put together a memoir book. If anyone is interested in submitting any information, stories, memories or pictures please contact me on

Submitted by: "Becca Frank" 
"Norfolk", "UK"
E-Mail Me   

Record #: "892"
"GREAT WEB SITE! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden benefits you are eligible for and how to increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension."

Submitted by: "Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret" 
"Highland", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "891"
"My father was William H Lang SR, 453 BG 734 TH SQ Donald Schultz pilot. He was Eng, top turrent gunner. I have really enjoyed talking with George Mazzara from the crew. I assume he is the only crewmember with us today. He wants to talk. Call him, he is a mess!

Submitted by: "William H. Lang, Jr" ("Bill"
"reform", "al" "USA"

Record #: "890"
"I am the granddaughter of Dominic Fallacaro,734th Bomber Squadron. Dominic was KIA on May 8, 1944 on the Shoo Shoo Bay. Captain Dean Hart survived along with William Barden and Horace Dunahm. Dominic was not a usual member of Hart's crew. I am trying to find information regarding his original crew or anyone's memory of Dominic as well as a possible picture. I have spoken with and communicated with many wonderful individuals while researching my Grandfather.
Thank you for having this website!
Cynthia Brundage"

Submitted by: "Cynthia Brundage" 
"Lincoln", "NE" "USA"

Record #: "889"
"Dear Sir, I am trying to obtain info. re. S/Sgt Robert James Oveson, who served in the 453rd Bomb. Squadron. He left for home in about August 1944.He later died in Korea in the early 50s: I should like to know the circumstances of his death.
Yours faithfully,
David Smith."

Submitted by: "Smith" ("David"
"Beckenham, Kent, U.K.", "United Kingdom."

Record #: "888"
"I was saddened to read of the passing of Neil Greer. He went beyond what I was expecting to research my fathers death. I had absolutely no info before he responded to my request for information on the LITTLE NANCY that ditched in the North Sea on 2/9/45. He provided some little details about the incident that made it more personal to me compared to the cold facts of the Missing Air Crew Report. Thank you Neil and rest in peace. "
Submitted by: "Vic Barnhill" 
"peotone", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "887"
"I am trying to locate any surviving crew members of the LITTLE NANCY that went down in the North Sea on 2/9/45. Three of the crew were lost including my father Sgt Elmo Vic Barnhill. "
Submitted by: "Vic Barnhill" 
"Peotone", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "886"
Submitted by: "KEN FERLAND" 

Record #: "885"
"Found out a lot more about my grandfather's plane, -Our Baby- (S/N 44-40173), through Even a couple photos of the bird. My father is checking his photos, and asking my uncle to do the same. I know there's at least a photo of his barracks in England. Will send a copies to our beloved webmaster when I receive them."
Submitted by: "Don Hill 5th" 
"Chicago", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "884"
"My father, Marlin D. Engleman, passed away on December 5, 2007 at age 84. He was a tailgunner on a B24 in the 453rd and flew 30 missions over Europe according to records we have found. Dad was never very willing to talk about his World War II experiences, which we respected. We would appreciate any information or stories anyone who knew him in the 453rd might be willing to share.
Thank You Barry Engleman "

Submitted by: "Barry Engleman" 
"Silverthorne", "CO" "USA"

Record #: "883"
"I am researching Americans who served with the RAF and RCAF during WWII. After Pearl Harbor, many would transfer to the USAAF.
Any names of ex RAF/RCAF 453rd BG personnel would be appreciated including : Robert Harrington Kanaga, Robert Berton Bieck and James Felix Emerson (KIA).
Please contact me at: and/or visit my website for more information about my project:"

Submitted by: "W. P. Fydenchuk" 
".", "." "USA"

Record #: "882"
"I recently received a copy of Mr. Benarcik's book as a Christmas gift from my Grandmother. It is moving to read the firsthand experiences of Benarcik along with the credit he gives to all his fellow crews!"
Submitted by: "Chris K" ("Chris"
"Dover", "DE" "USA"

Record #: "881"
"My dad, LeRoy Barnett, passed away several years ago. He was Radio Operator on Old Iron Pants, August 1944 thru January 1945. Anyone with information on my father or his crew and their experiences please email me. Thank you."
Submitted by: "Bob Barnett" 
"Kansas City", "MO" "USA"

Record #: "880"
"My grandfather, Don G Hill 3rd, was a radio operator in a B-24 based in England. It was called -Our Baby-. I am not sure if this plane was part of the 453rd, but in a Google search, found a man's obit that said he was a crew member on this plane, attached to the 453rd.

My grandparents lived in MA, but were living in NM during his training. I know his plane buzzed their house in MA on the return flight. Nearly hit a local church steeple in the process.

Anyway, if this is the case, I have three photos I could dig up. One of my grandfather in the co-pilot's seat, another of the plane's side, w/ mascot painting and one of the plane over Holland. I also have a couple stories about close calls he had.

Any info would be awesome. Thanks for your time!

