In Honor of
Francis and Katherine Balfour
"We were strangers and you took us in!"
All photos and historical information have been kindly provided by
Martyn Jamieson, pictured here. He took these photos circa January 2007

Martyn has recently taken over as Head of Centre at Kindrogan Field Centre, Enochdhu, located in Perthshire, Scotland. They provide environmental education for all ages and abilities.

"Kindrogan used to be a large estate run by the Balfour family, and up in the family burial ground, on the hillside above the house, is a memorial to Francis and Katherine Balfour from the 453 Bombardment Group."

The Kindrogan House
One of the Balfour's Residences.
The present Kindrogan House was built about 1700 a.d. on the site of an earlier house, by the ancestors of the Balfours, the Smalls. Through marriage and over the centuries, the family at Kindrogan became the Small Keirs and then the Balfours. The House was extended over the years, and became the main house in these parts, with distinguished guests such as Queen Victoria popping in for a cup of tea a couple of times. The Balfours were not a Lord and Lady as such, but he would have been known as 'the Laird', and was quite a character by all accounts. The family actually owned three Estates and moved between them - Kindrogan was not used much in winter as it is so cold! Kindrogan was sold off in 1960, the estate being planted up by the Forestry Commission, and the House, becoming a 'sporting' hotel - shooting and fishing.

In 1963 the House was sold again and became the Field Study Centre, the first in Scotland. These photos are of the family burial ground on the hillside above Kindrogan. Until a few years back it was lost in the forestry, but clearing has opened the area up again. Pretty dramatic site for a burial ground I'm sure you'll agree, looking right across to Glen Fearnach and the Grampian mountains.


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