Don G Hill 5th "

Submitted by: "Don G Hill 5th" 

Record #: "879"
"Thought this would be interesting for the guest book. My uncle (Alfred Ronald Neumunz) was with the 453rd, a navigator with Ed Tonn's crew, but flying with Ray Conard the day this happened. This was published December 3rd, 2007: International Herald Tribune Self-discovery in the mysteries of the past By Ron Neumunz Monday, December 3, 2007
LONDON: We are all out there, at different times and on different days, always looking. It's a search for information, it's a search for family, and, in the end, a search for self.
We know all the Web sites, like and b24proboards, and a handful of others. We use them to reach out, ask questions, exchange information and hunt again for more information.
One is looking for friends of his uncle, listed as KIA in 1943; another for fellow crew members of a father or grandfather. In many cases, the person he or she is looking for never came back from this World War II. Or, if he did, he never talked about it, and now it is too late to ask. So, we look and we seek, because we want to find out more about our families, more about a war that is ever more distant, and more, ultimately, about ourselves.
I began looking for information about my uncle 10 years ago; an American born in England. He was the youngest of two boys, and his mother's favorite. I bore his name, attended his college and, almost daily, saw a reminder of his sacrifice inscribed on marbled walls there. When I moved to England for work, I possessed letters written to his girlfriend at home; yellowed pages of hope; his first few missions complete amid dreams of an early Christmas leave from the icy fields of East Anglia. This, though, was never to be.
One cold, hazy morning, in November 1944, my uncle's B-24 cart-wheeled into a field of a local farmer, exactly three minutes after take-off. There were 12 crew members on that U.S. Air Force heavy bomber; not one survived. The cause of the crash remains unknown.
Over the past few years I have grazed the sites dedicated to these lost men, and found others like me: born into the family of someone absent, perhaps killed in action and never found, or simply, a father or brother who never came home from the war, never to pick up the hopes and aspirations of their life once again. In this search I have found unusual help and support; I have found the niece of a crew member; the son of another, and the brother of a third.
Last month, I visited the field where my uncle died, so many years ago. It was planted with beets that would be harvested in a few weeks, the green stalks rippling in unison in a strong, stiff breeze. When the field is tilled seasonally, bits and pieces of the wreckage still emerge anew; jagged shreds of window Perspex, a parachute harness clip, small lumps of aircraft aluminum. Amid this collection, the soil also yielded a particular talisman; the ID bracelet of one John Bouldin.
John was the fun-filled, good-looking son of a farming family in Pendleton, Texas. He was the top turret gunner aboard the plane where my uncle served as a navigator. Both were 20 years old, and it was John's ID that was found. Through my new network, we found a Bouldin, still in Texas. Several calls later, James Bouldin, John's younger brother, answered the phone. A picture of his smiling older brother hung in his hallway, his tanned arm flashing a bracelet.
After the call, James sat down and cried. Then, he got up and booked a flight to England.
I met James and his son, now my age, in Kenninghall, in East Anglia. It is a small farming community, unchanged by the passage of time. The day was particularly sunny. We were people together because two members of our families had died at this same spot over 60 years ago. We talked, hesitant at first, then with deeper emotion. From time to time we both stared at the beet field, lost in our own thoughts.
When I drove away, after a small ceremony at the farmers' field, after saying goodbye to James and his son, I felt some curious comfort and a feeling of peace. A very small part of a very large puzzle had been solved.

Ron Neumunz is an American living in London working in the hedge fund industry. "
Submitted by: "ron.neumunz" ("ron"
"London", "England"

Record #: "878"
"My father was reported MIA on April 8, 1944 in a raid over Brunswick and declared KIA a year later. I'm looking for information on 1st LT James K. Bingaman, known as "Bing," or "Ken" who was declared MIA on 8 April, 1944. He was flying a B-24 on a raid to Brunswick. The other 9 crewmen survived and were taken POW as I understand. He was my father. I was 3 months old at the time. My 87 year old mother wishes she knew more. She remarried after 7 years and didn't want to pursue it until my adopted father passed away. I appreciate all that you did for us.
Thank you and God bless you.
Submitted by: "Victoria (Bingaman) Ceretto-Slotto " 
"Reno", "NV" "USA"

Record #: "877"
"Research reveals one of the 453rd/735th BS B-24 aircraft 42-64496 landed in Switzerland 25 April 1944. Two crew members,

Lt. Louis O 874 2095 Pilot HOR Oregon
Sgt John J. Sullivan Ball turret gunner 12 129 489 NY

Attempting to contact to learn if they were awarded the POW medal. Appreciate your assistance.
Robert E. Johnson "

Submitted by: "Robert Johnson" 
"unknown", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "876"
"Hello all and Best wishes from Norfolk. Just to let you know that especially at this time of year my family and I think of the brave men who were 'lost' from Old Buckenham. Tomorrow is Remembrance Sunday and my sons aged 3 and 7 have today left poppy crosses at the airfield by the memorial to remember all the lost men. I want my boys to know how important it was. My husband farms the airfield land and we think of the past very often when we are there. Best wishes and prayers for Remembrance Sunday."
Submitted by: "Claire Matthews"

Record #: "875"
"I am proud to be the grand-daughter of Richard Robert, Tailgunner of Hollywood and Vine, 453rd Bomb Group. I am blessed to have him in my life. He and the legacy of The Greatest Generation are the greatest sources of inspiration and motivation in my life, and the reason I am pursueing a Master's Degree in Gerontology at Oklahoma State University. Thank you to all our Veterans. Your service and valour will always be remembered. -Bridgette Hebert"
Submitted by: "Bridgette Hebert" 
"Stillwater", "OK" "USA"

Record #: "874"
"My Dad, Kenton W. Morris, a pilot in the 732nd bomb squadron, 453rd Bomber Group passed away from Parkinson's on June 12, 2007. My Dad was a great guy. He was in pretty good shape until a day after his 90th birthday two years ago. He fell and hit his head then and it was a pretty fast downturn in his health after that. The stinker knew that he had Parkinsons but kept it from everyone, including his doctors, until after he hit his head. He would sit on his hands during doctor visits - to hide the hands shaking. After the fall, all bets were off though. It's nice to know that he is home in Heaven now, and happy, and free of pain, and having a ball flying planes. I know he's around though. One of the last bombers he flew was the B-52, after the war. That is a monster plane and I did not realize how big it was until this July 4th. I was sitting with my friend Claudia on her back porch in Spring Grove, IL and low and behold, a HUGE B52 comes over the hill, just 100 feet over the treetops, it tilted to the left (Pilot's left), buzzed us, then flew off. I know Dad was in the cockpit somewhere, enjoying giving me a thrill! Boy, it still amazes me, and everytime I think of that event, I think of Dad.
My sister, Katherine Morris pounded out this great obituary in 30 minutes.

LIEUTENANT COLONEL KENTON W. MORRIS, RETIRED Born in Holden, West Virginia on 18 July, 1915, Kenton W. Morris showed great curiosity in the world around him. As early as high school, his interests were diverse and broad: he took flying lessons, developed his own black and white photographs, and harvested a grand garden with his brothers in the green hills of the Kanawha Valley. The early death of his father and the Great Depression brought out the best in him. Kenton helped his entire family and took on great responsibilities at a young age. As the war intervened, his rough work in the West Virginia coal mines ended, and he enlisted in the service to train as a pilot. Flight school honed his skills and developed his sense of adventure. In March 1944, in a B- 24 bomber over the Atlantic Ocean, Kenton Morris and his crew opened the envelope that would describe their destiny. They became part of the Eighth Air Force, (732nd Bomb Squadron, 453rd Group) in East Anglia, England. Kenton and his crew flew 30 missions in the European theater. Decades later, members of his crew still remembered his dedication and skill and wrote thanks for their safety and survival. Fortune allowed him to prove his heroism at a young age, and fate led him to his wife Vesta. As a dedicated father and husband, Kenton instilled his love of education into his daughters Nancy and Katherine. His keen mind, emotional stability, and love of learning created a role model worthy of emulation. Work led him and his family to many locations throughout the United States--from Maryland to New Mexico. They gladly followed, sharing his enthusiasm and curiosity for new locales. The war hero and family man developed into a grand old gentleman who read The Economist, took walks, and discussed poetry and politics with friends and neighbors. Parkinson's disease robbed him of his final two years. Kenton W. Morris died on 12 June, 2007, and is survived by his, brother David Morris, his wife Vesta Morris, his daughters Katherine Morris and Nancy Morris, his granddaughters Alisa Antonelli and Mary Antonelli, and his great grandson Robert Antonelli. We will miss his warmth, his wit, and his clever conversation. "
Submitted by: "Nancy Morris" 
"Gurnee", "il" "USA"

Record #: "873"
"My dear friend Bill Eagleson passed away on the 17th October 2007. Bill was the bombardier on Crew 25, 733rd Bomb Squadron, 453rd Bomb Group - pilot: Jack Nortidge; B-24 'Corky - Burgundy Bombers'. We had been friends for almost 22 years. He will be sadly missed by many - but always remembered."
Submitted by: "Stuart" 

Record #: "872"
"Hello to all. I stumbled across this webpage today in my search for information on my Grandpa William C. Allen. Jr. If anyone has any information about him, please email me anytime. Also, if anyone has any pointers as to where I can do more research on my own, I would greatly appreciate it. I would love to find out the missions he flew, people he flew with. I have his medals and POW journal/photo book from Sweden I think and would love to know more of the real story. Unfortunately, he passed 20 years ago and I can’t hear them from him.
Thanks in advance.
Maybe some of this will help anyone point me in the right direction
I found a letter addressed to my grandfather with the address as follows:
T/Sgt. William C. Allen. Jr. 26252575
735th Bombardment Squadron
453rd Bombardment Group (H) A.A.F.
A.P.O. 558 C/O Post Master
New York City, N.Y.
Here is a letter from the war department I found:
Letter from War Department - The Adjutant General's Office - Dated April 24, 1944
T/Sgt. William C. Allen, Jr., 16,151,575 Interned in Neutral Country From Robert H. Dunlop - Brigadier General, Acting the Adjutant General
Thanks again for any help.
David Allen "

Submitted by: "David Allen" 
"Rancho Santa Margarita", "ca" "USA"

Record #: "871"
"My father passed away some years ago. He was a B-24 pilot with the 453 bomb group 732 b. sq. He flew three missions and was shot down bombing Berlin 8 March 1944 over Holland/Belgium. He was in the underground and then captured and was a POW in Stalag Luft I until the end of the war.
Any information on his plane, crew, etc. is greatly appreciated. We miss him terribly.
Thanks for any info. Virginia Ehrman"

Submitted by: "Everett G Ehrman, 1st LT" 
"Deephaven", "MN" "USA"

Record #: "870"
"I have been collecting and documenting the history of our World War II Veterans since 1998. I currently have over 200 veterans from all branches and ranks, in my “private library”. I have always been interested in World War II and what better way to learn this is to talk to the men and women who lived it. It is my way of keeping their memories and stories alive.
For every World War II Veteran we loose, a piece of history is gone forever. I believe that it should be told to someone who is willing to take the time to document their story.
For the men and women, who served during World War II, they all have a great story to tell, whether they were in combat or sitting behind a desk. They answered the call to duty in a time when more the half the world was at war. When it is my time to pass on, all this information will be placed in the General Patton Museum in Chiriaco Summit, CA so that future generations will know what these men and women went through. One day, all of our Veterans from World War II, will have passed on and so will their stories.
Peter Minix
Former Marine Sgt.
Indio, CA "

Submitted by: "pete minix" 
"Indio", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "869"
"I liked your site."
Submitted by: "Sally Kraus" ("skraus1020"
"Boston", "MA" "United States"

Record #: "868"
"Hello Congratulation for your Site I research some information for the B.24 serial 42-95019 ( Crew, Mission Crash Point, etc) shoot down in France the 25 April 44 Thank you for your help jean paul "
Submitted by: "Favrais" ("jeanpaul"
"BREAL", "NO" "France"

Record #: "867"
"I'm looking for any info in regards to Martin L Kiner. His Aircraft 42- 52191, "
Submitted by: "Martin L Kiner" 
"Battle Creek", "MI" "USA"

Record #: "866"
"I am looking for any person or information about my father, Staff Sgt. James F. McNamara, who served in the 453 Bomb Group, 732 Squadron. Dad is about to turn 87 this coming Wednesday, Sept. 19, and lives in The Villages, a retirement community in central Florida.
I can be contacted at or my cell at 732-310-2191
Patrick J. McNamara "

Submitted by: "Patrick J. McNamara" 
"Aberdeen", "NJ" "USA"

Record #: "865"
" I am glad to learn of this website and will enjoy accessing it from time to time. Things like this seem to bring us closer even though we are scattered all over. "
Submitted by: "Grier S. Wallace" 
"Lawrenceville", "GA" "USA"

Record #: "864"
" I'm looking for anyone who served with Amos Adkins, also known as Bud. He was a navigator (I think) in the 735th BS with the Allen crew, as well as my grandfather.
I'd just like to know more about him...what he was like and all that. I knew him, but I don't know much about him from when he was younger. He passed away in March of 2004, about a month or so before I turned 14. I had a lot of time with him, but not enough to find out more about him. If anyone who served with him or knew him reads this, could you please email me?

Submitted by: "Elaine Nicholson" 
"Fremont", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "863"
"My father was Lt Martin Stern, SN 0 743 530, from Brooklyn, NY. He was assigned to the 735th Bombardment Squardron, 453rd Bombardment Group that was to be stationed in Old Buckenham, England. At the time of his death he was one of seven manifested aboard a B-25J that took off from Atkinson Field in British Guiana on January 16, 1944. The airplane crashed in a swamp along the Mahicony River. The remains of five of the men were found by a recovery team on the 12th of February, his were not.
I have, so far, been unable to locate any more information about him, what he was doing in Guiana, where he was going, or if anyone knew him. I know from family members that he was a gregarious, fun loving guy and that he loved flying.
I would appreciate, very much, if any more light can be shed in this matter.
Thanks to you and all contributors for your wonderful website.

Arthur Stern Kunis
2625 NW Hayes Ave
Corvallis. Oregon 97330

Submitted by: "Arthur Stern Kunis" 
"Corvallis", "OR" "USA"

Record #: "862"
"My father served in the 8th AF, 453 Bomber Group, & 735 Bomber Squadron. His name is Joseph Dean and was a Navigator on a B24. He is doing well in New Jersey. If anyone served with him or has any other Info. Please contact Me.
Thomas Dean"

Submitted by: "Thomas Dean" ("Tom"
"Pilesgrove", "NJ" "USA"

Record #: "861"
"I am looking for information on my uncle. His name is Edward Waters. He was a pilot in the 453rd bomber group. Was shot down and captured by the germans and placed into a POW camp. Looking for anyone who has any knowledge of his ship going down and anyone who was in the POW camp. Thanks for your help in advance. Sincerely, Kelly"
Submitted by: "Kelly Holland" 
"Macon", "Ga" "USA"

Record #: "860"
"My Uncle was T/Sgt. Trall W. Wertz of the 453rd Bomb Group, 733rd Bomb Squadron. He was a crew member of B-24 H-10-CF Plane # 42-64457 and was killed on March 6, 1944 in the first daylight bombing raid on Berlin. His plane was severly damaged by flak over Berlin and was hit again by Luftwaffe fighters on the return to England. The plane crashed off the English coast killing half the crew. My uncle's body was the only casualty recovered. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. My Father, T/Sgt. Byron L. Wertz, was a Flight Engineer in the 466th BG, 785th BS, Crew #552. Any information on my uncle's plane (# 42-64457), crew and missions would be greatly appreciated. Bruce Wertz"
Submitted by: "Bruce Wertz" ("Bruce"
"Pittsburgh", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "859"
"My father Frank E Ekas flew B-24's in WW2. Finally at age 83 he wants to visit the 8th air force museum in Georgia. We are planning to come sometime this winter. Thank you for providing a memorial for vets to visit. Sincerely, Frank E Ekas, Jr."
Submitted by: "Frank Ekas Jr" ("Frank"
"Saxonburg", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "858"
"I was a lead crew pilot in the 745th Sq., 453rd BG at Old Buck."
Submitted by: "Col. W.H. Norris" ("Bill"
"Albuquerque", "NM" "USA"

Record #: "857"
"I am looking for information concerning my father, Kenneth Lucas, who was a bombadier on a B-24 Liberator during WWII. He was in the 453rd Bomb Group and does not recall the squadron. It was either the 732nd, 733rd, 734th, or the 735th. Any information would be much appreciated."
Submitted by: "Marcia Garnett" 
"Dover", "NH" "USA"

Record #: "856"
"My father is going on 84 years now. My mother died a month ago "
Submitted by: "Ron Poland" 
"Mt.Gilead", "Oh" "USA"

Record #: "855"
"My father is going on 84 years now. My mother died a month ago "
Submitted by: "Ron Poland" 
"Mt.Gilead", "Oh" "USA"

Record #: "854"
"I am signing for my dad, Robert Josire "
Submitted by: "Van Blackwell" 
"Kennesaw", "GA" "USA"

Record #: "853"
"I am trying to locate any information about the aircraft "
Submitted by: "T S Winter" ("Tom"
"Murfreesboro", "TN" "USA"

Record #: "852"
"Please tell Stewart Wright of London, England that my uncle Joe DeMay passed away on October 10, 1982. May God rest his soul.
John Obremski 202-305-3738"

Submitted by: "John Obremski" 
"Washington", "DC" "USA"

Record #: "851"
"I am looking for information on my Dad, Doyle E. Keefer, the engineer on 44-49972, the Rum Collins, that went down over Holland on 31 Mar 45. His Pilot was 1Lt Owens L. Hopper. The crew was taken prisoner and later freed by British Troops. I would like any information/pictures pertaining to my Dad, his crew, and his aircraft that you may have including missions flown and dates assigned to the 733rd Sqd.

I would also like to thank the members of the 453rd for the courage, action, and sacrifices they made so that I could lead the life I have had.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Submitted by: "Doyle L. Keefer" ("Lee "
"Hephzibah", "GA" "United States"

Record #: "846"
"My father died some years ago and when I went through his things I found his medals. He recieved what looks like two flying cross medals along with others. I know the the flying cross medial are ranked high but dad never would talk about the war or did I know he had them till he died. I know he flew 32 or 33 missions, and was the engineer and waist gunner on "
Submitted by: "Russ Nieland" ("Russ"
"Duluth", "MN" "USA"

Record #: "845"
" I am looking for any information I can find about my Dad, Doyle E. Keefer. He was in the 453d Group, 733 Squadron. His aircraft, 44-49972 "
Submitted by: "Doyle L. Keefeer" ("Lee "
"Hephzibah", "GA" "United States"

Record #: "844"
"My father discharge indicates he was in the 734th Bomb Squardon 453rd Bomb Group (h), would like any information reqarding Squardon. He passed away in 1976, my mother just past away and in cleaning out house, came across documents, medals, etc. I know that his pilot was Charles Peety, my father was Charles Krift. I am trying to identify the medals, patches etc. Does anyone know of a good website for patches? Thanks... Cheryl Krift/Alexandria,KY"
Submitted by: "Cheryl Krift" ("Cheryl"
"Alexandria", "KY" "USA"

Record #: "843"
"Hi All I just received 2 full albums from the family of a person who was an aerial phtographer with the 453rd. Two big albums full of pictures. Probably never seen before. All the pictures have desriptions including the names of the crews.
Bill Durette - Chairman Charlestwon Veterans History Project
6 Concord St
Charlestown Mass 02129

Submitted by: "Bill Durette" ("Bunkerhilltown"
"Charlestown", "MA" "USA"

Record #: "842"
"I was contacted by the grandson of a former pilot (deceased) that was held at camps, including Wauwilermoos Prison in Switzerland during World War II. After being apprehended during his attempt to escape, the Swiss transferred the individual to the punishment camp for a substantial period of time.
Conditions were found to match circumstances which the Secretary concerned finds to have been comparable to those under which persons have generally been held captive by enemy armed forces during periods of armed conflict.
To be eligible for the POW medal, armed conflicts are defined as “World War I, World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam Era, and Southwest Asia Conflict.”
The Air Force has been denying his requests for 5 years, regardless the track record of the medal. I was fortunate to obtain copies of letters signed by the Secretary of the Air Force; Secretary of the Navy; and Acting Secretary of the Navy authorizing the POW medal to over 200 American airmen held in Russia during WWII, another foreign armed force not hostile to the United States.

According to documents, only 2 out of 200-300 airmen held at Wauwilermoos Prison have been awarded the POW medal.
1. The veteran contacted AF Chief of Staff General Fogleman. The general responded by instructing personnel at Randolph AFB to prepare the ceremony. In 1996, Lt. General Record presented the POW medal.
2. The daughter of a former pilot contacted their U.S. Congressman. For being held at Wauwilermoos Prison, he was awarded the medal, recently.

My research has identified at least 58 bombardment groups that were involved with aircraft that crashed/landed in Switzerland. Approximately 1500 airmen were held while over 200 were sent to the punishment camp.
Why does such a number of veterans accept such an unbalanced system of recognition? You may respond that many members are deceased or too old to be involved. President Reagan approved the POW medal in 1986. That would make all members younger than what I am today.
You may believe I am too harsh in my introduction of the subject. As a 22-year retiree of the military, I have discovered too many discrepancies in the system, including statements contained in letters from a Major General, and information shared by former POWs.
I would appreciate any action identified what members of the 453rd has attempted in order for those that endured such conditions be awarded the POW medal. Also, an opinion what should be done for those that were not recognized.
Finally, I do not claim to be a WWII veteran or a former POW.
Best Regards,
Robert E. Johnson "

Submitted by: "Robert E. Johnson" 
"Surprise", "AZ" "USA"

Record #: "841"
"My father, Rufus B McDowell, was a Staff Sergeant and a Company Clerk, with the 733rd Bombardment Squadron, from Dec 1943 through May 1945. He was from Corsicana, Texas. Does anyone remember him? We became a military family as I served 22 years in the Navy and my son is coming up on 20 years in the Navy. God Bless each and everyone of you. I have some idea of the sacrifices you endured for us. "
Submitted by: "Donald McDowell" 
"Bismarck", "ND" "USA"

Record #: "840"
"Dear all, Unfortunately, I received some sad news this week. Bill LeRoy (radio operator on crew 25) passed away on 10th May 2007. There are now just two surviving crew members (Bill Eagleson and Wayne Lim) from Jack Nortridge's crew (crew 25, 453rd BG). "
Submitted by: "Stuart" 
"London", "USA"

Record #: "839"
"My father,Dante Morroni,was a ball gunner on Erwins Crew,453rd Bomb Group 735th Squadron.My father passed away at age 90 on December 03,2003.My fathers name is engraved on the plaque at the WWII memorial at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs,Colorado.He rarely spoke of the war until late in life,and spoke proudly of his service in the Army Air Corps.He flew 32 missions over Germany.We attended several events that honored WWII vets.After the war he settled in Mantua,New Jersey where he lived until his death.I wish he had talked more about his service in the Air Force,but I can only cherish the experiences he shared with me.A true patriot,husband,and father that will be with me for you Dad. "
Submitted by: "Joseph M. Morroni" ("Joe"
"Littleton", "Co" "USA"

Record #: "838"
"Hello - my name is Katie Fogelsonger. I am the granddaughter of John E. Burkholder. My grandfather served with the 732nd Bomb Squad, 453rd Bomb Group H, 2nd Air Division. I have been trying to do some research for years now on my grandfather during his service with the 8th Air Force. June 10th will be 11 years since he passed away from cancer. I have found some papers and pictures from the time he was stationed at Old Buckenham, but still searching for more information and pictures. Any information anyone can provide me would be greatly appreciated. I want to say THANK YOU to all of our Military Men and Woman for the courageous acts they perform each and every day. "
Submitted by: "Katie Fogelsonger" 
"Waynesboro", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "837"
"Hi--My dad was a bombadier/navigator with 8th AF, 453rd BG, 735th SQ in England, July 44 to Apr-May 45. Flight School--Deming, N Mex. 33 combat missions. Died--Vallejo, CA--Mar 10, 1972. Please provide any info. God Bless."
Submitted by: "David Torzillo" ("Torch"
"Chambersburg", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "836"
"Happy Memorial Day! Thanks for your sacrifice to keep us free! Martin In memory of my Uncle, James F. McKee, 453rd BG, 734BS, KIA 7-21-1944."
Submitted by: "Martin Workman" ("Martin"
"Loris", "SC" "USA"

Record #: "835"
Submitted by: "KEN FERLAND" ("KEN"

Record #: "834"
"Great site, many thanks."
Submitted by: "Stuart Phillips" 

Record #: "833"
"Congratulation for your great Site I search some information on the B.24 42-52175 (453BG) shot down the 8 March 1944 (Crew, Mission, Crashe Point, etc) Thank you for your help jean paul"
Submitted by: "J.P.Favrais" 
"BREAL 35310", "France"

Record #: "832"
"I am searching for any information concerning my brother that was KIA in 1945 aboard a B-24 as a tail gunner. He was in the 779 bomb sq, 464 bomb gp. His name was S/sgt Norman S. Cope and I believe his plane was named Sharpie, with a picture of a skunk. His plane went down April 10, 1945. Am having trouble finding anything about the circumstances or his missions, or his death. Please, if anyone has any info about my brother, would you please contact me? It would be greatly appreciated and I would be forever greatful. Also, is there a website that includes missions flown by certain aircraft? I found one for the 777 bomb sq that was terrific. Thanks in advance for anything you can help me with."
Submitted by: "James O. Cope" 
"Baltimore", "Md" "USA"

Record #: "831"
"Hello, Anyone with info on Anthony Edward Torzillo, bombardier/navigator 453rd BG, 735th SQ. please email me, he is my grandfather and served in 1944-45."
Submitted by: "Steve Torzillo" ("Steve"
"Chambersburg", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "830"
"I was part of the original cadre of the 453rd 732nd sqd. being co-pilot on crew 17. I have watch this gruest book for years and I think it was great to have had it started. If I can be of any help to anyone whose relatives were part of the 732nd, I would be glad to help, if I can. Mac"
Submitted by: "Eugene F. McDowell" ("Mac"
"Naples", "FL" "USA"

Record #: "829"
"8th Air Force 453rd Bomb Group 42-52627 STOLEN MOMENTS N/A Shot down 7-21-44 near Ensisheim 42-52627 STOLEN MOMENTS N/A Shot down 7-21-44 near Ensisheim Record #: "
Submitted by: "Tim Rathbone" ("Terinslo"
"Pismo Beach", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "828"
"Stolen Moments Crew April 28th 1944 Gus Johnson Pilot, Gus is Ed Bebenroth the Bombardier. 8th Air Force 453rd Bomb Group 42-52627 STOLEN MOMENTS N/A Shot down 7-21-44 near Ensisheim 42-52627 STOLEN MOMENTS N/A Shot down 7-21-44 near Ensisheim Record #: "
Submitted by: "Tim Rathbone" ("terinslo"
"Pismo Beach", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "827"
"The First Crew Stolen Moments Crew April 28th 1944 Gus Johnson Pilot, Ed Bebenroth the Bombardier. Second Crew "
Submitted by: "Tim Rathbone" ("Terinslo"
"Pismo Beach", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "826"
"The First Crew Stolen Moments Crew April 28th 1944 Gus Johnson Pilot, Ed Bebenroth the Bombardier. Second Crew "
Submitted by: "Tim Rathbone" ("Terinslo"
"Pismo Beach", "CA" "USA"

Record #: "825"
"Thanks so much for an awesome book with my grandfather Jack Nortridge... I only met him a few times and with my own father passing away. I don't get to hear the stories of him anymore... Thanks again for the memories I can hold onto.. Plus both of my boys are named after him... Jackson and Austin Hilby.. Thanks again Brandae Nortridge-Hilby"
Submitted by: "Brandae " ("Brandae"
"Freeport", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "824"
"My Grandfather Paul Thomas Boland was a B-24 pilot at "
Submitted by: "Kaitlyn E. Wescott" ("Kate"
"Ashville", "NY" "USA"

Record #: "823"
"Looking for info on my great uncle. I believe he flew with the 453rd bomb group. I have a picture of him with his crew, and one at the fiftieth anniversary gathering in 1994. Anyone with info that is willing to share would be awesome. His name is Clifford L. Swanson, believe he was a tailgunner on Lucky Penny II from Mid-1944 until wounded in late '44???? He was from New York originally, Moved to and lived in Indiana after the war."
Submitted by: "Craig Bowyer" 
"Markleville", "IN" "USA"

Record #: "822"
"I am currently working with the 453d Electronic Warfare Squadron, a decendent organization of the 453rd Bombardment Squadron. We are involved in a project to establish a heritage walk in our work spaces. We are looking for any photos, stories or information regarding the 453d to use in our project"
Submitted by: "Jay" 
"San Antonio", "TX" "USA"

Record #: "821"
"My Grandfather, John GILL SR., was a gunner on the "Black Jed" B-24H-10-FO and I'm trying to get a picture of the plane or the nose art. Any assistance would be appreciated. "
Submitted by: "Jack" 
"Slatington", "PA" "USA"

Record #: "820"
"Thanks for great web site and thanks to Google the first listing was your site. I am looking for information about 453 Bomb group 733 Bomb Sqd. My friend Jack Hendricks went down in March or April 1944 I think over the Netherlands. I was writeing him from the Pacific and my letters came back missing. I would like to know more about history of the group. I do not know what plane he was on. I am Elmer Jennings Wichita, KS Thanks again"
Submitted by: "Elmer" ("ElmerP"
"Wichita", "KS" "USA"

Record #: "819"
"I am the niece of Merrit Derr who served as a pilot and am looking for any information on him. thanks terry"
Submitted by: "terry" ("terry"
"birdsboro", "pa" "USA"

Record #: "818"
Submitted by: "TIMOTHY" 

Record #: "817"
"Hi: My 89 year old father was a member of the Flak Hack crew.They flew 30+ missions and were shot down on May 8, 1944 in the Battle of Brunswick. All survived. I believe he may be the last member of the crew to still be alive. Would like to hear from others. I am fortunate to have his entire uniform, medals and rip cord from the the day he bailed out. He was also the artist who painted the logo for the plane. Ernie Finocchio"
Submitted by: "Ernest" 
"Harrisville", "RI" "USA"

Record #: "816"
"My grandfather, Richard Forbes was a Navigator in the "
Submitted by: "Victoria" ("Vicky"
"Weston", "MA" "USA"

Record #: "815"
"I can’t thank the men and women of WWII Enough. Ever since I attended the National WWII Memorial dedication in 2004, and met so many WWII veterans, I have been collecting stories from WWII veterans. During this time I have also made a video in honor of all who served during WWII. The video showcases different WWII Museums and Memorials and is set to some big band and WWII era songs. The hopes of this video are not only to thank each of you, but to also present a couple of places you may not have had the chance to visit yet, while listening to some wonderful music. This video is FREE, you pay nothing, however I would appreciate any written stories or copied pictures anyone would like to share. Whether it is one page or 300 pages, anything at all would be wonderful, and I will pay for the postage. Email: Thank you Please contact me with any questions. Scott Ramsey "
Submitted by: "Scott" 
"Fl" "USA"

Record #: "814"
"Just to inform the web site of change of e-mail address. I am at Bob Sage Sr."
Submitted by: "Robert" ("Bob"
"Rochelle", "IL" "USA"

Record #: "813"
"Anyone knowing Hiram Gill or Chas. Pessica on Lucky Penny Brunswick raid May 8 1944 please contact Bill 480.967.7498 Tempe Az or e mail Thanks"
Submitted by: "W.D.Brown" ("tewk"
"tempe", "az" "USA"

Record #: "812"
"Looking for anyone that knows of any of the crew Round Trip,453bg..733bs also the archbald. please write my father was part of these that time he was LT Joseph Kenndy"
Submitted by: "joe" 
"stormville", "ny" "USA"

Record #: "811"
"My grandfather was a fisherman and saved in 1944 two unknown American airmen from the Zuidersea (now a lake named Markermeer/Ysselmeer), Holland. It could be possible they were Lt. Hubert Cripe and Lt. Russell Anderson. A third man, possible Lt. Spike Dallacqua, was rescued by another boat from our village Volendam. They were flying B-24, 42-52226, "Betty Boop", 453BG, 734BS (not known then). After reading the warstory 'The Rough Edges' on the 453rd BG site, I am for 90% certain that it must be them. Lt. Cripe's story has many simularities with the one as told by my grandfather and his nephew. It would be great if anyone has more information, or can recognize any details from this Dutch side of the story.
Klaas Kwakman (my grandfather) was fishing with his older brother Jaap Kwakman. Also, Jaap's son Klaas jr. was on board. They sailed a typical Dutch fishingboat, a flatbottom type 'Botter', boatname was 'VD67'. There was a heavy overcast and suddenly they saw parachutes and a burning aircraft coming through the clouds. Since the water was near freezing point and chance of survival small, Klaas wanted to go there fast and help, but skipper Jaap said no. He feared the Germans too much. He had 6 young children and Klaas had 4 under the age of six. After some argument Klaas was handed over the helm. Jaap went underdeck to pray. After a while Klaas and Klaas jr. pulled aboard two pilots, warmed them and gave them dry clothes. These clothes must have been parts of the traditional Dutch costume, for they had nothing else until 1960.
In nearby homeport Volendam a Kriegsmarine patrolboat stopped the VD67 and arrested the Americans. But also the fishermen were arrested, because the Americans were not in uniform (and the VD67 did not stop when hailed on sea?). The harbor dyke was crowded with villagers (some of them member of the resistance and pilot helpers), when the Germans announced that Klaas and Jaap were to be sent to Westerbork. This was a prison- and deathcamp and Durchgangslager to camps in Germany. They got one hour to go home to say goodbye to their families. In that terrible hour the burgomeister of nearby Edam, named Van Baar, came on the scene. He managed to persuade the Germans to release the fishermen. Directly after the liberation of Northwest Holland in May 1945, two American officers interviewed all involved, but the names of the rescued pilots remained unknown.
Best regards,
Nicolas Kwakman"

Submitted by: "Nicolas" 
"Volendam", "Netherlands"

Record #: "810"
"My father was a co-pilot on a B-24 during early 1944. The pilot was Hubert Cripe. They were shot down in March 1944 during the 1st daylight raid on Berlin. Returning to England, their aircraft "
Submitted by: "Russell" ("Barry"
"Missoula", "MT" "USA"

Record #: "809"
"Clifford (Cliff) Summers, Officer US Army Air Force , WW II. Stationed at McDill AFB, Tampa, Fla. before over shipping seas. Appreciate information of Cliff, especially from family. Thanks. BJ"
Submitted by: "barbara" ("bj"
"chula", "ca" "USA"

Record #: "808"
"Bonjour! Your website is very interesting, providing many helpfull informations. I would like to be in touch with 453th BG veterans or members of their families or researchers. My study is on the 10 April 1944 missions. Any 453's BG targets, especially the bombing on Romorantin- Pruniers airfield (central France). Any informations, details will be helpfull. We can exchange infos. Thank you very much. Best regards. Mr Philippe Canonne (French researcher)"
Submitted by: "Canonne" ("Philippe"
"Ville-aux-dames", "France"

Record #: "807"
"I'd truly like to hear from anyone who remembers my Dad, LeRoy Barnett. He was Radio Operator in the crew of Old Iron Pants. Thanks"
Submitted by: "Bob" 
"Kansas", "MO" "USA"

Record #: "806"
"Hello, Please provide what has been initiated by the 453rd BG to support members interned at Wauwilermoos Prison in Switzerland during WWII in order to be awarded the POW medal. Regards, Robert E. Johnson"
Submitted by: "Robert" 
"Surprise", "AZ" "USA"

Record #: "805"
"My father, Sam Rainer, was a gunner on the Hoo Jive. He died of cancer in 1984, and I know very little about his tour of duty with the AAF in WWII. A nice gentleman with the 389th BG provided me with this information about Hoo Jive: Sam, Your father was a member of original Crew #50 in 453rd BG based at Old Buckenham - see attached summary showing their Movement Orders. HOO JIVE was the name of B-24H-10 FO 42-52174 K+ E8 in 734th BS, which they flew to England. The crew flew this aircraft on six missions and had to abort twice in it between 15 Feb and 20 Mar 44. HOO JIVE landed in Sweden and was interned on 25 Aug 44 after being hit by flak. It was brought back to Burtonwood, England in July 1945. Lt. Alfred P Tolley's crew became a lead crew and after two more missions in other B-24s during March 1944, the entire crew was transferred to 389th BG, 564th BS, to become a pathfinder (PFF) crew flying B-24HSH lead planes equipped with H2X (Mickey) for bombing through cloud. I have traced the crew on 18 missions from 8 Apr thru 25 Jun 44, flown in: 41-28676 C YO (13 Apr) 41-28696 E YO (20 Apr, 7, 12 - mission abandoned-, 13, 19, 27 & 29 May and 3 & 29 Jun) 41-28713 G YO (4 Jun) 41-28714 H YO CYCLONE (25 May) 41-28715 I YO (8 Apr) 41-28767 K YO (18 Apr) 41-28781 F YO CHIEF (18 Jun) 41-28789 L YO BLONDE BOMBER (12 Apr and 20 May) 41-28792 O YO (8 May) 41-28801 D YO (6 Jun) Tom. If anyone in this group knows anything else about the crew and whether there are any surviving members, please let me know. Thank you. Sam Rainer, Jr. "
Submitted by: "Sam" ("Sam"
"Birmingham", "AL" "USA"

Record #: "804"
"I am seeking information about my relative Ralph E. Delozier who was a pilot on B-24 and stationed in 453rd BG, 735th BS, based at Old Buckenham, Norfolk. He remained a pilot in the USAF and died in 1988 in San Antonio, Texas. He later flew C-131 transports from Kelly AFB. Any help would be appreciated."
Submitted by: "Bob" 
"Sapulpa", "Ok" "USA"

Record #: "803"
"My uncle was Joseph G. Halliburton who was navigator on Kolb's original crew. He filled-in for a sick navigator on the Lillie Belle which crashed into the North Sea on March 6, 1944. All perished except for Lt. Gerald Cyr. I would like to exchange information with anybody that has information on either crew. Bob Cannon"
Submitted by: "Bob" ("Cannon"
"Louisville", "Ky" "USA"

Record #: "802"
"Just read "
Submitted by: "Maj" 
"Versailles", "KY" "USA"

Record #: "801"
"I would love to talk with any surviving members of the Hoo Jive, crew #50. My father, Sam Rainer, was one of the crew's gunners. Some nice folks on the 389th and 453rd web boards provided me with the crew member's names:
Crew # 50
P 2/Lt. Alfred P. TOLLEY O675888
CP 2/Lt. Frank A. GUILD O811371
B 2/Lt. Maurice L. STRAIT O688773
N 2/Lt. Paul H. PFLUG O690492
MG S/Sgt. Everett W. VOGAN 13134594
RMG Sgt. Winfred G. MAXWELL 37405893
AG S/Sgt. Kenneth W. WISE 32164078
AG Sgt. George F. KARDES 15324675
AG S/Sgt. Sam S. RAINER 34393634

Any contact information for any of these gentlemen would be deeply appreciated.
Sam Rainer, Jr. 205-243-0726 "

Submitted by: "Sam" ("Sam"
"Birmingham", "AL" "USA"